Report: Raiders are favorites for McNabb

Get ready for some false rumor monger accusations.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on NFL Live Monday that the Raiders are the “clear cut favorites” to land Donovan McNabb.

Per Schefter, the Raiders are reportedly not worried about Philadelphia’s asking price or the fact McNabb is only signed for one more year.  If McNabb landed in Oakland, the Raiders could potentially retain his rights in 2011 with the franchise tag.  (Although that could be near $20 million.)

We’ve heard a lot of different reports and rumors regarding McNabb over the last five days, and Oakland’s interest is a theme that runs through many.  PFT first reported Nmandi Asomugha’s possible inclusion in a trade offer Friday.

Oakland’s status as favorites for McNabb has a certain logic to it.  Based on everything we’ve seen from Al Davis over the last five years, this absolutely looks like a move he’d make.

66 responses to “Report: Raiders are favorites for McNabb

  1. They are reportedly not worried about what asking price? Does anyone actually know what it is?

  2. He’s a definite upgrade over what they have at the position now, and I’d be pretty glad to take Asomugha off their hands…

  3. McNabb will end up with the Raiders before the beginning of the season. With his addition they can still expect about the same outcome of last year(going nowhere).

  4. If McNabb is acquired for a reasonable price, it’s a good move. If they overpay, it’s a disaster.

  5. this story is slowly becoming a non-story. Who cares, Adam Schefter Says “the Raiders are clear cut favorites”‘, For what another QB on the roster to get crushed without an O-line to protect him.

  6. Depending on the price, this is a move the Raiders actually have to make. It would give them instant credibility from the QB position but when you think about it, so would Florio or anyone other then Jawalrus.

  7. Poor McNabb, of all the places to have to end your career. If I was him I’d retire rather than go to the Black Hole Of Suck. He certainly doesn’t need the money and he’ll never get a ring there as long as Davis owns the team.

  8. Just how much bigger a fool can JaMarcus Russell make Al Davis? This smacks of Al overspending on another tutor for JR. If he can work out to bring the Philly WR’s then we might be on to something, but McNabb to Schilens, Higgins, Heyward-Bey etc. is a far cry from Desean and Maclin. Somebody take the keys away from Grampa before he hurts himself.

  9. that would requier Asomugha to get a new contract/ they wont trade for 1 year outta player especially if he is gettin close to 18 mil next year.

  10. Eagles can only win trading McNabb. Raiders are foolish. I can’t believe they can afford McNabb after throwing away so much money in the past few drafts.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oakland trades for McNabb . . . this type of move is vintage Al Davis . . . and it would instantly make Oakland better.
    Anyone who is posts or thinks “McNabb won’t go to Oakland”, keep in mind that McNabb is going to be 34 years old when the season starts, has battled various injuries over the past few of years (some relatively serious) – the market for McNabb this years hasn’t been exactly overwhelming – and playing out the last year of his contract behind the Oakland line wouldn’t be the smartest move. McNabb’s agent would be crazy to let him play on a one year contract . . . and the agent went on the record on Friday stating that the Eagles haven’t made contact with McNabb to inquire who he would want to play for . . . let me clue you in there Fletcher Smith . . . I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Eagles to call . . . they don’t need and most likely won’t seek your or your clients input.
    The Eagles brass is going to do what they feel is in the best interest of the organization . . . and the sports writers who are publishing that McNabb “McNabb, who’s entering the final year of his contract and holds the leverage of declining an extension”; completely overestimate this leverage.
    So if McNabb is traded to a team he doesn’t prefer, say the Raiders, and they offer him a $62M/6 year contract with $32M guaranteed over the next 3 years (2010, 2011 & 2012), McNabb is going to turn that down with 2011 possably being a lock out year – to play this season for $7M – NO WAY.

