Steelers address Santonio Holmes suit

The Pittsburgh Steelers have addressed the lawsuit for assault and battery filed against receiver Santonio Holmes.  Said team president Art Rooney II:  “We are disappointed to learn about the recent incident involving
Santonio Holmes in Florida.  While we are continuing to gather the facts,
I cannot comment further until we have more information and have spoken
to Santonio and his representatives.”

It’s somewhat similar to the statement the team issued on March 9, after a criminal claim of sexual assault was made against quarterback Ben Roethlisberger:  “All of us in the Steelers family are concerned about the recent incident
involving Ben Roethlisberger in Georgia.  We cannot comment on any of
the specifics until law enforcement’s investigation is concluded. 
Certainly, we will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Meanwhile, Holmes has been showing periodic frustration on Twitter, presumably in response to some of the messages that others are directing to him.  Earlier this morning, Holmes wrote, U as fans would never learn!  Remember u don’t cut
my check

No, the fans don’t cut his check.  But they have some say regarding a guy’s earning potential.  Fan-friendly players get endorsements, and more of their jerseys sell.

As to the claim Holmes is facing, there’s still no word on whether the criminal investigation has concluded.  Our pal Brooks has done some online sleuthing regarding the plaintiff, Anshonae Mills (in the court papers, her name is spelled “Anshonoe”).  She’s 21, she’s a student at UCF, and she previously posted on a dating profile, “I love money.”

Maybe, eventually, Santonio will be cutting her a check.

50 responses to “Steelers address Santonio Holmes suit

  1. If he was a Bengal, he and Rapestburger would have been suspended by now. Goodell has blown his whole conduct policy. But if anyone paid attention, only the Bengals suffered from the initial wave. They had people suspended for what they did in college, before the draft. It’s been pretty inconsistent every since then.

  2. Santonio, stop tweeting and have you been visiting PFT. Are yoou using the name “Steeler-lady”.

  3. Florio, you missed your deadline! You’re supposed to have an inane Steeler commentary every hour, your falling behind!

  4. Don’t forget the tweet where he told a steeler fan to kill himself and the one where he said he laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. They both are lowlifes like BEn . Ben makes white trash look good……Santonio is a dirtbag and Im sure he attracts dirtbags…..

  6. “U as fans would never learn! Remember u don’t cut my check.”
    I don’t? ……(Looks at checks I cut)……son of a bitch I don’t.

  7. What do they do in mini-camp out there in Pitts, teach them how to assault women. The NFL should be taken to Court for allowing this to go on because of the lack of making any of them pay unless it involves a Dog.

  8. “would never learn”???? No wonder you’re playing football. Either he’s really dumb or his auto typing sucks.

  9. When will these idiots learn that the fans are the very ones that fund said player’s bosses ability to “cut his check”.

  10. “I love money” huh? As much as I’d like to see another Steeler in trouble, I already hate this bitch too much to hope she never sees a dime.

  11. Holmes really screwed himself. From what I’ve seen, this is the final year on his contract, and he was supposed to start negotiating an extension after the draft. Now that is all in question.
    It’s a lot easier for a team to part ways with a receiver, than it is to part ways with a franchise quarterback. Unless this story falls apart as it develops, I’m thinking Holmes will get the Plaxico treatment and be shown the door after this season.

  12. Idiot. they should sit him for the you don’t cut my check comment alone. I bet he is the same person that tells the police his taxes pay their salary. Once again, I am fine with Dixon, Ward, El, Wallace, and Mendy being our starting skill players for the first few games of the year. We can be competetive in our division with that. the Ravens should be a powerhouse, but we all know the other two are way worse than our backups (no I am not saying Dixon is better than Palmer, but as a unit I would take what I listed over their unit).

  13. This is the same guy that shouted “this is how you be great” after a TD. Sounds like another “me’sa love me some me” putz. Taking a crack at the fans just proves the immaturity and selfishness this guy has. Screw him and other players taking random potshots at fans in general. Empty stadium and this guy is back pumping gas where he belongs.

  14. You’re right Santonio, fans don’t cut your check, but fans can make sure you don’t recieve another check from the Steelers if they so choose. If fans stop buying tickets b/c of a certain player or a players actions and voice their reasoning to ownership the Steelers will STOP cutting YOU a check. It’s all about the all mighty dollar to owners, wayyyyy bigger than you, Santonio.

