Holmes criminal case closed after police report released

PFT has received a copy of the incident report from the Orlando Police Department related to Santonio Holmes’ alleged battery on March 7.

The police say the case is now closed due to the victim’s declination to prosecute Holmes at the time of the incident.  Anshoenoe Mills is suing Holmes in a civil case.

One aspect of the report stands out.  After Holmes and Mills told conflicting stories, the police advised them charges would be filed against Holmes.

“[Mills] then asked this officer if she could speak to Holmes alone,” the police report reads.  “I said yes and Holmes agreed to speak with her. They then walked several feet away from me and had a conversation.

“This officer observed Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes face just moments after walking off together,” the report continued.  “Five minutes later the two returned and Mills advised this officer that they had resolved the matter and that she did not wish to press charges or get Holmes into any trouble. Mills had a small abrasion that was less than 1/4′ [”] over her right eye. She refused medical attention. Mills wrote a sworn written statement in which she declined to prosecute.”

Florio is the legal expert around here, but we have to think that passage will be an important one for Mills to address in her civil case.

As Mike first reported, Holmes contends that another person — a woman — threw a glass at Mills’ face.  The conflict between Holmes and Mills occurred when Holmes returned to a VIP area of Club Rain and Mills was in his seat. 

Holmes says Mills started the confrontation by grabbing his wrist and yelling at him.  Mills contended in the police report Holmes got in her face and threw a glass at her.

UPDATE: The Orlando Police Department also says “The timeliness of the report will be an administrative policy matter that will
be reviewed.”  In her civil case, Mills alleged that the Orlando Police Department failed to prepare a
formal police report.

57 responses to “Holmes criminal case closed after police report released

  1. So it’s simple.
    ‘Pay me and pipe me and I’ll go away.’
    See Ben, this is the type of gold-digging scallywag you should chase.

  2. So I’m guessing that on the spot, she asked for money, Holmes agreed, so she told the cops to let it go. Two weeks later, she didn’t get the money so now she’s suing.

  3. Athletes will never learn that they are a target for people looking for an easy score. Ben, Pac-man, Santonio, or whoever need not to put themselves in situations that allows the leeches of society to find their prey.

  4. Chick- ” Tell you what Santonio, if you break me off a few of those dead presidents in your bank account, this will all go away.”
    Santonio- “Ok baby, I’ll have my people get with your people. Big Ben needs to learn how to keep the ladies quiet like me, huh baby?”
    Chick- “Yes he does.”

  5. Gee aint that sweet that they could just exchange words, nothing more nothing less, and solve their differences amicably.
    6-10 tops in 2010

  6. Money Grabbin Ho: “Santonio, pay me some money, make it rain”
    Santonio: “yes, that is agreeable”
    MBH: “sweet, make it out to cash as i will just take it to checks-2-cash”
    see, that twit in WorthlessBerger’s case needs to take a cue, and just ask for some pocket cashish and a ChocoTaco cause she isnt going to get much more.

  7. “Mills had a small abrasion that was less than 1/4′ over her right eye.”
    Wow. She’s got a pretty big forehead. 1/4′ is three inches.

  8. This is amusing. She either wanted money (as big stretch so eloquently put it “straight cash homie”) or Santonio showed her his superbowl MVP (“Holmes’ Steely McBeam”).
    Crisis averted.

  9. Now just put down your twitty and shut up. We the fans do cut your checks in a round about way.
    You are not so special without us.

  10. Hey Florio i’m just wandering are you going to stand by yesterdays post that Steelers passed the Bengals??? Judging by the lack of sarcasm in this post I sense some disappointment in your voice Florio. Just wait for Ben walk from the charges.

  11. I do agree with Snibs, these guys are not too bright to continue putting themselves in positions to let things like this happen. So much to lose, and so little common sense. Truly disheartening.

  12. It’s so obvious that since she’s not pressing charges, nothing happened. Oh, but look at that new Lexus she’s driving! Sweet car.