  12. The logic your missing is that McNabb does not want to play for a loser-Raiders have NO playmakers on offense, and only a few on defense.
    Total lack of respect in Philly, especially from Fat Ass Andy Reid-McNabb has been his meal ticket (Andy does not miss many) since day 1-the real problem is Reid-I am a season ticket holder for 25+ years-McNabb deserves better!

  13. How does this make them the favorite to land him though? McNabb would never play there.

  14. As a Raiders fan, I say “Al, you M*%$#R F*&^R$, this will not help” and when this is over two years from now and Mac5 is gone to the Vikings/Bears, we will have lost our best player.

  15. gsraider says:
    “They are reportedly not worried about what asking price? Does anyone actually know what it is?”
    Not to sure muyself – It appears to be just a pick not lower than 42 in the draft.
    However, if that is the case, why would it take so long?
    That said, there has got to be more to it. I would hate to see Nnamdi go and I can’t imagine Al wants to move him either.
    One thing for sure, Adam does not know crap about the deal. We are the front runners he tells us. But some other team could still win the McNab sweep stakes. Gee, that is freakin brilliant!!!

  16. I guess you can add Mc Nabb to the list of players Brett has cost the Vikings this off season. I would feel bad for them if they didn”t know what a diva he was going into it.

  17. They will not trade Asomugha, and I don’t think the Eagles would even be willing to pay his huge salary.
    That being said, I do think Al Davis would trade something like his 2nd rd pick with his 3 or 4, possibly even something like a conditional 2nd rounder next year if he resigns since that team has pretty much given away their draft picks this entire decade. Their only “hits” have been Asomugha and Zach Miller, and Shane Lechler (I refuse to count the 1st rd kicker).
    Getting 5 in black is that team’s only hope. JaMarcus is a BUM.

  18. Um, gregg (w/3 g’s) says: “rumors regarding McNabb over the last five days, and Oakland’s interest is a theme that runs through many….”
    Really? Really?! Reeeeeaaalllyyyy? Could that be because you and the turtle wearing his shell on his head are the ones perpetuating this myth? Originally, the two of you went for a ride down St. Louis boulevard and now your hitching your wagon to Al Davis? Really?
    Go finish your game of double dutch, you silly little rumor bunny, you….

  19. I suppose that now JaMarcus will move to offensive tackle considering the money they are probably paying him

  20. Look if a team like the Raiders want to send you a player like Asomugha who is in his prime for a player like McNabb who is clearly on the downward part of his career….this has got to done.

  21. I think the raiders will be a dangerous team with a real QB
    although losing ashomagooma (sic) would hurt that

  22. I fear that Oakland will overpay, but it’s not as though the team is devoid of offensive weapons either. The QB play has been so poor the last few years that people forget the team has one of the best TE’s in the game in Z. Miller, a couple of tremendous WR prospects in Schilens and Murphy, and a potentially explosive 1-2 RB punch in McFadden/Bush. The problem is that Oakland needs to add an OL or three and they already have up a draft pick to acquire K. Wimbley this off-season. If it requires a 2nd rounder to get McNabb, there won’t be many options left to upgrade the OL.

    10-6 IN 2010

  24. Considering Al Davis signed Javon Walker to a $55M deal and JaMarcus Russell to a $65M (?) deal and has gotten pretty close to zero out of both combined, paying McNabb $20M must sound like a steal to the Old Crypt Keeper.
    All McNabb needs to do is change his name to JaDonovan to cash in big with Oakland. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it: JaDonovan McNabb.

  25. Anyone who says “I think that Al Davis would ___________________” and fills in _______________ with a rationale solution should know better.
    That said, I am all for them overpaying for McNabb.

  26. This would be a great move for both teams. The Raiders have a decent team when they show up, just no production from QB. The Eagles would drop a bit at QB but can make it up with Kolb/Vick, and add an awesome CB. This move makes way too much sense and would benefit the Raiders a ton, which leads me to believe they probably won’t do it lol.

