Eagles team official: No favorite for McNabb

A PFT reader named Tim Armbruster noted on our new Facebook page around noon that he was troubled by the lack of Donovan McNabb posts around here.

We aim to please, so Florio came up with one since.  ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio will now help  bring you another.

Sal Pal quotes an Eagles “senior team official” that says that there is no lead horse in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes.

“There is no so-called front-runner,” the senior team official said. “We
continue to engage in conversations with multiple teams that initially
contacted us. Some of the offers involve draft picks, some involve a
player, some involve many players. We are evaluating the offers. But if
some team had totally blown us away, we would probably have made a deal

The quote is eye-opening for a few reasons.  First, it contradicts Adam Schefter’s report that the Raiders are leaders for services.

More noteworthy, the Eagles are aggressively trying to control the story.  For the second time in a week, they are openly discussing McNabb’s possible departure.

Paolantonio writes that trade talks could continue until draft day, which is no surprise. The sudden inevitability of McNabb’s departure is more jarring. 

Even the team is talking about it now.

58 responses to “Eagles team official: No favorite for McNabb

  1. Correct, there is no lead horse in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes.
    However, there is a lead Jackass.
    And it’s the Oakland Raiders.

  2. In McNabb’s first full season, the Eagles went 11-5 and won a playoff game. McNabb led the team in rushing had had 21 TD passes and 6 TD runs.
    Obviously Kolb won’t lead the team in rushing, but I expect him to play well. Leading the team to a 10 win season isn’t far-fetched.
    If he’s as good as the Eagles say he is, this is a reasonable expectation. As we know the Eagles front office is the “gold standard”….

  3. If the Skins can’t swing a deal for the 1st pick they’re going to grab him. It just makes sense. He knows the division too well and there’s no downtime. Expect a trade closer to the draft.

  4. The arrogant Eagles bungled another one… Father of the Year Andy Reid jumped the shark 5 years ago and is now reeling.

  5. Stop posting stories on D-Mac, he and the rest of the world won’t find out ’til draft day.

  6. Huge Trade———–Vikings send Favre and Childress to the Eagles for McNabb—Just heard that some where——–The Scotsman!

  7. @ Rosenthal,
    What’s “jarring” about it? He’s won zero championships, cracked under pressure the only time he got close, a lot of the fans are tired of his whining, and they have a backup they believe in.
    It would be “jarring” if they pay him $11.2 million for the final year of his contract and then let him walk away for nothing.
    How do you not see this?! Stop acting like Florio.

  8. @VonClausewitz
    Why on earth would the Eagles trade their 11-year franchise QB to a division rival they play twice a year? Doesn’t make any sense, they’d just as soon keep him at that point.

  9. They’re still asking for way too much. Did they learn nothing from the blown Vick deal?
    Signing and then screwing up trading Vick was the biggest eff-up since letting Reggie White go. A total embarrassment.
    The Gold Standard.

  10. The Eagles are that guy in your fantasy league that pitches trades to you, and when you accept he ups his demands.
    They never get a deal done because all they do is jerk everyone around.

  11. The Philly fans, of which I am one, crack me up. They go nuts every time the team makes the right decision and parts company with a popular player before his value totally declines. McNabb was the best QB in team history. He rescued the team from being an NFL doormat. However, if the team does not trade him it gets nothing for him next year. It’s a hard decision but it’s the right move.

  12. McNabb has as much chance as staying a Eagle, as the Queens do winning the Super Bowl, or Florio becoming a real journalist….

  13. Dr. Michael, you clearly aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
    By putting the word out there that there’s no front runner, the Eagles are not only “controlling the story,” they’re sending a message to any team currently talking to them or considering talking to them that they’re still willing to listen to offers. They’re trying to create a more competitive market for the QB.
    Even seen in the most negative light, McNabb is a VERY GOOD QB who would be an upgrade over at least half the QBs in the league, if not more. There’s *no question* that lots of teams would at least pick up the phone and investigate the possibility of making a deal for him.
    The notion that nobody wants him is absurd. If anything, a deal has been slow to develop because there are so many offers to root through.
    Even more absurd is the ideas Eagles have already “bungled” this deal.

  14. How did Andy Reid jump the shark? Do you know what that means? Also, what do his parenting skills have to do with this? Try again hater…

  15. They want to give some other teams time to say to themselves,
    “Holy crap! We’re actually going into the season with [David Carr/Alex Smith/Matt Leinart/Matt Moore/Marc Bulger/ AJ Feeley/Trent Edwards etc.] as our starting quarterback? Get Andy on the phone. Let’s throw our draft picks away.”

  16. The same Adam Schefter a few months ago that stated it wasn’t a question of “IF” but “WHEN” Tom Cable was getting fired… hmmm,, someone may want to let Cable know.. Today’s media is like the National Enquirer or Star magazine.. You can state whatever u want for thousands to hear, but be totally wrong without any repercutions… By the way, Clayton of ESPN (same company) said it was maybe a 20% chance of this happening..
    Welcome to Hell:
    The Black Hole

  17. Hello, everybody wake up. We dont need a QB that is awesome, we just need a guy who can throw the ball real quick instead of sitting in the pocket waiting for the perfect play. Find open recievers, it isnt that hard. Dont throw to the ground. Pay me 1000 bucks every 2 weeks and ill do it.