  13. Just like Ben, Holmes is innocent. Since when is it open season on Steeler players??
    Ah…..jealousy…….envy…..very ugly traits. Unfortunately, most of Florio’s douchebag fanbase here are loaded with ugly traits.

  14. Are the Lions gonna sign Pac Man or what? We could use the help and he isnt gonna cost much

  15. His mama should have taught him some manners…like giving up your seat to a lady.
    Now…sucka…cut that check!
    I just love the soap opera that is the Pittsburgh Steelers…lol…

  16. “Snibs says:
    March 30, 2010 2:30 PM
    Athletes will never learn that they are a target for people looking for an easy score. …whoever need not to put themselves in situations that allows the leeches of society to find their prey. ”
    True enough BUT you paint a picture of innocent guys falling prey to scum when it is more like scum playing with scum. They get what they get. I really dont feel sorry for these guys whatsoever.

  17. My guess – Holmes made a deal, then reneged after the cops left, that’s why she’s suing….

  18. Well duh…isn’t she classy!
    I’d of smack her too if she were in my seat…as a matter of fact I’ve smacked for less but because I’m broke no one tries to sue me!
    Santonio has is issues…he plays in the NFL for crying out loud…what’s her excuse?

  19. She should have known the wad of $200,000 bills with Obama’s face on them Holmes gave her weren’t real, so she’s looking for revenge.

  20. Hey Cleveland Sucks – If you pay attention it was Rosenthal that posted this. Not Florio. Before you go digging at someone make sure you’re actually talking to that person. Nice work!

  21. Steelers win. Again.
    Maybe the list would be shorter if we go with Ravens players who have not gotten into trouble:
    Ray Lewis – Death?
    Donte Stallworth – Death?
    Terrell Suggs- Injuries?
    Jamaal Lewis – Drugs/Prison?
    Tony Fein – Police officer assault?
    Derrick Martin – Drugs?
    Gerome Sapp – Assault?
    Steve McNair – Letting someone drunk drive car?
    Corey Fuller – Drugs and Guns and Gambling?
    BJ Sams – 2 DUI’s?
    Chris McAllister – DUI?
    Cornell Brown – Drugs?
    Chris McAllister – Disturbing the peace at airport?
    Leon Searcy – Domestic Violence?
    Chris McAlliser (again) – Drugs?

  22. Cleveland Sucks aka Philly Sewer Rat says:
    March 30, 2010 2:40 PM
    Hey Florio i’m just wandering are you going to stand by yesterdays post that Steelers passed the Bengals??? Judging by the lack of sarcasm in this post I sense some disappointment in your voice Florio. Just wait for Ben walk from the charges.
    Yeah Florio! I sensed the same thing – your refusal to attribute your own name to this story really underscores your disappointment! Now cut the incognito shit!

  23. Oh well, too bad, the haters will have to wait until Florio riles them up again with another negative Steeler story or opinion. I guess whatever Santonio did was not worse than a modest financial settlement could fix, which happens everyday when there are disputes. Looks like the parties resovled it, as her facebood page said she love money. It is between them. If it was a much bigger deal there would be charges filed, but there aren’t any. Therefore, CASE CLOSED. At least this was not attempted murder.
    Now, the Rooneys can take “appropriate action” since this is resolved legally. Since he was not charged at all and won’t be sued, they may do nothing more than sternly warn him. Or they may fine him. Or maybe they sit him for one game. But this is not a big deal now, so shut the hell up haters.
    And now, what in the blue hell are the Georgic Keystone Cops doing about Ben’s situation? Either charge him or drop it. Let’s get to some conclusion so the other shoe can drop for the behavior.
    BTW as far as GreenAsGrass’ preDICKtion (if that is what it was) is concerned, he is a completely clueless. We will see. I will copy that post and store it for future reference LOL.

  24. Details like this should make Florio wish he didn’t write a dumb post (with video!) about how things have gone so downhill for the Steelers after sketchy details are released about an obvious rush-for-cash case.
    Actually, they probably won’t. That’s what’s so great about being a gossip columnist: You’re never really at fault for anything. Just the facts, right?