  15. that’s what happens when you don’t get two feet down in the super bowl…karma takes over…and your team goes down the toilet

  16. I agree Gobrowns….but Sandubio needs to realize if it werent for steeler fans, this douchebag would not get a check!!!
    Nice post Citizen…

  17. Copes Cabana:
    What are you smoking b/c I want some of it? You actually think that “fine” list of dirtbags you posted is better than what the Bengals are going to bring on the field this year? Really? We only got better this offseason and we beat you twice last year. Get a life man and realize that your poor excuse for a rapist/woman abusing organization is on the downside of the mountain. Sorry to break such bad news to you inept Squeeler fans.

  18. cope, that’s because your’re a tard. Benson’s a better back, chad’s a better WR than everyone one your team with the arguable exception of the crybaby, Bengals O line anyday over the cheese cloth you refer to as such, and really, why wouldn’t one prefer to have the Bengals D over yours? Seem to rememebr a lot of pretty good plays from the Bengals D and a lot of gaffs without Troy P in Steeler uniform. Nice try though, and what exactly makes the Ravens a powerhouse all the sudden? Anquan Boldin? Yea, he improves their team significantly, but what else there genius?

  19. Somewhere in North Carolina Bill Cowher (a very classy guy and great coach) is saying “whew”! Then you have Mike Tomlin wondering WTF? And the Rooneys are talking about hiring criminal lawyers as part of their team’s staff. And lastly, that mouth-breather “Italian Army Guy” is drunk again, crying, with his head down on the bar. So pathetic. Karma is a bitch. K.M.A. Steeler fans.

  20. what a POS! of course we the fans don’t physically cut him the check the tickets and merchandise we buy is a big reason why these lowlifes are making millions. some douches will never learn.
    On a side note I’m reading the Pat Tillman Odyssey by Krakauer right now and I would urge all NFL players to read it so they can learn values and conduct that most nfl players have never even thought of.

  21. I was able to get a copy of the “One of our best players in trouble with the law” prepared statement from the Steelers, it reads:
    “We are disappointed to learn about the recent incident involving (Insert Players Name) in (Insert State name). While we are continuing to gather the facts, I cannot comment further until we have more information and have spoken to (Insert player’s name) and his representatives.”
    I also have a copy of the “One of our average/slightly below average players in trouble with the law” prepared statement, and it reads:
    “We are disappointed to learn about the recent incident involving (Insert player’s name) in (Insert State name). The Steelers organization, and the Rooney family will not tolerate such behavior. The Steelers organization, and the Rooney family have raised the bar, and set a high precedent for player behavior. Any actions by a player, that doesnt uphold those standards, will force the Steelers to take action, and those players will no longer be a member of the Steelers franchise. We wish (Insert players name) the best of luck, in all of his future endeavors, but as of today, (Insert players name) has been released, and will no longer be a member of this proud franchise.”

  22. Palmer > Dixon
    Ochocinco > Ward
    Bryant > El
    Wallace > whoever the hell is our 3rd WR
    Benson > Mendy
    I would LOVE it if you brought that unit out on the field.

  23. @ Copes Cabana:
    Well I’m guessing that no one has ever accused you of knowing…well anything, regarding football or common sense for that matter. We owned your asses last year and will again this year. As far as the Ravens are concerned, Boldin is an upgrade for sure but one man aint gonna get it done! I’m expecting a better game from the Brownies than them.

  24. could we get the name of Bens accuser, her age location and school she attends?
    i mean whats the difference in keeping her identity secret but not Holmes?

  25. guys, I apologize. Living in Ohio now, I tend to make some blanket statements to get a rise out of people. ha. I am not saying the Bengals suck. But I am just saying they have shown no ability to win over the long haul. I like OC, I agree he is better than our wideouts, with the possible exception of ward, but we have not seen them do any back to back winning. If Troy and Aaron are heathy, the Steelers D and scheme can carry an semi inept offense into the playoffs (’05). It is just my opinion, but the Bengals never seem to have that team chemistry to carry them on to winning in the playoffs, or in repeat seasons. the Steelers team is very similar to the superbowl teams, more than last year, and we have filled in many of the backup holes that hurt our D. and yes OC is good, but I would take our top four wideouts over yours any day of the week. And like I said Dixon would need to make a big leap, but I was refering to if he could live up to his potential. I think the ravens were good, have a good QB, have the best running game in the division, and now have some wideouts to help it. Benson was sweet last year, but I think Mendy has more potential. This year should be the telling year for both of them. Personally I would love to see the AFC north take both wild card spots every year. does that make more sense? if not we can just go back to trash talk. ha

