Marty Hurney could be out of a job by June

It’s widely believed that Panthers coach John Fox and G.M. Marty Hurney are lame ducks for the 2010 season.

As it turns out, one is more lame than the other.

Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer points out that, while Fox is under contract through the end of the 2010 season, Hurney’s deal expires in June.  It’s a common feature in front-office deals, since for them the season actually ends after the draft.

Still, it means that the Panthers could be looking for a new G.M. come June — and that Hurney could be looking for a job.

If the decision to give quarterback Jake Delhomme $20 million guaranteed on a 2009 contract extension will be a factor in the decision-making process, Hurney probably should start taking some of the stuff from his office home now.

15 responses to “Marty Hurney could be out of a job by June

  1. Era’s end and ‘changing of the guards’ are inevitable. Happens in every franchise – just some more often than others.

  2. He should have been canned for giving Delhomme all the guaranteed money! Panthers would have made the playoffs with any other quarterback!

  3. You guys are far off base if you are looking for legitimate sports news from WFNZ. This is the same station that worships Rick Flare and thinks rassling is real. They spend more time with this drunk idiot (time for another run in wiht the popo Rick) than they do legitimate sports figures.

  4. Team president Danny Morrison was also quoted: “I think he’s doing an outstanding job,” Morrison said. “If you look at our track record since 2002, and our last four draft classes, having 26 of the 32 picks here. … I think Marty Hurney’s excellent job speaks for itself.”
    So, I usually have Florio’s back but when it comes to the Panthers he only pipes up when he perceives something negative. Or wants to spin something as a negative.
    How about you just let Rosenthal handles the Panthers from here on out.

  5. Hurney may have sealed his fate a year ago when he locked up Jake and Julius for enough money to buy many Hardee’s restaurants. He has been tooting his own horn of late, telling everyone how he has built through the draft. Built what? Until you when the SB, you have built nothing. Besides, when you spend 80% of your cap on 5-6 players, the only players you can afford to keep are drafted, released, or minimum wage free agents.

  6. In other news, Carolina joins the other teams in their division whose one-hit-wonder status is followed by 10 more years of suckitude.

  7. What everyone (including Florio) seems to forget is, that by sign Delhomme to an extension, in which Delhomme could be cut in an uncapped year at little consequence, the Panthers were able to sign some free agents after franchising Peppers.
    Not saying that franchising Peppers was the smartest thing to do, but once they did, giving Delhomme an extension was the only way the Panthers were going to sign ANY free agents last year.
    So the Delhomme extension was not about keeping Delhomme, but being able to sign other free agents.
    But that news is not exciting enough for Florio to mention.

  8. Let’s be honest, the Panthers are Jerry Richardson’s team. He calls the shots, and I have a feeling he is in on all the big-money decisions. And yes, the Delhomme contract was all about creating cap space. Was it the right decision? Probably not. But it won’t cost him his job.
    What’s gong on in Carolina is pretty clear to me: Richardson is one of the owners determined to teach the NFLPA a lesson in this round of bargaining. Very few owners have the respect of the others the way he does. And he’s not about top spend top dollar on his team while preaching restraint to the others.

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