Jason Elam to sign one-day contract with Broncos

Jason Elam will sign a one-day contract with the Broncos Wednesday, ensuring that the kicker retires as a member of the organization for which he played 15 years.

Elam spent his final two seasons in Atlanta, and his retirement was expected.  Lindsey Jones of the Denver Post notes Elam is in the top-five in NFL history in points, field goals, extra points, and 50-yard field goals.  He was one of the last ties to the John Elway era, having played in Denver from 1993 to 2008.

We wish Elam all the best as he chases bestseller lists instead of Super Bowl rings.

25 responses to “Jason Elam to sign one-day contract with Broncos

  1. Story sounds good. Now they just need to make a movie so I can find out what happens.

  2. I will never forget the day he tied Dempsey’s 63-yard FG.

  3. You can buy all 3 of his books in a package on Amazon for $30….or you can buy Quarterback of the Future for roughly $19. Elam is the better value all day..

  4. Other important fact: tied for longest field goal, 63 yards (with my 1.5-footed boy Tom Dempsey). Good guy, though, can’t recall reading/hearing anything bad about him.

  5. So Elam joins the club of cheesy guys who do this meaningless gesture of signing 1 day contracts.
    You didn’t retire a member of that team and you’re just cheapening the whole idea.

  6. # tighthead says: March 30, 2010 7:49 PM
    Great Kicker with a monster leg
    Not in 2009.

  7. I was on the toilet when he tied the record (I’ve never had Tivo or whatever, don’t think they had it then anyway), and hollered in dismay because I couldn’t finish my “business” in time to watch the kick live.

  8. Will he be ascending to heaven right after the signing? or will he actually suit up for a game first.

  9. Gay. The whole thing about joining your old team for one day is as gay as it gets.
    This wont be the Broncos first or last act of gayness.
    Gay meaning happy.

  10. Really? People want to bag on Elam here? The dude is all class and earned respect. He did his job really well for many years, even rolled with the punches as his ability declined. He was never the same after he broke his tailbone a few years ago but he always played hard, which is something to say for a kicker… and he always showed strength, humility, class, and intelligence in his public life which is something to say for an NFL player. Let him retire where he wants.
    He’ll always be a Bronco to me anyway.

  11. i am a niners fan but i did watch a lot of bronco games back in the 90’s and this guy was a clutch kicker but an even better person, just as i said to kurt warner, best of luck in your future endeavours

  12. I too do not understand this “one day contract” to retire “as a member of the team” BS.
    When we speak of Elam in a few years he will be known as that great kicker for Denver who ended his career in Atlanta. (Heck did he sign somewhere after Atlanta cut him?)
    We are not going to give a ratz rear end or give any recognition that he “retired as a Bronco.”
    I’ll bet in 6 weeks he forgets he did too.
    Same for all the other twits that do this.

  13. hotchick, who is also a guy, is very upset over nothing I see. Must be a Wednesday.

  14. I drafted this dude in my first fantasy league when he was a rookie – one of only a few rooks, and one of the best I’ve ever drafted. I can’t believe it was that long ago. He served me well on many fantasy teams. This guy was always a solid kicker and could boot the ball a mile.
    Have a great retirement!

  15. Great player, better man. Enjoy retirement Mr. Elam, you were one of the best at your position and you should be in the HOF in the near future.

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