Dez Bryant forgot his cleats

As it turns out, Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant showed up on time for his Pro Day workout.

His cleats, however, didn’t make the trip.

We’re told that Bryant forgot to bring his cleats, and that as a result he had to wear a pair of brand-new shoes, which had not properly been broken in.

As a result, Bryant was slipping, as NFLN’s Mike Mayock pointed out when discussing the workout on the air.

Per a league source, at least one team measured Bryant’s times in the 40-yard dash at 4.57 and 4.62 seconds, within the 4.52 to 4.68 range reported by  He presumably would have run faster, but for the slipping.

75 responses to “Dez Bryant forgot his cleats

  1. Pay this man!! (so he can hire an assistant to help him remember his flippin shoes)

  2. So you go to what should be one of the most important interviews in your life and you forget to bring the MOST important aid?
    If he didn’t have enough bagage this is absurd. I wouldn’t touch him. Not even in the second round.

  3. That “slip” will likely extend into the first round of the draft.
    This guy is Plaxico Burress redux. Big, talented, and dumb enough to put a loaded handgun down his sweatpants.

  4. He also would have been drafted higher… if not for the slipping… down the draft boards. Dude… its the most important day of your life so far and you forget your spikes?

  5. Glad to see he was prepared. Says a lot about a guy that has a history of work ethic problems.

  6. How do you forget your cleats for something like this? Is he trying to sabotage himself, or is he just that stupid?

  7. Wow…..he forgot his cleats to his professional job interview. I love the talent this kid had but he keeps proving he’s just a kid. He mainly comes off as a kid that doesn’t care though. I think his draft stock is dropping hard. Maybe he’ll make teams look bad for a bit like Moss did a few years ago, but it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t take this seriously.

  8. Come on, seriously? Really? He forgot his cleats? Is it April 1 already?
    If I were a scout, I would summarize his pro day workout as “STUPID”.

  9. Forgetting cleats for a pro day is like a Cop forgetting his gun before work.
    This guy is a total moran. I see him going to the Raiders at 8.

  10. How the hell do you forget your cleats???? Are you kidding me???? Come on man STEP YA DAMN GAME UP! YOu been around Deion all this time and you aint on top of your game???? What the hell are you and Deion talking about then? Dude get in the league and STEP YOUR GAME UP! Get to meetings on time learn the playbook and dont come into the league like you deserve your own VIP Room in the club in Atlanta, Mia, NY or Dallas… This is embarrassing to see multi million dollar companies come out and watch guys who could be top 5 but they keep LAZYING around cause they know they will get paid…..BE JERRY RICE!!!!!!!!!!!
    And we all know you read this site so take it like a man….REAL TALK!

  11. Seriously, you can’t make this crap up. This alone tells me all I need to know about this clown. Come on, Cowboys, draft this guy.

  12. McFadden slips every play of his NFL career, he’ll go top 5, slipping is really not as bad as you may think.

  13. How is he gonna remember an NFL playbook if he can’t remember his kicks?? Miami should jump on him to keep their streak alive. Ginn, White, etc.

  14. This happened to me back in highschool. Without those broken in cleats i just wasnt the same!!

  15. He is going to fit right in; welcome to Dallas.
    Maybe he’ll “forget” how to catch like Roy or forget how to run like “2 yards and a pile of dust” Barber……..etc…..etc.

  16. he should change his name to Duh Bryant or Diz Bryant, he’s already starting his career off on the wrong foot (or shoe)

  17. Welp, failed the intelligence part of the workout.
    As per Oklahoma State tradition.

  18. Are you telling me his agent, Eugene Parker wasn’t in Texas for this workout? After all the work Deion Sanders did to steer him toward Parker, he isn’t around to aid this obviously helpless individual pack a bag properly?
    Parker’s as much to blame as Bryant, I wouldn’t want want either of them.
    Looks like a chronic pain in the ass to whoever drafts him.

  19. Thurman Thomas forgot his helmet at the Super Bowl. The biggest day of his professional life.
    Dez Bryant forgets his cleats for his pro day workout. The biggest day of his professional life . . . to this point.
    Says volumes about the OKla. State educational standards.

  20. Wait a minute – this is 2010. Shouldn’t people be smarter than they were 30 years ago?
    Think about it: We’ve all got access to more information by leaps and bounds than ever. We also spend much, much, much, much more money on public education than ever before. More kids than ever pursue college degrees now.
    So, why is it that with:
    -easier access to information
    -more money spent on public schooling
    -more kids pursuing college degrees
    ….there appears to be serious “regression” mentally and socially, as opposed to “progression”??? Do we chalk it up to bad luck??? Anybody supposed to be held accountable for this??? Anybody wanna take a guess of what life in America will be like in 30 years, based on what is transpiring now???

  21. Understandable, I often forget my pants when coming to work…what an idiot, kid has too much bagage.

  22. He was trying to 1-up Calvin Johnson by having to use someone else’s cleats… This guy must have a clueless agent. Oh wait, it’s Eugene Parker. Nevermind.

  23. Sounds like a real sharp kid that I would want on my team. What a dumbass

  24. It appears all of those negative comments about him were sort of understated.
    This is the biggest opportunity of his life and he has to remember a few things, show up on time, bring all your equipment and show your best stuff. And he fails to remember 3 things.
    And the Broncos are thinking of drafting this guy because Marshall has insufficient character and work ethic to suit them? Good luck with that.
    Whoever does sign this moron will have to pay an extra $150-$200K per year for a 24 hour baby sitter for the fool until he grows up, if he does.

