McClain makes the rounds

Alabama linebacker Rolondo McClain lands in Miami or New York with the Giants in nearly every mock draft we see.  He will also visit both cities in person.

The Miami Herald reports McClain visited the Dolphins the last two days, and the New York Daily News has him visiting the Giants on April 12th.

He would play middle linebacker in New York’s 4-3 defense, and inside in Miami’s 3-4 defense.  Some think Miami won’t go with McClain at pick No. 12 because they signed Karlos Dasnby.

But the long-term future of Channing Crowder is in doubt, and Dansby gives the team some flexibility.

25 responses to “McClain makes the rounds

  1. Miami Better sign him… channing is an idiot, and I’ve been wanting him out for a couple years. So since I want him gone, he should be gone

  2. This guy is the goods. Whoever gets him will have the 3rd best MLB to enter the league since Ray Lewis & Patrick Willis

  3. Channing’s fine. The defense was a complete mess when he went out towards the end of the season. Way more pressing needs than ILB.

  4. mcclain and dansby……if dansby continues to play after getting paid, that could be a pretty awesome duo.

  5. He would be an upgrade for each team. I hope he goes to the fins though. Then they would have 2 faces for their franchise. McClain and ………. Ted Ginn Jr.

  6. Football Gods, I beseech you:
    PLEASE let him fall to the Giants, or give them the strength and wisdom to move up and get him
    {Your case of Heineken will be in it’s usual place…}

  7. crowder to the jets. can u imagine what would happen when rex didn’t know the name of his own starting mike linebacker? lovely.

  8. Well McClain is visiting Jacksonville too, who have the 10th pick. Since there is a connection to Coughlin and the Jaguars, specifically the GM Gene Smith, I could see the Giants moving up to 10 to select McClain.

  9. I’m not sure he’ll end up in either place. He’s a better fit in a 3-4, but I think with so much invest in ILB, Parcells will want to get his next Demarcus Ware (Jason Pierre Paul?)
    The Giants are a definite possibility but I just don’t know that McClain fits a 4-3 as well.
    I think Denver would be wise to grab an awesome leader for their new 3-4 (which McClain is already familiar with).
    All that said I’m hoping he falls to 18th 🙂

  10. Pfft. Fins are gonna make a push for Dan Williams. NT is easily their biggest need and one of the hardest positions in the league to fill.

  11. McClain is over-rated. Was protected by the scheme in college and is neither + strength nor + speed. His name trumps his ability and though my GMen need a MLB in the worse way- to me- this guy has bust written all over him. Watch him closely for a few of his college games and see how he covers in space and watch him take on blockers. Unimpressive.

  12. “hnirobert says:
    March 30, 2010 3:59 PM
    Channing’s fine. The defense was a complete mess when he went out towards the end of the season. Way more pressing needs than ILB.

    Channing is below average at best. Take a look at all the LB ratings and stats. The Dolphins had very good LBs with Duhe, Offerdahl and Thomas. Since Thomas left, our LBing corp has been dissapointing to say the least.
    Don’t undersestimate the value of a stud MLB.
    I’m not saying to take him just for that, but if you have him rated the highest on your board when #12 comes along, pull the trigger.
    Oops.. sorry Plaxico!

  13. Fins can’t afford to go ILB when they so badly need a pass-rushing OLB, NT, FS, and WR…if they do, they’re either stupid, or trying to convert McClain to a pass-rushing OLB, which may… stupid

  14. No way does he go to NY. I’d rather have a DT or DE at that spot, rather than a guy better suited for the 3-4.

  15. Giants will be playing a tampa 2 style defense. for that to work you need an athletic mlb with a whole lot of speed who can cover rbs, fbs and tight ends. mcclain does not fit that profile i think he might be great at that next level but not in a 43 defense. i as a Giants fan would rather see weatherspoon playing the mlb in the tamp 2

  16. ChiJintsFan, you have no idea what you are talking about! I guess you don’t think Demeco Ryans is that good either (who just got 48 million contract extention). Having watched both of them extensively, I promise McClain is quite a bit better. He only led the best team in college football in tackles 3 years in a row. I understand you guys in the north do not watch college football and if you do, it’s not good football, but he won all the awards for a reason. Please let him fall to the Titans, we will welcome him with open arms and a checkbook.

  17. slow your roll titantider. having lived in both the north and the south, i can tell you this much. there are college football guys, pro guys, and football guys. there is nothing regional about that. besides the south has only recently gotten stronger than the north in terms of football. looking at your name i can tell that you are a tide fan. thats cool, i prefer auburn. however, i can tell you this much. alabama is the only southern school that can compete with the northern ones for most pro HoFers. heck, there are schools in the SEC that do not even have a single HoFer, the same cannot be said of the BIG 10.

  18. They have a talent board. If the highest rated guy on their board is available, he’s getting drafted. Regardless if Dansby signed or not.

  19. What’s really funny is Titantider telling ChiJintsFan that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about only to claim McClain lead the Tide in tackles the last 3 seasons.

  20. # Cereal Blogger says: March 30, 2010 3:56 PM
    This guy is the goods. Whoever gets him will have the 3rd best MLB to enter the league since Ray Lewis & Patrick Willis
    Zach Thomas calls you an idiot
    Thomas…184 games
    Lewis…….190 games
    Thomas…1737 tackles…692 tackles more
    Lewis…….1045 tackles
    Thomas…16 forced fumbles
    Lewis…….12 forced fumbles
    Thomas…68 passes defended
    Lewis…….55 passes defended
    Thomas…4 tds
    Lewis…….2 tds

  21. Here’s another FACT that will amaze you…Zach Thomas has MORE tackles than ANYONE currently enshrined in the Hall of Fame, FACT!

  22. Perhaps Giants fans (myself included) is it possible that we’ve annointed McClain the savior at MLB a bit too early?
    I’ve been sort of brain washed to think that anyone other than McClain in the first round is a total failure. Which is stupid, duh.

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