PFT Daily: Anti-Triplets force Raiders to pursue McNabb

So why are the Raiders sniffing around Donovan McNabb?

Look for farther than a trio of underperforming top-10 draft picks:  JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

We’d say more, but it’s the subject of our latest edition of PFT Daily.


41 responses to “PFT Daily: Anti-Triplets force Raiders to pursue McNabb

  1. mcfadden will get better once the oline does bey is bust without question as well as russell mcnabb will only be as good as the oline the sooner davis realizes this the better.

  2. Haven’t watched it, doubt I need to anyways. I’ll give you Russell is the reason they need to pursue McNabb, but McFadden and DHB? You’re reaching, just like they did with DHB.

  3. “Look for farther” or “Look no further”???
    I think you might want to have Florio Jr. edit your articles before you post them.

  4. That still photo on the vid is priceless. The walrus looks like a girl who’s never thrown a football before….. maybe he should stick to splitting his time between the jewelry store, & the buffet….. well, at least till he wears or eats all of his lotto winnings…

  5. This is one thing I don’t understand about the NFL. It seems you should build defensive and offensive lines with the draft also your rb and wr.. drafting a number 1 qb doesn’t seem to work when your O-line is piss poor. It seems to me you let these qb play a year or to and try to get them as FA. would this not work. very few qb make at #1 picks

  6. Russell had a decent year when Kiffin was fired, I dont know why cable mixed up the playbook basically giving him a new playbook. Russell has a nack for beating the broncos at home, and as soon as he gets comfy in San Dog, AFC Champion #? I forgot to count that high.

  7. # Akshun says: March 30, 2010 2:53 PM
    Whats the over/under for PFT McNabb stories this week? im going 39

  8. Football is a game of will. Not just will to win, but will to practice, study film, and go beyond what’s asked by the coach. JaMarcus has none of that. It’s just that simple. The NFL is too big for him.

  9. “Darius McNabb is a great quarterback. I know that Demitrius can restore glory to the Raiders.” -Al Davis

  10. What? Could this be true? An intelligent analysis by Florio? No it can’t be
    Whats going on here? I’m scared

  11. On top of being over-rated busts, Russell and McFadden are under-rated a$$holes as well!!!
    I saw them at a game completely ignore Raider fans. No autographs, no handshakes, no smiles, no waves, no nothing!!
    Florio… you need to report that stuff too!!
    I’ll be sure to smile and wave to them in 10 years when they’re cooking my burger and fries at McDonalds!!!

  12. jb19996 – I could not have said it better. If they dont draft a Tackle in the first rd they will be in big trouble this year. Thats why both Gradkowski and Frye got hurt last year cuz the o line is trash. And yes russell and DHB are both MAJOR BUSTS, but I think McFadden still has a lot of talent he is just made of glass and is fragiler than fred. If he was on the J-E-T-S he would be a top 10 back (yeah thats right I said TOP 10!!!!)

  13. The Raiders have come out and said that they have never contacted Philly about McNabb. And the reporter said they started laughing when asked about Nnamdi being offered as they responded Nnamdi is available to no one.
    Now you would think that with all the reports of how close this deal is, what has been offered and why. That ESPN and you would have some rock solid information with the way you have stirred the pot.
    My money is this is just more of you people throwing crap at the wall hoping something will stick.

  14. we will gladly give the raiders another top 10 draft pick who will never win a superbowl 🙂

  15. Jamar-sucks will NEVER develop into a NFL QB. He’s done after this year and will play in Canada if his agent is any good.
    The only fire to light for Russell will be the BBQ for the “all-the ribs-you can-eat” buffet.
    Mac-faden stinks. Over rated is too nice for him. Skinny legs aren’t for the NFL just golf or tennis.
    Hey-weird Bey, deer in headlights. He’s done. Who else would take him?
    These are the worst years as a football fan not just a Raider fan.
    ‘Til Davis is long gone, I’ll be enjoying good football else where and occasionally checking in at how bad this crappy team is, or should I say, not developing.

  16. Well Florio, I guess you have come to your senses, and realize where the real problem is with oakland. …I got one more fact for you how sorry the o-line is in oakland. I looked this up a while ago, but it was something like in the last 10 drafts or so the raiders have drafted a total of like 9 o-lineman. I think only one of which was is the first round (gallery) Of those guys drafted , all of them except two (grove, and mcquistan) started at one time for the raiders this past year. (granted langston walker resigned with the raiders) That is how bad we have been at drafting o-lineman, and not drafting enough of them.
    I am all for getting McNabb for the 39th pick if:
    you draft a OLT with the 8th pick, sign FA ROG Bobbie Williams, FA, C Kevin Mawae (or draft somebody like Tennant in the 4th rd), and why not sign TO as well.

  17. These 3 idiots are the one of the biggest problems in football. Giving a bunch of money to high picks who never played in the NFL and being stuck with them.

  18. McNabb to the Vikings. Favre plays for a 4th team in 4 years, likely Carolina. Russell to the pet department at Walmart.