  27. If the Raiders do get McNabb, they will not have to give up Nnamdi. McNabb is simply just not worth that much, no matter who is involved in the trade. If they can get McNabb for something like a 3rd rounder, they should…anything more will really hamper their draft (development of both lines/ILB)
    If they do end up getting McNabb, you better believe they are taking an OT with the 8th pick. Lets just hope its not Bruce Campbell.

  28. Everyone knows Al Davis is trying, but nobody knows what he’s trying to do…

  29. Just last week, the Vikings were his clear favorite choice. Now it’s the Raiders, who’s next? Browns? Panthers? Seahawks maybe? Can we get an over/under on SF?
    Just another example of how this site and journalistic integrity don’t mix. If you throw enough bullsh*t at the wall, some of it will eventually stick. The next time the header “Report:” is followed by a factual statement, it will be the first time in years.

  30. As a Chiefs fan I hope it’s all talk. Doesn’t make sense for the Faiders to do anything to actually improve their team.

  31. This story has a little less credibility if you read Schefter’s tweets as to why he thinks this is true. He cites the fact that both McNabb and Al Davis went to Syracuse?
    WTF? I don’t think McNabb and Davis were exactly classmates. When did Davis go to Syracuse, 1939? Is Oakland’s roster loaded with Syracuse grads?
    His other reason is that McNabb is “distant cousins” with the new Raiders OC. The more I read Schefter, the more I think he should have stayed at NFL network, where he wasn’t as exposed as he is now. He’s really starting to sound like something of a wing nut.

  32. hmitch05 says:
    March 29, 2010 5:06 PM
    The logic your missing is that McNabb does not want to play for a loser-Raiders have NO playmakers on offense, and only a few on defense.
    The logic you’re missing is that McNabb doesn’t have a no trade clause and is in a contract year. He has no choice but to go wherever Philly sends him and play his ass off if he ever wants to see another big contract.

  33. If Oakland needs to rebuild it’s O line, count on McNabb to add some frantic dancing to his air guitar routine. He’ll dance while open receivers wildly wave their arms down field and then get sacked. I predict he will lead the league in sacks behind a lousy offensive line. Enjoy the 2010 season, Raiduhs fans.

  34. “McNabb will never play for Oakland”
    +1 for most assinine comment. Just like Seymout and Nnamdi and Lechler, and Jano, and so on. Cable will be fired, charged etc.
    Blinded by the hate, wrapped up like a dooosch into the runner on the night.
    Make sure and come back to eat crow.

  35. REPORT???? shouldn’t it say OPINION
    The next credible “REPORT” will be from my 12 yr old neighbor who just used McNabb as QB on the Raiders and they beat Saints in the super bowl so, it must be a good fit.
    Keep up the steller reporting Florio!

  36. I am an Eagles fan. The Raiders have talent, tons of talent. With Mcnabb, they will win around 9 games. They might even make the playoffs with him. For the Raiders, they must do the deal. For the Eagles, they need to get Asomugha and the Raiders 2nd round pick. QB’s aren’t cheap especially good ones.

  37. lmao @ Asomugha AND a 2nd round pick from the Raiders for only McNabb. Eagle fans truly are the dumbest in the league. Aso has way more value and upside than McNabb has at this point. Maybe in 2004, you would have an argument but not today.

  38. I love it. There is a RUMOR #21 is involved. Everyone says that is not the case. But yet you all are still stuck on it. Yes the Raiders should get McNabb but he is not worth #21 in a straight a crossed trade. Plus big Al loves CB’s and really loves ones that he find and turns into the best CB in the game!!

  39. The persecution of the Raiders is tiresome.
    The Raiders are one QB away from the playoffs.
    Mc Nabb is perfect for this team.

