Talk mounts that Bradford won't sign a pre-draft contract

Amid reports that the Rams are talking to the agents for multiple players who could be the first overall pick in the 2010 draft, there’s increasing chatter that, as to one of the players, there may not be much to discuss.

We’re hearing from multiple league and media sources that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford could refuse to sign a pre-draft contract with the Rams.

In the past four drafts, the only top pick not signed in advance of the commencement of the selection process was Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell.  He ultimately held out into the regular season.

If Bradford declines to agree to terms before being picked, and if the Rams ultimately don’t select him, Bradford would slide to the Redskins at No. 4, at worst.  (He also could end up going second or third, if a team that needs a quarterback moves up.)  Operating from the four hole, Bradford likely would then attempt to invoke the so-called “quarterback premium” in the hopes of getting more than the first overall pick, just as Matt Ryan did from the third spot two years ago.

If the Rams pick Bradford without a contract in place, the leverage then flips to the player, with the Rams compelled to get the guy signed in the hopes of justifying the pick and turning around a franchise that seems far longer than a decade removed from a Super Bowl win.

We also don’t rule out the Rams picking Bradford and then attempting to trade him, like the Chargers did six years ago with Eli Manning.

Either way, Adam Schefter’s prediction could end up being wrong — but not because Bradford won’t be regarded as the best player in the draft.  The Rams could decide that they won’t take Bradford if he makes it clear that he won’t sign a contract. 

45 responses to “Talk mounts that Bradford won't sign a pre-draft contract

  1. I hope this report is way way off. With his injury history he needs to bank some serious cash. Say the Rams decide against him because of this and he drops to 4, he lose what 8-10 million? How stupid is that? If the Rams offer the normal amount over last years #1, he should sign it tomorrow.

  2. If the Rams take him before he signs then they deserve everything that they get. Maybe he doesn’t want to go to the Rams and that’s the reason but if he really doesn’t care where he goes then he should work on a deal that could end up getting a better than what Stafford got last year.

  3. Let me get this straight, if he slips to number 4 he has leverage because he’s a quarterback and if he goes #1 without a contract the leverage “flips to the player”? Sounds like he has leverage either way…

  4. I don’t see Bradford being guaranteed the #4 pick if the Rams don’t pick him. The Skins line was terrible last year and putting a rookie QB behind that line, especially one who was injured twice last year on hits, would be foolish IMO. The Skins would be better served taking Okung or whoever the top rated LT on their board is at that point and giving Campbell a year with Shanahan to see what he can do. If he fails, the Skins would be picking pretty high again next year in a draft that is projected to be a deep QB draft.

  5. Just one more reason the NFL needs a rookie pay system. I’m all for supply and demand, but at some point wanting a few more million instead of settling for 40 million is pure greed. Makes me sick.

  6. The Rams are working him out 3 days before the draft. Sounds like they don’t care if he signs before the draft or not.

  7. KingJoe! says:
    I hope this report is way way off. With his injury history he needs to bank some serious cash.
    What injury history? Where do you guys get this bad info? He played two full seasons and was injured last year and instead of getting surgery, he chose to see if he could let it heal by itself and reinjured the shoulder against Texas.

  8. SprintPhoneFTW says:
    Rookie pay scale. Get one. These kids are out of control
    Joe Namath, $400,000 when $400,000 was some real money and he made more than most NFL/AFL/CFL players before he even opened up a playbook.
    This is nothing new.

  9. Brilliant move by Bradford. Let the Rams know you have no interest in their organization unless they’re willing to overpay for you. Either way, you’ll make more money than you’ll ever need even if you drop to #4. Do you think Mark Sanchez would rather be on Detroit at #1 like Stafford or the Jets at #5? A few more million isn’t worth being on a suspect organization. Go to Shanahan, he’ll make you a star QB. It will piss off a lot of media-types and some fans at first, but they’ll forget soon enough. They forgot with Elway, they forgot with Eli, they’ll forget with you.