  19. # mickey ferr says: March 30, 2010 4:37 PM
    we will gladly give the raiders another top 10 draft pick who will never win a superbowl 🙂
    Have the Eagles won a Super Bowl? 🙂

  20. McNabb is useless to the Raiders. He won’t take an extension there unless they way overpay. If they trade for him he’ll play the season and add at most 2 or 3 wins to last season’s finish. Then he’s gone.
    Raiders need to build a team and losing picks for a guy that will play one season and accomplish nothing but lowering their draft position the following season slightly isn’t the way to go.
    McFadden at least belongs on a football field, albeit not as a starter. Bey and Russel shouldn’t even be backups.

  21. Florio, with traffic to PFT now consuming 80% of the free world’s bandwidth, can’t you even afford a rug with a part?

  22. the raiders will never win with al in charge. the bills + old patriots had the same problem. maybe that russian billioner will bye them! see you in last place. a bills fan!

  23. Seems to me the Raiders have a coaching problem. I’ve never seen a team with so many busts. They have talented guys, they don’t know how to coach them.

  24. Al Davis does not have the ability to be the owner, run the team, scout pro players, scout college players.
    A younger Al Davis could, but today’s Al Davis cannot.
    HE is stubborn and does not realize that the game has changed.
    It is a shame that he has run such a proud franchise into the ground. Last year I witnessed Raider fans that finally gave up on the team. Look at the stands!
    As bad as the team is whats even worse is they are not letting the Raider Fans tailgate anymore.
    Al Davis need to stop messing with the fans or they may never come back…..

  25. In DNB’s defense, he’s not an underperforming top 10 pick, he’s a below average mid-round pick.
    Only Al Davis made him a top 10 pick…

  26. Love this take bashing ESPN
    “The talking bobble-heads are certain the Raiders are going to trade Nnamdi Asomugha or a draft pick for QB Donovan McNabb. The biggest problem with the Asomugha trade is that the Raiders traded Asomugha to the Jets last month. Wait, they didn’t? Didn’t ESPN say it was going to happen? It didn’t happen right after Tom Cable got fired? hmmm”
    blogger rips the rumor mongers

  27. Florio, it’s a great theory you have there. The only problem with it is you can’t motivate someone who already has the golden goose to do their best. Whether Russell is benched, cut, or jobless for the rest of his life, at this point is kind of moot. He has 60 Million + dollars from his draft contract. He can go home and live off the interest (as long as he stops buying diamond encrusted medallions of himself) well.
    He will never improve, because he has no incentive to do such. And this is the exact reason why I feel that the overpaying of unproven collegiate drafts is foolish, and should be capped. Make them earn their money, instead of giving it to them on a silver platter without a shred of evidence to whether they’re worth it or not.

  28. Anyone who labels DHB a bust after only one season in the NFL, is a complete and total idiot. I think we can all agree that he was drafted too high, but damn, give the kid a chance to prove himself.

  29. The one thing that Florio nailed in that segment, is the play of the offensive line. The common theme with the Raiders over the past seven seasons has been poor play on the offense line and the defensive line. I’ve never felt those areas have been properly addressed during the slide the Raiders have been on.

  30. I think there O-Line is not the problem. The problem in Oakland is Al Davis! Yes, Al Davis he is an owner and needs to sit to the side and let the staff he hired do there job and quit making all the decisions for them…I dislike the Raiders they are probably the worst managed team in the NFL. But they have talent. They just need to use the players right and get a true leader on offense. I am a die hard Philly Fan but, I think if Raiders got McNabb they would become a true treat with all the receivers and running backs they have. They just need a solid guy under center.
    B The Philly Guy!

  31. Good analysis Fabio.
    Re: the lighting a fire bit. Russell just doesn’t care. He’s already gotten his payday. And he’s got a bunch of excuses ready in case he fails. It’s done. Had they wanted to light a fire they would have given Garcia the job last year or found a coach to whip his ass into shape. At this point there’s not a whole lot of hope that a qb who for 3 years running hasn’t taken the job seriously will suddenly up and change his stripes. People just don’t do that. Al bet the house and lost. Time to move on.

  32. McNabb needs an All-Pro at every other position or they can’t win a SB. This is what his supporters claim, anyway.
    So, no, he can’t make a difference in Oakland.

  33. DHB will be just fine. If Fred B would send him a jar of stickum his catches would go up significantly. Maybe even to 2!

  34. pondbridge says:
    March 30, 2010 5:21 PM
    Florio, with traffic to PFT now consuming 80% of the free world’s bandwidth, can’t you even afford a rug with a part?
    I just spit sweet tea all over my desk! Hillarious, but now I must find a moist towelette…damn it!

  35. I always hated that ‘Triplets’ crap. Who was that? Manning, Harrison, and E. James? Yeah, where are they now? Equally annoying; “The Three Amigos” Eat $hit, Dick Enberg.

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