Rosenfels trade looks like a long shot

When news of preliminary trade talks between the Raiders and Vikings regarding quarterback Sage Rosenfels surfaced Sunday, Florio doubted whether a deal would happen.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune feels the same way.

Whether Brett Favre has expressly told the Vikings he’ll show up to work after training camp or not, the Vikings will still need two quality arms to deliver the football until Favre arrives. 

At this point, it would be a surprise if Favre shows up any earlier than he did last year.

Zulgad also notes that two NFL sources said Sunday they have “no knowledge of trade
talks involving Rosenfels

The move does make some sense for both sides, but it’s hard to imagine anything happening on this front anytime soon.

32 responses to “Rosenfels trade looks like a long shot

  1. Feh! The Raiders already have three backup QBs on the roster… why add a fourth?! And to trade for him to boot?! No, thanks.

  2. Rosenfels sucks so hard he could vacuum an elephant’s bowels clean. No one cares where he lands, as long as he never touches the ball.

  3. The Vikings need to grow a set and tell that washed up farm boy to show up and work just like everyone else or stay on the porch swing.

  4. And what exactly would the Vikes expect in a trade of Sage Rosenfels???
    He is better off as your 2nd/3rd string QB than a 2011 7th Rd pick.

  5. Of course it’s a long shot.. It was just another rumor created for this site. There was never any actual substance behind it..

  6. The deal is raiders dont want him.
    You media like to start false rumors.
    Raiders have bruce which is gona be the best qb in the nfl this year. Bruce will also lead the silver and black to the superbowl this year as well.
    Talk all the smack you people want, Just wait and see.
    Thank you
    Oakland Raiders

  7. Again like I told you with original article NON STORY!!!!!
    Lombardi is bitter and ranks high on the Raider Hater list up there with Gloryhole, and all Bay Area Media.
    let me help you….
    Go find out why Mike Singletary went on a scouting trip with new GM when…….
    1)Jed York said he wasn’t taking on more responsibilities
    2)he didnt want to draft Patrick Willis
    3)he blew a handful of games last year with rediculous challenges and timeouts.
    4)he is a poor game day manager of the football game and needs more help with that, rather than going on scouting trips when evaluating talent clearly isnt his thing

  8. “the Vikings will still need two quality arms to deliver the football until Favre arrives.”
    Are you kidding me Gregg? I wouldn’t call Rosenfel quality at all..
    I still can’t believe they paid Rosencopter 9 million to compete against T-Jumpthrow.

  9. apparently the embarrassment of riches at QB Oakland already has wasnt enough?
    why stop at JaMarcus Russell and JP Losman, by all means what this qb corp needs is sage rosenfels.
    Even Bruce Gardkowski is laughing over this trade rumor

  10. I don’t think needing somebody to throw the ball around in workouts has ever stopped a team from trading for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick…

  11. richkotitte says:
    March 29, 2010 1:31 PM
    left_4_ed sounds like a Lion fan to me!
    No, I go to ford field to watch the Vikings vs Lions games, they actually have decent fans and people, they just are unfortunate to have a shitty team with a what will be a great qb if he ever gets an OLine.
    left_4_ed sounds like a Cardinal fan, seeing as his division has no competition at all, it’s easy to not have to talk smack.

  12. left_4_ed ,
    I am sure you are used to being ignored because you are a breathing contradiction. If you are so uptight about other teams arguing why do you bother to come onto other teams posts and get into it at all? Look, I agree that the kids who come on here simply to write ‘Homo’ over and over and over are annoying (and they are sadly attracted to every PFT posted news item) but I chastise them accordingly and I do so from my team and my rival teams posts-NOT from some abstract Bengals dimension or something…maybe you might take on the pieces of the world that are in YOUR neighborhood?
    My advice back to you (some of which you might recognize) is to turn off YOUR computer, go enjoy a nice day, figure out what it is about your personality that makes you feel so inadequate and quit bloating on OTHER teams posts with more idiotic know it all advice.
    If you see a problem either make a positive attempt to help fix it or leave it to the people it belongs to.

  13. left_4_ed is really awesome. He must be the coolest most down to earth person there is. I mean how awesome must you be two type up an entire inflated paragraph to bash people for posting too much…

  14. Have the raiders officially given up on Russel?
    Is al davis still on his bandwagon?
    Raiders fans who could have been drafted instead?

  15. this is Al Davis crying look at me? shut up dude. this is smart business. he’s just trying to drive the asking price down for McNabb.

  16. Here is the thing, I’ve said my peace and that’s all you’re going to hear from me. I’m not going to come into literally every article posted and spew my garbage.
    My post was simply aimed at people who’s entire existence seems to be aimed at hating a rival team… and making sure every person on the internet knows it. It gets in the way of actual conversation. I mentioned the Packers and Vikings because I am a fan of one of those teams so I end up reading a lot of the articles. But I’m sure it applies to every rivalry on this site, however I do not read as many Ravens/Steelers articles so I don’t know for sure.

  17. “he’s a poor mans Brodie Croyle”
    Shows how much you know about football. SR is a decent backup and can step in without having a lot of reps during the week. I watched him in Houston when Schaub got hurt. He’s no blue chipper but he’s damn sure better than Croyle.

  18. Yo!!! left_4_ed,
    ‘No need to justify your post to these wack-ass wangsters. That’s your vantage. And I agree. ‘They don’t like it; tough titty. His rebuttle was an “EPIC FAIL” anyway.

  19. Hell, I was going to comment on how much Sage sucks that the Raiders didn’t even want him but Left-4-ed’s departure from Area 51 to post here proves that some people should never get off the meds.
    For one, he fails to account for the shallow nature and low intelligence of the average Viking fan. Who else could watch their favorite team bumble and trip without a championship for nearly 50 years and show up every spring and exclaim, “This year is the year we are going to win the Superbowl” Who else could watch T Jackoff and walk away thinking he might turn into a real NFL QB someday. Who else who observe BrINT Favre’s playoff performances for the past 7 years and somehow think that just because he went gay by wearing purple, he would immediatlely change and stop throwing INT’s (well not the Saints, that’s for sure)
    I hope he finds his way back to the mental health facility that had relaxed their check out procedures for today, he needs as much help as the Viking fans.

  20. Jimmy, go watch the movie Big Fan. You, and everyone else who’s world revolves around hating a rival team could learn a lot by seeing how pathetic you really look.
    Or you can just sit in your box as you fullfill your life’s destiny to take tickets ats a parking lot attendant and write out your witty retorts and earth shattering heartless insanely awesome sick burns months ahead of time. Life well spent, I guess.

  21. Seriously Left_4_Ed, most counties offer free mental health services to those in need, don’t let pride in your way, call the number and tell them, I lost my mind and I can’t find it.

  22. Yeah ED,
    They found Jimmy’s for him.
    They had a tough time getting at it as his head is planted firmly in his ass.

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