  18. mcnabb is definitely gone this offseason. there’s no turning back after they have gone this far to alienate him with these trade rumors.

  19. Eagles are not trading McNabb to a team in division. In fact I bet the are not thrilled about keeping him in NFC.

  20. People are always judging the Eagles for there decisions, but they obviously always are doing the right thing in the Philly Front Office because we always get a chance to root for our team come playoff time. We are a great team now and with all of our youth we will be a great team to come. Kolb is our future and I believe McNabb will be traded and it will end up working out for both sides. People complained about the same stuff a couple years ago with the Favre and Rodgers predicament and look how that worked out. Also Philly has always been real closed doors on this type of stuff so no one will really know about a lead horse till a deal actually happens. Keep your heads high Philly Fans we have a great future in store for us.
    B the Philly Guy = )

  21. Wow. if there were more losers, er, I mean posters like JaggedMark on this site, PFT would be so much more respectable.

  22. “Correct, there is no lead horse in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes.
    However, there is a lead Jackass.
    And it’s the Oakland Raiders.”
    LOL, best comment I have read all day.

  23. VonClausewitz says:
    March 30, 2010 8:19 PM
    If the Skins can’t swing a deal for the 1st pick they’re going to grab him. It just makes sense. He knows the division too well and there’s no downtime. Expect a trade closer to the draft.
    What planet do you live on.. eagles aren’t the packers… They would rather pay three quarterbacks top dollar than trade McNabb to the skins. AFC EAST DONT PLAY DAT!!!!

  24. Why JaggedMark, why?
    Where do you come up with this stuff? What a genius! I can’t wait for your next Oakland Raider jab.

  25. I happen to know for a fact that mcnabb is going to the raiders. The deal will not be announced till draft weekend. Now I know everyone of you will say Iam full of sh!t. My response to that is wait and see. When it happens then you will know that I thats right only I have any inside on the raiders. not espn not pft not any other media type.

  26. Jason Silver of Yahoo Sports wrote a rather lengthy article on this, basically saying how the Eagles overplayed this, and IF the Raiders don’t bite on this, they may not be able to trade him

  27. I have been a mcnabb fan since 1999, when he first became a eagle. I do think its time to move on and bring kolb into the starting line. However to all u fans out therewho like to bash on him, u need to learn the game. True football fans will agree with me, mcnabb has made the eagles what they are today. Yeah they never one a superbowl with him, but its a team game. He got them to like 4 championship games, 1 superbowl. Every year the would be competitive with him. Letd not forget hes never had an outstanding wideout, and the one year he did (owens) he threw 31 tds, 9 picks. His career hes had wide outs like, james thrash, todd pinkston, freddie mitchell, torrenece small. Good guys, but when they were done playing for the eagles there careers were over. Mcnabb made guys look better then what they really are. If this is your last season with eagles, theb i just want to say thanks for all the memories, and good seasons

  28. Fonetik, what difference does all the winning that McNabb did in the first half of this decade make now? Do you think that McNabb 2010 is the same guy he was then?

  29. Shake N Bake says: March 30, 2010 8:46 PM
    Just a thought: Delhomme, Shawn Rogers & a 3rd for Mcnabb.
    Um, what? The Eagles give up McNabb for the privilege of taking out Cleveland’s trash?

  30. Best place for McNabb is Minnesota. Stephen A. makes the case as well as what’s up with Philly. I’m sure most won’t agree but if I was Chilly, I’d make a deal for Donovan in a heartbeat. All he does in win, and he’s never had a team around him like the Vikings. Anyone who can thrive all those years with Jon Runyan blocking on Strahan &Co. in the NFC East is remarkable.

  31. Shake n bake i wouldnt give you shit for Delhommie and fat old shaun rogers, plus they already have Broderick Bunk and Mike petterson… and Delhommie i mean come on.

  32. Raidersteve what do we get when your wrong, well i guess we will get to see another year of the raiders with a top 10 pick

  33. JaggedMark says:
    March 30, 2010 8:10 PM
    Correct, there is no lead horse in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes.
    However, there is a lead Jackass.
    And it’s the Oakland Raiders.
    -enter the lead clown. With a killer wit like yours it’s obvious
    you’re going places.

  34. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if after all of this, they can’t work out an extension with Kolb? Maybe that’s why they’re hanging on to Mike Vick. He could end up being the starter yet!

  35. @mickey ferr
    Don’t you think if it were that easy there would be a million QB’s available. There’s way more to QB than just finding an open receiver and throwing the ball, that’s why they make millons and you and me are on this damn website living the trife life. If it was that easy you wouldn’t be on this site making that comment.
    @Bruisersrevenge- Amen!
    Philly fan needs to understand we were doormats until the Mcnabb era and actually started competing for ships. Rather have the Eagles kind of records since 1999, over a majority of the teams now.