  25. Can everyone let me know where the dumbass players are going to be so I can send my wifey down there to greet them.

  26. Everyone needs to log onto Tone’s Twitter page and offer a formal apology. Be prepared to write Ben a handwriten note once it is determined that he is also the victim of a money hungry whore.

  27. Dealing with this kind of crap and these kinds of idiots makes me completely understand why Cops sometimes beat on fools.

  28. Let’s get this straight………………..
    The receiver gets off……………..
    The quarterback is still in trouble……………
    I thought the quarterback was the thinking position……………..
    Ha ha ha
    I guess it just proves that these one dimensional “Great Hopes” are worthless without the wide receivers…………..
    Ha ha ha

  29. Where does it say he didn’t do it? The dude is still a tool bag that threw a glass at a girl. Or are we believing someone else threw it?

  30. What would be really interesting is if Pat White gets charged with something. Would Florio write that “although Pat White has been charged, he still has proven to be one of the better throwers of all QB’s at the 2009 combine”. Uggghhh, give it a break Michael.

  31. Another False accusation made against the Steelers by some money hungry skanks! I guess she thought he was Johnny Holmes, not Santonio Holmes!

  32. stefanovich summed it up for me.
    Say, by any chance, is this woman’s middle name “Tequila”?

  33. PFTiswhatitis… Absolutely… the fools are those who believe athletes are something more then merely athletes. Being good at football, in no way makes you a model citizen.

  34. I’m gonna go to Pittsburgh and start messing with the players. I don’t want much, just $500,000. HIT ME! HIT ME!

  35. “# ArtModellsPimp says:
    I just love the soap opera that is the Pittsburgh Steelers…lol…”
    Can’t say as I blame you.
    I too would welcome ANY distraction that could take my mind off, for even a moment, that I was a Clowns fan.

  36. As a loyal Browns and Ohio State fan, I say ha! Holmes was a prolbem at THE Ohio State University, and we were thrilled when he left. For all his talent, he lacks in brains. It would seem Worthlessburger suffers the same prolbem. He could learn so Erving from South Park “um don’t have sex with girls in public bathrooms?”

  37. Steeeelfann – you have a short memory of Steelers in trouble:
    Holmes- assault?
    Holmes- Pot?
    Davenport- assault?
    Blount- Tax evasion?
    Burress- Gun?
    Porter- DUI, assault?
    Dekker- obstruction of justice?
    Reed- Criminal mischief?
    Brooks- Reckless driving, resist arrest?
    Seigler- Pimp
    Harrison- assault?
    Wilson- assault?
    Reavis- drug deals?
    I dont have time to sort thru the other 46k threads.
    Get off your high horse- you have as much ‘trouble’ as any other team.

  38. # GoBrowns19 says: March 30, 2010 3:50 PM
    I’m gonna go to Pittsburgh and start messing with the players. I don’t want much, just $500,000. HIT ME! HIT ME!”
    You won’t make it home.

  39. Unbelievable. These women need to find jobs and stop bothering football players.

  40. @DanClay: the Browns WISH they could have a “problem” like Santonio.. Their top 5 recievers had less yards than him by himself.. that’s LAUGHABLE.

  41. Ravensuck:
    Blount? Are you kidding me? You are really desperate? Let’s see if Ernie Stautner got in trouble or maybe Johnny Blood? Maybe some of them were running around with Sammy Baugh and Bronco Nagurski partying too much, ya know, chasing skirts.

  42. Ok I went through the trouble of registering just to see if there was a bozo filter.
    I am soooooooo disappointed.
    Back on topic – you guys/gals think you can slam someone in a very public and humiliating manner, and then freak out when they clearly indicate that they want to punch you in the face?
    Pretty sure if any of you talked like that to REAL people on the sidewalk you’d end up in a morgue somewhere.
    Before you have your next lynch mob session, think about the fact that the person you’re talking about is, you know, an actual human being.
    I’m so ashamed I had to bother pointing that out.

  43. Figures something comes out putting a positive light on a Steeler player falsely sued by some money grubbing female…and Florio is TOO BUSY to write the blog. What a gutless turd.

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