  10. “Operating from the four hole, Bradford likely would then attempt to invoke the so-called “quarterback premium” in the hopes of getting more than the first overall pick, just as Matt Ryan did from the third spot two years ago.”
    Just another example of why the rookie pay scale has to be implemented immediately. Screw these greedy little worms that haven’t played a down yet in the NFL and think they should be able to make huge demands.
    Hope he drops just like Brady Quinn did and then we’ll see him crying like a little bitch.

  11. Uh, these kids arent out of control…the system is. They get paid the most that someone is willing to pay them. Get it while they can.

  12. Can’t blame Bradford for this, if true. Why settle for $1 when you can get $2? The NFL doesn’t seem to care. If it did, there would be a rule.

  13. This article implies someone might think Bradford is the best player in the draft? Huh?

  14. @edgy
    Exactly. His shoulder got fudged up. Even the best doctors cant make it like God did. With his injury to cartlidge, that cant put it back like new. There will ALWAYS be scar tissue, and will always be a problem. ITS HIS THROWING SHOULDER.

  15. Joseferus, I think you’re right. He may get $50 mil if picked first and get the s*** beat out of him each game because the Rams have no O-line. If he drops a few picks, he still gets $40 mil and has a better chance of having a long, healthy career and a better chance of joining a playoff contender.
    edgy1957, sorry, anyone that sits out a year of college due to an injury (or surgery to repair an injury) has injury history, idiot.

  16. @ Bronco Borque
    Great thought process…. Something that is rare on here. Most will say “Shannahan took Cutler, blah” but what nobody thinks of is Shannahan had on of the best lines in the NFL too when he took Cutler. Better QB draft next season, Shanny will stick to the plan of taking a franchise LT and looking at Ryan Mallet in the 11′ draft, if Campbell doesn’t work out.
    This means Bradford slips to the Browns at 7, unless a coveter trades up in front…. After the 4 pick, if Bradford is still on the board, Holmgren would then jump up to 5 to secure the pick.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Bradford ends up in Cleveland.

  17. Rookie pay scale is probably the one thing that owners and players can agree upon right now. Given the high bust rate of 1st rounders, the current system that guarantees them so much $ is utterly absurd.

  18. i dont think Wash. would take him for 2 reasons…the O line…kinda what Browns did a few yrs ago they took Thomas instead of Quinn(at the time) and 2.Shanahan wants to massage his own ego and show his skills and finally let Campbell go and prove everyone wrong

  19. Don’t worry Rams fans or Sam Braddford supporters. Florio recently has adopted “the son of Sam’s” dog and is now listening to his speculation and reporting it as fact.

  20. As a skins fan I hope he drops to us. We can shore up the O-line with our second round pick and the other picks and any trades or FA’s.

  21. I think he’d be a great fit for the Skins and that Shanahan wouldn’t waste a minute longer in getting him. That said the Rams need a QB in a bad way. They also need to sell tickets and Bradford would do just that.Reagardless of what happens contract wise I don’t think the Rams would pass on him.

  22. Good, this is smart on his part. Piss off the Rams. You don’t want to play for a franchise that is so far away from being a contender. I hope he goes to the Skins. Sure, their O-Line was bad last year, but Shanny will address that in the later rounds. The Skins are set on D, and they are a QB away from being a real contender. They just need to get younger on the O-Line. A real coach can draft an O-Lineman with potential in later rounds, and turn him into a very capable NFL starter. You’d have better luck with that, than trying to turn a later round QB into a franchise QB.

  23. I completely agree with BroncoBourque…. WAS at #4 is definitely not worst case scenario. SEA and CLE need a QB of the future but I dont see them going that way either.
    Barring a team from trading into the top 10, he could easily slide to BUF at #9. He’d probably still holdout for more money, but he would have lost tens-of-millions of dollars trying to out bluff STL.

  24. I hope this is the last year the NFL doesn’t have a rookie scale. This is absurd.
    The fans don’t like it.
    The owners don’t like it.
    The veterans don’t like it.
    Who likes it?
    Agents and rookies! F&CK THEM!

  25. So Garcia86, you’d prefer $40 mil over $43 mil, cuz it would take an extra 3-4 months to get it?
    Also, the kid hasn’t even been drafted yet. Let’s hold off on calling him greedy just because something Florio wrote.
    We also aren’t privy to what the Rams have offered him. They could be low-balling him because of his shoulder.

