Smith: "I don't want to be a number one anymore"

S. Smithcar.jpgWe wrote last week the Panthers are desperate to find a number two receiver.

Steve Smith thinks he’s found the guy and his name is Steve Smith.

“Well the thing is, everybody keeps saying a compliment receiver to complement me . . . I don’t want anyone to complement me. I’m turning 31 years old, people can say I’m losing speed, yada, yada, yada. I would like a younger guy to come in and eventually take my spot. I don’t want to be a #1 anymore.” Smith said on WFNZ, as transcribed by

Smith may be using some criticism as motivation, but has been thinking about his football mortality more lately.

“I don’t want to be a guy who can’t let go of something he’s got to let go. I would like to be a guy that can play in the slot all day, and I would like some of these young guys to start
doing some of the out routes like I was doing for Moose and Ricky when I was fresh legged and when I didn’t know what I was doing, and really start to develop and start handing over the torch.”

That would be a great problem for the Panthers to have.  The reality is that Smith still plays like a true number one receiver.  And the Panthers don’t even have a quality number three with him on the roster.

38 responses to “Smith: "I don't want to be a number one anymore"

  1. you guys do realize there’s another great wr in the league named steve smith, right?
    so trying to be cute with that second line there is confusing.

  2. After reading the second line of this article I thought he wanted the Giants’ Steve Smith on his team.

  3. With all the diva WR’s, this is actually a breath of fresh air. This guy has always put out the effort, so it is not a question of his “want to”

  4. all is he is saying is that he doesnt want to be doubled every single play anymore, that is all.

  5. A guy who can single-handedly make the use of the word ‘butthole’ cool again can be anything he wants.

  6. Good Job. Way to screw yourself out of your next contract. Isn’t anyone advising this guy on what to say to the media?

  7. wow, i have never been that big of a carolina fan but i do respect what he said. he sounds like a man that is in touch with reality he’s on the wrong side of 30 but i know fullwell there is gas left in his tank and it is very refreshing to hear honesty from a player for a change.

  8. Colts18 says:
    March 29, 2010 3:14 PM
    all is he is saying is that he doesnt want to be doubled every single play anymore, that is all.
    2003…that was the last time this wasn’t the case. They’ve tried to get a real #2, and haven’t had one since then. That was by far their best corps ability wise in his tenure.

  9. Please Steve, before you lose your edge can you just punch Dewayne Jarrett in the face once?

  10. The other problem is the fact that they are paying you like a #1 WR. So its nice and all that you want to play like a #2, does that mean you will redo your contract to be paid like a #2?

  11. Drithe sucks.. haha dude I feel bad for whatever lame ass team you pull for… Judging by your comment Im assuming you know nothing about football, but I won’t take your whole fan base accountable, so please don’t let us know who you pull for..
    ps… 89, you’re the man.

  12. Some of you people are dumb. No names (Maverick_7), why would it be T.O.? He is also old man, now a younger Steve Smith.
    Also (NewEnglandKnuckles83), Smith will never play for the Pats, they have Welker which is just baller and so is Moss. Also they have good slot WR’s.
    Also I agree with the people that thought does he mean (NYG) Steve Smith, then when you read more your like OOOO. This also makes the (Gregg Rosenthal ) dumb for posting it this way.

  13. They’ve wasted Smith’s prime years and nearly wasted Deangelo Williams’ prime years with a craptacular QB and weak receivers. It’s sad.

  14. WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    March 29, 2010 3:06 PM
    now they don’t have a QB to throw him the ball
    REALLY? You must not know the first thing about football. Delohome is not a “QB” he just wishes that he was. Maybe steve smith will feel different after this year, since he wont have Delhome out there trying to get him killed. I bet you dont like the healthcare bill either because its communism. Open your eyes.

  15. NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR THIS DUDE. carolina sux terribly though. but i cant knock steve smith
    POUND FOR POUND ONE OF THE TOUGHEST SOB’s IN THE GAME. what other 185lb dude is gonna shrugg off 8 tackles at once in the NFL.
    oh & take it to the house

  16. Damn! You know how many teams have trouble with elite receivers who cannot accept they are getting old and cannot do the things they used to? All of them! Here’s a guy willing to help develop a young WR and they don’t have one….what a damn shame!

  17. hines ward did the same thing steve smith wants to do and its helped prolong his career and still has great numbers every year

  18. Steve Smith has carried Delholme for years. Look back on old highlights and watch him adjust to poorly thrown balls while being double teamed and making big plays that would have been INT’s for most other recievers. That was the case in 2008 but it happened less last year and Delholmes INT total went way up. Delholme looked lost without his security blanket. Steve Smith knows he has lost the inch that made him so valuable and that he needs help (an accurate QB would help as well). It’s rare to see a player who is self aware enough to know when their skills are starting to decline and do something about it.

  19. Hmm, someone get Ocho Cinco Steve Smith’s phone number, PRONTO~!!
    Chad needs to have a talk with this WR, who is obviously going to have no problem admitting when he is no longer a bonafide #1.
    Dumb ‘ol Chad stopped being a true number one a year or so ago…and he doesn’t even know it NOW.
    What a tool. Steve Smith is The Man, like Tomlinson this year, who also knew when (and why) “the writing was on the wall.”

  20. This guy is one of the best players in the league, this guy plays tough. I’d love to have him on the Jets. Maybe he can mentor Braylon and help him hang onto a ball and play #2 with him. I’d love to see that happen haha

  21. These Miami and Jets fans are dillusional, the vanilla responses from these 2 groups on EVERY article about a WR was getting old 2months ago…
    The season can’t come fast enough so I dont have to hear Miami and Jets fans make crazy comments about picking up players that in reality they have no shot at getting.
    Than the other 30% of the comments are coming from people who clearly know little about the panthers. This is getting worse than some crappy AOL chat room with 11 year old kids

  22. I am with Pantherfan10, some of you have no clue about the Panthers. lets face it you get your info from ESPN who are so stupid to think we need a QB with our first pick.
    Way to go Smitty showing why SOME elite players can still have class. maybe other players can take the hint

  23. This is from a guy who told his QB that he was a great guy but a crappy QB. Either he is brutally honest and recognizes talent or he’s a complete dick.

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