  40. Hey axeman! Can I have a hit of whatever you’re smoking? Must be really good!!! You’re crazy!!!

  41. Well if it came from ESPN it must be true….
    Oh wait they’re wrong even more than Florio..!
    Peace idiots!

  42. So the Raiders can trade for McNabb and not worry about his contract expiring after the 2010 season because they can franchise tag him for $20ish million in 2011.
    OK … so after the 2010 season, the Raiders tag 35 year old McNabb and let 31-year-old Richard Seymour walk – and be without their 2011 1st round pick as his 2-year rental cost.
    Typical Raiders move that will set back the franchise for years. For that reason, it’s bound to happen. 😉

  43. JSpic — the eagles will never make a deal with oakland that involves mcnabb and mcnabb would never want to go there. it wont happen. therefore i will be correct in the end no matter how assinine the comment was muahahahhaa.
    Pleasseee anything for McNabb would be worth it

  44. I would so much love for the Eagles to trade McNabb for Aso and a 2nd rounder, but I don’t see that happening. Not that I don’t think Al Davis is an idiot and doesn’t make bad moves, but I don’t see the market being that great for McNabb where they would even have to sacrifice that.
    Another problem with this is, I know the Eagles, and I know that they already have a top tier/high priced CB is Samuel, I can’t see them paying another hefty salary to another CB, even one as great as Aso, but who knows. If Aso is a part of it, the Raiders would most likely be getting back either Samuel or Brown. I would think Samuel because he has the bigger contract, but Brown wants a new deal and he is older. I much rather they get rid of Brown, but this is all just circumstantial thinking. I think the deal is more about what picks will be involved. I just really can’t see Aso being moved.

  45. LOL at the dumb Raiders fans that say McNabb isn’t worth Aso straight up, yet criticize Eagles fans for being stupid. When was the last time a top CB was traded for two 1st rounders or even one 1st? Cutler was traded for two 1st last year. Hell, Champ Bailey, one of the greatest CBs ever, was traded to Denver along with a 2nd rounder for Portis. QBs are the most valuable position. Bailey was in his prime at the time too. It just goes to show you that CBs are valued as much.
    Now, I don’t think that, that trade will happen, but not because I don’t think McNabb is worth it. I just have a hard time believing that it would take that much to acquire McNabb when there presumably isn’t much of a market for him. Plus, I don’t see the Eagles wanting to add another high priced CB, one that is overpaid. Aso might be great, but not worth what he is getting paid.
    Who knows what is really going on though? Everything is just rumors. Who knows if there really is a market for McNabb or not? Who knows if the Eagles are really entertaining the idea of trading McNabb? We won’t know until it happens, and if he does end up going to the Raiders for Aso and a 2nd……. I would have to assume that there was a market big enough for McNabb to make the Raiders want to give that up for him. Then again, Al Davis is an idiot.

  46. If the lazy-ass Raider players were as determined to succeed as Al Davis is, they would be playoff bound every year. What an Albatross Jamarcus Russell has become. The truth is, in theory, you actually CAN pick DHB 7th overall…IF he is determined to work his ass off to succeed (kinda like Louis Murphy). These punks are merely happy to “make bank”. This new generation of ‘playa’ is ruining the game.

  47. A stadium that is half empty, on its best day.
    A trend of awful football and losing seasons.
    A fan base that dress up like pirates, predisposed to become enraged by laughter after INT’s.
    Bad WR’s.
    Bad OL.
    China Doll RB.
    A team used to Lombardi trophies, ‘almost’ won’t be enough.
    An awesome, but insane, owner.
    Welcome to Oakland.
    Aside from the Napa-based training camp, it doesn’t look like a desirable place for him to go at his stage.

  48. Al has too much wrapped up in JFarcus to ruin the young man, but they will bench him for Bruce if necessary. He’ll be on a short leash.
    McNabb will find a suitor, bet is – not the silver & black.
    Haters – a couple key turns and the boyz would have been in the playoffs last year. Schedule is better this year…
    You bums must be paying attention…lotsa noise from the PETTY section for such a BAD team.
    Love it, love the Raiders forever.

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