  36. Any article conyaining the phrase “ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio’ = made-up BULLSPIT,he may not be a real sports-reporter but he does play one on TV

  37. AB – when is the last time this team beat (a) an opponent with a winning record and (b) an opponent who made the playoffs?

  38. # Shake N Bake says: March 30, 2010 8:46 PM
    Just a thought: Delhomme, Shawn Rogers & a 3rd for Mcnabb.
    Wow. Two guys who can’t play at all and a potential NFL special teams player? Do the Eagles get a flaming box full of crap with that trade, too?

  39. @Fonetik, Gonzaga
    2 reasons why you trade inter-division.
    1. If he were good enough to lead them to a championship they’d keep him. But his time has come and gone. By trading him to the Skins, who would take him, they’d be able to dangle an upgrade in exchange for a high pick. Those same picks that the Skins will need to get out of their self-imposed free agency ridiculousness. The improvement to the Skins might in the short term benefit them but in the long term they lose a pick and probably end up with a better record than the next year and get one of those tweener picks next draft. Without a qb they’re going nowhere in that div, so you are effectively taking 2 high round picks back to back away for a short term answer.
    2. In such a tight division the benefit of being able to make the competition tighter for the Giants and the Boys is worth it (4 games against an improved Skins) vs having to see him twice.
    There’s risk with the move sure. But they would be able to better the Skins in the exchange and simultaneously make things more difficult for the rest of the teams in the div. It may go against conventional thinking, yes. If I were the Eagles I’d be more concerned about putting as many roadblocks in the way of Dallas as I could than worrying about how tough Washington would be to play. If they can’t beat the Skins with McNabb they’re a lost cause anyway.

  40. Come on Florio do you actually believe this? Oh wait, it cant be true because the Raiders have Jamarcus Russell, the Bills have Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the 49ers have Alex Smith.

  41. Oh, one more thing. In response to those of you who think the loss of “trade secrets” would be sufficient disincentive. Consider that there’s probably more film on McNabb and that offense than any other qb in the league, excluding perhaps Peyton Manning. Everyone knows what they bring. What better time to switch things up a bit when you make Kolb your starter?

  42. # dogma1 says: March 30, 2010 8:39 PM
    Kolb = A.J Feely
    If Kolb can win 80% of his starts with this team like Feely did in 2002 for an injured McNabb to keep the season alive I hope you’re 100% right. I don’t know if this was sarcastic or realistic but…
    Yes, McNabb is an above average QB. But guess what, Koy Detmer and AJ Feely combined to go 5-1 taking over for an injured McNabb in 2002 with Todd Pinkston, Antonio Freeman, Freddie Mitchell, and James Thrash as Wideouts. And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Jeff Garcia also go 5-1 in 2006 as McNabb’s replacement?
    This offense is a system that I’m sure our grandmothers could win some games as the starting QB.

  43. What about the possibility of McNabb being traded to Denver in exchange for Brandon Marshall and a draft pick?

  44. Florio, you must really know how to get under people’s skin. It seems as if all PFT comment posts consist of a bunch of kids hating on whomever they can. God forbid Florio himself goes out on a limb with a possible lead because these clowns blast you as if you weren’t a successful, accomplished professional. The best part of all this Florio bashing is 1. Everyone of you keep on coming back as Florio counts his money. 2. Florio did not even write this column…………. Never under estimate the power of stupid people.

  45. this will be the biggest mistake ever seen in philly (and there’s been a lot). it’s crazy 2 me that ppl think kolb or vick will be able to give the city/team what #5 has. so he didnt win a SB…a lot of great Qbs dont…the grass is not always greener on the other side philly….kolb will NOT lead you to 5 NFC Champ games….sure McNabb lost 4 but that is still a pretty good resume. you are spoiled and you will only beg for the days of 9-11 win seasons once you see the monstrosity at QB with McNabb somewhere else.

  46. Yeah, I am worried that Kolb would only be able to beat teams with losing records, and would occasionally lose to an awful team like Oakland.
    Oh, wait.
    McNabb people act like this team went 16-0 last year and won the SB, and to mess with that is crazy. We’re about as close to a SB as the Bengals are, and probably not that close. That’s what level of “contender” we are.
    rockotica – worse than letting Reggie White go? Eric Allen? Keith Jackson? Each of them was far better at their position then McNabb is at QB. I can only imagine you have not seen much Eagles football aside from this era.

  47. just proves a point that he’s not as highly regarded as every media person is making him out to be, Maybe they should try and package someone with him. I understand Sheldon Brown wants out, if they put a this type of deal togther might be more appealing….

  48. @ Fonetik
    Do you forget that theEagles are the team that traded their 1st round draft pick to the Cowboys of all teams? God, what i wouldn’t do to have Demarcus Ware across from Trent Cole…

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