  26. If you read the ESPN article from Mort today, Bradford said that it would be up to the Rams if he signs before the draft:
    “Bradford said every player dreams of being picked first in the draft, but he hasn’t given it much thought. And he said it would be up to the Rams whether he’d sign a deal before draft day, should they decide to draft him at No. 1.
    “I don’t control that. I have no clue how it’s going to play out,” Bradford said. “If that’s how it works, then that’s how it works. If not, I’ll be excited to hear my name called on draft day.” ”
    Florio fails again.

  27. I like Bradford, but I don’t like this diva move…if this is even the case and not a question of standard PFT “reporting.” (At least one article from a different news source who spoke with Bradford after the workout said that Bradford felt it was up to the Rams if they wanted to sign a contract before draft day. Of course, there’s no way to measure whether or not this genuinely reflects how he plans to operate. But I feel equally naive trusting a journalist who, you know, doesn’t seem to actually check facts, report news, or speak to and/or cite actual sources anymore.)
    All that aside, I could see the appeal of wanting to drop to a team like Washington. I’m no Redskins fan, but they are a popular franchise with a deep-pocketed owner and a coach with a long track record in the NFL. If Bradford is resistant, it wouldn’t surprise me if he hasn’t been reassured that any money he loses will be made up for if he happens to float to one of the most spend-happy owners in sports.

  28. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! LIES ALLL LIES!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THESE KIDS WHO MAKES 40+ million!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anyone who believes this is either a hopeful skins fan or an idiot. King Sam will be a ram and signed before the draft. The workout just solidified that. Clausen will be avail at #4 and will be good as well but if i were the skins, if okung is avail id take him and see what campbell can do 1 more year but Bradford will and should be a ram unless a ridiculous deal comes along. Stop making shit up florio.

  30. Has anyone stopped to think that the Rams are in no position to sign any pick before the draft? The current ownership can’t hardly guarantee anyone 40-50 million bucks when they aren’t going to be paying it. And Khan (the presumed new owner) can’t sign off on that deal until he’s approved by the other NFL owners. I think there’s no way a deal gets done before the draft no matter who they pick. The sale of the team will have to happen before any pick gets signed.

  31. SprintPhoneFTW says:
    March 29, 2010 8:07 PM
    Rookie pay scale. Get one. These kids are out of control.

  32. There is talk that khan may not even be the owner in the end. Anyway Devaney and spags don’t want to get fired and honestly drafting Bradford is the only way and he’ll sell tickets.

  33. Evil Dead says:
    edgy1957, sorry, anyone that sits out a year of college due to an injury (or surgery to repair an injury) has injury history, idiot
    Hmm, sits out a year. I think you need to get your facts straight: he did NOT sit out a year. He was injured in the first game and then came back and played a couple of other games so… Hell, I guess that by that STUPID defnition then Clausen has an injury history. Mark Sanchez had 3 injuries in two years as a starter. I wonder if the Jets were stupid enough to believe that he had a history of injury and passed him up. Oh, that’s right, they didn’t.
    BTW, genius, Troy Aikman broke his leg in college and sat out the rest of the year and YET, no one EVER said that he had a history of injury. Hell, every GD player that twisted an ankle has an injury history. The fact is that while a person could be concerned about the fact that the guy had an injury and you wonder how it would affect his performance, an “injury history” or more correctly, a “history of injury” would entail being injured in more than one year. Mark Sanchez qualifies but Bradford does not. He probably had an outside chance of coming back if he had gotten the surgery right away OR he could have went back for another year.

  34. D wins games says:
    Rookie pay scale is probably the one thing that owners and players can agree upon right now.
    Baloney. The ONLY people who want it are owners and fans. The players would rather have it just as it is because it provides a base for their salaries.

  35. How about they implement an owners pay scale, huh? Why is it always on the players?

  36. How would he sign a pre-draft contract if he has his workout with the Rams only 3 days before the draft?

  37. Red13;
    Your wrong.
    The team is operating as usual with the current owners.
    Once the sale is finalized, the new owners assume all debt, property AND contracts.

  38. The NFL should be ones pushing it,retarded when the first 6-7 draft picks are known before the day of the draft.

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