Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown don't show for Eagles workouts

Lost in the ongoing furor regarding the status of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is the fact that, as reported Monday night by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, cornerbacks Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown did not show up for offseason workouts on Monday.

Other no-shows were McNabb and punter Sav Rocca.

We’ve heard Samuel’s name as a potential addition to the McNabb trade, and we’re now hearing that Samuel and Brown quietly are available to any interested suitors, as part of a McNabb trade or separately.

Samuel was a Day One free-agency signing in early 2008, only weeks after New England’s perfect season squirted through his fingers.

32 responses to “Asante Samuel, Sheldon Brown don't show for Eagles workouts

  1. Jesus, lets twist a story out of nothing. There are TONS of players who dont show up for workouts.
    These workouts are not mandatory.

  2. Not a good start to the offseason. Only upside is if McNabb and Sheldon are traded the Eagles will only have 1 player (David Akers) over 30. Ridiculous.

  3. this site is going to crap… Florio loves to stir the pot, and even though the title of this post says Asante Samuel and Sheldon brown, it is obviously just a front to spread another McNabb rumour and mention his name and this trade that still not happening.

  4. Would love Asante back. Him and a solid pass rusher and the D would be very stable.

  5. take them both….neither one can cover one on one worth a damn anyway…….rebuild this whole team!

  6. Asante doesn’t like to hit people and he maddenly whiffs on far too many tackles. Great improvement in pass interceptions since he has been in Philly, but he backs off when he sees a determined big guy chuggin’ toward him at high speed.

  7. Wow! Big news! Mcnabb never does voluntary workouts and Asante missed them a year ago as well. Oh no!!!

  8. Two comments….
    Samuel is an useless piece of sh*t….
    I am really getting tired of hearing about these overpaid idiots that do not show up for work….
    Thanks and have a nice day…

  9. Did you guys think this site was called
    Nope, it’s Sick of all the BS and twisted stories = go somewhere else for your NFL gossip.
    It’s funny to me that people use the words Eagles and rebuild in the same sentence. They have never needed a rebuilding phase during the Reid era. Two 6-10 seasons, right? Most of you Eagles fans are so spoiled. I hope you careers land you in Cleveland, Oakland or Detroit so you can truely learn to appreciate Andy and Co.
    In Andy I trust!

  10. Isnt there a way you could twist this into an Albert Haynesworth bashing thread? Your starting to slip Florio. I was certain you would come up with something along the lines of “Haynesworth secretly rallying players around the league to not show up for workouts.”

  11. Can’t wait for Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham to carve them fools up this season.

  12. I believe the Eagles sent a message when they fired their strength and conditioning coach’s and brought in new guys. The Eagles want their players to work out IN HOUSE. Asante of all people could use some strength training and he signed a 50 to 60 million dollar deal. Sheldon is not showing because of his contract but at age 31, your not getting a new contract buddy. You signed a long term deal and now you regret it. I wish I made 2.5 million a year. Lucky If I see that in a lifetime. Sheldon, Dmac, and Asante to Oakland for their 1st round pick and Asomugha

  13. # Sike-1 says: March 30, 2010 7:21 AM
    Jesus, lets twist a story out of nothing. There are TONS of players who dont show up for workouts.
    These workouts are not mandatory.
    Miami had 100% attendance minus Smiley who they told not to show.

  14. stupid stupid stupid /
    dumb dumb dumb /
    i swear the front office is just droppin salaries since theres no limit on how LOW a team can go.
    such 539’s its ridiculous.
    rumour is we’re gettin 5th/ McNabb 3rd/ Asante 7th/ Brown.
    or the Eagles could wait, like they do, till these players loose their value and then get
    nothing/ McNabb 5th/ Asante 7th in 2015/ Brown.
    i hope the Philadelphia Union is good cause i think i need a new team to waste my time with

  15. Uhm, Asante doesn’t usually show up for these. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t shown up consistently in the past. As for Sheldon, it’s largely a money thing and he did this last year. I could care less anyhow b/c these are the 2 guys we don’t need to worry about. Agreed with many of the above, non-issue. Keep moving, nothing to see here. Must be another slow day for Florio.

  16. calm down fellow eagles fans, first of all asante stinks, second of all, were only trading one of these guys if we get asomugha who is 10x better anyway, so chill out until something happens

  17. You would think that Asante would show up and workout for the Eagles because they showed him that they care about him unlike those big meanies the New England Patriots.
    Asante should show some love back to those nice Eagles.

  18. i like Dmac but is we can get Asom /thats two shut down corners.
    Then you put a safety over the top of Asante cause he gets burned on double moves
    & rush at least 5 defenders every down. Seems like a style the Birds need to get back too.
    Dont matter unless they get LB help and a bigger D-line, Felix jones – Jacobs -Portis/Johnson – are gonna continue to run through us.
    Undersized Dline should be the off season story, not any of this HUBBUB … this tiny athletic philosophy worked in 02′-06′ times they are a changing

  19. why would they trade Asante Samuel? besides Darren Sharper Asante has led the league in the last 5 years in INTs

  20. The off-season workout schedule says they were going to focus on tackling all this month.
    Samuel’s too busy counting his $59 million for contact drills.

  21. Voxy Moron – I agree that one of these two players could be included in a trade with Oakland, I could see Brown and McNabb for the 39th pick and Asomugha (who Oakland might not be able to keep after this year) . . . I don’t necessarially agree that Asante stinks, he is a good cover corner who cheats sometimes, which occasionally leads to him getting burned, but the guy doesn’t like to cover. But if you pair Asomugha with Samual, those are two excellent cover corners, both of who tend to get a lot of interceptions . . . and that will help the defensive line some – giving the d-line and extra second or so to get to the QB.
    As for Sheldon Brown, well Andy sent a message to him last week, when he said that Sheldon was a good player and he was glad that he had the opportunity to “make a living”. This is a very thinly veiled message, hey Sheldon take a look at your buddy Lito Sheppard, how has his demands to be traded worked out for him? After being traded to the Jets his contract had a year added to it, and the new money was added for the 2010 season (a $10 million roster bonus), that he never saw because he was cut (I wonder what he thinks of Drew Rosenhaus now) . . . by the way he was cut on March 4th and still hasn’t been able to get a free agent contract.
    So Andy’s message to Brown, your a 31 y/o cornerback who is under contract – ENOUGH SAID.

  22. why would they trade Asante Samuel? besides Darren Sharper Asante has led the league in the last 5 years in INTs
    He also leads the league in missed tackles and getting burnt by the double move/jumping routes……highly overrated sorry.

  23. asante would be all pro in 2 hand touch! he is the best route jumpper of all time. but he’s still better than most.better off finding your own corners in the draft than way overpaing for this bird!

  24. Seldon isn’t going anywhere, they will make him fulfill his contract out of spite. #22 is replaceable…hurts the D a little when only 10 people on the field tackle. I would rather have a corner that may be toast now and again but is solid in run / screen support ala well….Sheldon Brown.

  25. Im not worried at all about these players not showing up for VOLUNTARY workouts. It would be different if these were young players who didnt know how to keep their bodies in shape, but these are veterans who know the ropes and have had many offseasons and know just how to keep their bodies tuned up and ready to go. Now if they show up looking overweight and slow, then I’d be worried, but no worries here. Sheldon Brown did the same thing last season and ended up in great shape, probably the best in his career and had a pretty good season too.

  26. bahahaha I love it!
    “why would they trade Asante Samuel?”
    So they can get out from under that ridiculous contract they gave to him. Instead of trying to get so many INTs maybe he should try to just prevent a completion now and then. Or at least tackle somebody after a completion.

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