  25. I’m betting the “I forgot my cleats” is just a set-up in case he doesn’t run well. Then he has a built-in excuse.

  26. “minhw0714 says: March 30, 2010 3:30 PM
    Thurman Thomas forgot his helmet at the Super Bowl. The biggest day of his professional life.”
    He didn’t forget his helmet, numbnuts. He used to place his helmet on the 34 yard line before kickoff. Somebody moved his helmet so they could setup the stage for whoever sang the National Anthem, and Thurman missed the first two plays.
    Your statement is just moronic on so many levels. Do you think the players bring their helmets home with them every night? They have equipment managers who handle all that stuff.

  27. What are the chances that he planned on “forgetting his shoes” because he knew, like most people knew, that he would run in the 4.55 range?
    I mean he’s only had the last 8 months to get ready for his Pro Day and then he supposedly forgets his shoes? What else did he really need to bring other than himself? This guy is a huge idiot and now even more red flags should be raised on this moron.

  28. I’m sure Jerry Jones gave him a briefcase full of money to throw the workout at their dinner.

  29. Hmmmmm….I’m going somewhere that they are expecting me to run really fast…..what should I put in my suitcase let me see…….

  30. When will Golden Tate supplant this bum as the #1 WR in this draft? Come on folks, he is Percy Harvin without the migraines.

  31. Couldn’t Deion Sanders loan him some? What a tool. It’s like some one showing up for a job interview in cut-off and a torn t-shirt.

  32. I would think he would be a lock to go to the Raiders for this incident, but you have to run a 4.3 or better to get drafted by them(FYI I have Taylor Mays going to Oakland no.8 overall).

  33. Who is responsible for checking these guys out – seeing to it that they have their shirt buttoned, their lunch packed, and a nickel tied up in a handkerchief?
    Seriously, these guys are young & excited, and it doesn’t make them stupid to forget something – anybody out there ever run out to the car and back in again because you forgot your keys?

  34. Oh, for pete’s sake, all the collaborating with Deion Sanders and the guy doesn’t have a freakin’ pair of cleats?? Really???

  35. I can’t wait to see which team gets high post-draft grades from the pundits for getting a “Steal of the draft” or “Top 10 value” by picking this guy up a little later when he starts to fall, only for him to be an ongoing headache who fails to reach his potential.
    Despite the Steelers’ latest shenanigans, my money is still on the Bengals. They did it with Henry, they picked up LJ last year, they routinely draft guys without regard to the fact they have “character” issues hanging over them (Lazy Andre Smith, Bernard Scott, Ahmad Brooks, Frostee Rucker, AJ Nicholson, etc.). I think Mike Brown thinks he’s running some sort of a halfway-house.

  36. “Dez Bryant, Thurman Thomas.”
    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who remembers that, but I’m guessing that 95% of PFT Planet is wondering what the heck we’re talking about.

  37. He couldn’t have screwed this up more if he had planned it this way. Hmmm……….

  38. All past problems would’ve been forgotten if Dez just showed up on point. He had to have known this. How do you forget your cleats? That boggles my mind.
    I hope he goes in top-10 still…but in the second round. He deserves to lose the draft pick money his inevitable slip will cost him but he sure as hell doesn’t deserve the good fortune of falling to a good team.

  39. Beastie – the fact that you reacted so viscerally to my post makes me laugh. Thanks for making my afternoon.
    Everyone knows what B.I.L.L.S. stands for.

  40. Roll Tide NJ says:
    “This guy is a total moran. I see him going to the Raiders at 8.”

  41. Dearest Dez Bryant:
    It has come to the Entire NFL’s attention that you are shapeshifting into a 2nd round pick. One of us will pick you if you “slip” there. If not, well, PEACE!

  42. I really run a 4.12 but only in the special shoes that I had and since lost.
    Maybe all the teams will understand and still draft me in the top 10.
    History has proven, over and over again, that no team should draft a WR in the first round. For every Moss out there, there are 25 who were busts.

  43. this time pacman came and watched bryant workout…right after they smoked a blunt full of some super

  44. What a moron. Any team stupid enough to waste a first rounder on this jerkoff deserves the headaches they’re going to get.

  45. He actually brought 8 pairs of shoes. Fun to rip on the guy, but probably need to find a different reason. he was slipping on the 3 cone drill and shuttle so he tried a different pair (he had a lot to choose from) but he didn’t forget to bring cleats!!! Again, HE DID NOT FORGET TO BRING CLEATS!! The story was wrrr…incorrect!

  46. After reading all these comments I see that people are extremely judgmental. The man forgot his cleats, so what? 2years ago at the NFL combine Calvin Johnson used borrowed cleats. I am sure stranger things have happened and not have been reported. It is crazy how some people call the guy a moron and he has barely spoken a word. If he ran a “slow” 40 who cares Anquan Boldin SLOW Lary Fitzgerald SLOW Sidney Rice SLOW in the 40 all ran under 4.50. Lets not forget he didn’t have a fast track like the combine. The guy did come off an injury that he suffered at the combine. For those who don’t understand, slipping can happen in a 40 and it makes ALOT of difference.

  47. …”ive worn lots of shoes. I bet if i think real hard i can remember my first pair of shoes…my mamma told me they take me anywhere!…they was my magic shoes…”

  48. Don’t ya just get that old feeling that…………it is always going to be something with this guy.

  49. Was Tatum Bell in the area… maybe he took them. That was the last time I’ve heard of someone not having their spikes and that wasn’t up to Rudi.

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