Report: Rams schedule draft-week workout for Sam Bradford

Many teams with the first overall pick in the NFL draft decide on their choice well in advance, and some sign the top pick to a contract before draft day. But the St. Louis Rams’ decision on the first overall pick in this year’s draft will apparently go right down to the wire.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford is the favorite to be selected first, but the Rams won’t decide for sure until they conduct a private workout with Bradford on Monday, April 19, three days before the first round.

That’s a sharp contrast from the time frame that other teams have used in determining the first overall pick. In 2008 the Miami Dolphins formally introduced Jake Long as their first overall pick four days before the draft. In 2009 everyone knew for months that the Lions would pick Matthew Stafford first overall, and he agreed to a contract the day before the draft.

Mortensen reports that the Rams are “very likely” to select Bradford, but they’re not going to decide for sure until that draft-week workout. Mortensen also says the Rams don’t need to be “wowed” by Bradford’s performance at his Pro Day because they know it will be his most strenuous throwing session since having shoulder surgery last year.

But they do hope to be wowed when they see Bradford three weeks later. And if they’re not, it’s still possible that they could pass on him — in which case the Redskins, who have the fourth pick and have scheduled a private workout with Bradford on April 15, may be next in line.

4 responses to “Report: Rams schedule draft-week workout for Sam Bradford

  1. I thought teams couldn’t work out players at team visits or is this allowed because they have the first pick? Or maybe it’s like negotiating with free agents prior to free agency start- commonly ignored

  2. Teams can only do interviews, phyicals, and board work during visits. Workouts are forbidden. With three days before the draft I would guess the bulk of the time will be contract talks.

  3. Rams have way more problems than O-Lineman. If Carriker can come back healthy, he’d help shore up their D-Lines woes a little bit, but they’d still need a RE (Long is better suited as a LE). Secondly, they need OLB help. Lairinitus is going to man-down the middle for years to come, but those OLB spots are filled with a bunch of randies. Safety-wise, if they can sign Atogwe to a nice, long 7-year contract, that’d be great. My personal favorite pick for second round draft pick: Toby Gerhart to give SJax a few less carries. Joe McKnight makes sense too, but not as much as Gerhart.

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