Schobel faces no deadline

A. Schobel.jpgLike Brett Favre, Bills defender Aaron Schobel can take all the time he wants to decide on his status for 2010.

We mentioned a few weeks back that Schobel’s guaranteed roster bonus gives him more time to make a choice.  Bills head coach Chan Gailey says there is no timetable for Schobel to decide at all.

“I think you would like to know, but I don’t think now is any time to
put a deadline on it, or do we need to do that in the future,” Gailey told the team’s website writer Chris Brown.  “He
realizes what has to be done to play and play in a new system. He’s
enough of a pro and a vet to understand that. I think he’ll get to the
point where he realizes that he needs to get in here and a get a little
bit of this and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”

The Bills are transitioning to a 3-4 defense, and Schobel will play outside linebacker for the first time in his career if he returns for his tenth season.

9 responses to “Schobel faces no deadline

  1. promptly after telling the website author how he felt, said website author proceeded to black both rhianna- i mean gailey-‘s eyes.

  2. Gailey told the team’s website writer Chris Brown, who subsequently brutalized him.

  3. It doesn’t matter Schobel is a bum. He only records sacks against Cleveland. They should cut him. He don’t fit the 3-4

  4. The Bills need to trade Schobel to the Saints for a mid-round pick (3rd round, hopefully). Plain and simple decision. He’d be a great addition for the Saints, replacing Charles Grant… and he’s only going to play 1 more year for the Bills anyways, so why not? He may end up extending his career playing for a winner (Saints) closer to his family in Texas. The Bills owe this to him for his dedication to the organization and he can give something back by allowing them to acquire a prospect for his services. The guy can still play at a high level, so I can’t imagine the Saints wouldn’t be interested. Not to mention, who knows what he will or will not be capable of doing in his new position of OLB after being a Pro Bowl DE??? Why take the risk with a rebuilding organization?

  5. this team is a mess.another lousy football season for bills fans. i hate watching old shows of jim kelly losing the most superbowls and of oj. i need a new team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DC,
    Schobel is on record saying he will play for buffalo or no one next year. He does not want to be traded.

  7. Hey Shaps Your and Idiot !!!!!
    He is the all time leader for sacks on Tom Brady Fool. Unless Tom got traded to the Browns ???? That would make you an Idiot 🙂

  8. he would be a good replacement for Charles Grant, plus Schobel has never been indicted for manslaughter of a pregnant woman and her fetus or suspended by the league for taking a steroid masking agent, uhm, I mean a banned weight-loss ‘supplement’

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