  26. “U as fans would never learn! Remember u don’t cut my check”
    Typical arrogant Squeeler scumbag

  27. yeah, and we are still better than you. I agree we are not winning any popularity contests (which most of the people who shit talk every Steeler post have in common) but when it matters and where it matters we are better than your team. I’m confident all three charges facing my team is total bullshit. I’m not saying that because I’m a Pittsburgher. I’m saying it because I’m a educated human being with common sense that can see things are not adding up. We will see that in the end it was a bunch of women seeking a easy pay day.

  28. I can never be mad with Santonio or Ben after that game winning pass and catch in Super Bowl 43! I’ll always have a smile on my face when I think about all the clutch/back-breaking catches Holmes had against the Ravens that year as well.
    Did someone really say Chad Ochocinco was the best receiver in the division LMFAO

  29. Kid & Charlie, the point you and your ilk are continually missing is you seem to think that it’s just a coincidence that these “women seeking a easy pay day” (that’s actually “AN easy” but I digress) appear to only be targeting your favorite team’s players right now. Hmmmm…?
    And yes of course you can never be mad at players who make just as many plays off the field (bone to the dome by Big Jen, completion of glass to face of a woman by Smoketonio) as on it.
    Stay classy Stillers fans.

  30. I think the players could deal with these situations better if they psycho-analyzed people and situations better…..(something they could have learned in college) Once you do that, you have a better understanding of who and why people do and say certain things. Just looking at some of the comments I’ve been reading lately. It doesnt take a genius to surmise, that most are fans of other teams, jealous, and really just know nothing about football and try to use some weird sort of psychology, they’ve picked up in life and apparently worked on them. In turn, thinking that it works on everybody else. WOW!!! LMFAO!!!!

  31. You heard it here first: The lawyer is in on the scam. He’s also a horrible speller.
    When it breaks I want full credit, Florio.

  32. LOL @ thepittsburghkid…you can’t actually be serious with that garbage. Why are all the money grubbing women ONLY going after Steelers? When was the last “Carson Palmer beat me up in a club” you heard? What about “OchoCinco punched me in the face to make me go downtown on him”? That’s right, never. The Bengals may enjoy their drinking a little too much, and they make bad decisions afterwords, but like I said in another post at least they don’t drink and force women into submission. Making women bleed from the eyes because they won’t get off a couch that doesn’t even belong to you…really?
    Also…when it matters your steelers are better than the Bengals? So both games last year didn’t matter? What about the fact that if you would have won ONE of them you woulda been in the playoffs? That apparently doesn’t matter either.

  33. Listen, if you don’t already know it, I will announce it: I’m a Steelers fan.
    That said, I have always said if Roethlisberger (and now Holmes) are guilty of a crime, they should be dealt with severely. I think, like MOST Steelers fans, we want to see justice done (even though some of your heroes have escaped jurisprudence). But, anyway, my point is this …
    In every case NO POLICE CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED. So far, just civil (ie, I want money!!). Doesn’t that raise some kind of flag? At least a little bit??? Seriously, some of you Bengals and Ravens fans … wow … it’s not like Roethlisberger or Holmes were charged AND found guilty of some sort of crime like some of your players were.
    I know this may be hard to do, but how about waiting to see IF charges are ever filed. Then, see how the case turns out. I guarantee you, if those guys are charged AND found guilty, there will be lots of us Steelers fans on here saying the same things the ‘haters’ are saying now.

  34. “could we get the name of Bens accuser, her age location and school she attends?
    i mean whats the difference in keeping her identity secret but not Holmes?”
    Maybe because the “accuser” in the Ben saga is not the alleged victim, but rather a friend of hers…
    The truth will set Ben free.

  35. charlie, who’s better then? You could make the argument for Boldin, but he’s not played a snap for B-more yet, Derrick Mason? Please. Mark Clayton? Please. Massaquoi? Please, I like him, but not even close, Chansi Stuckey? Please. Mike Wallace? Please. Randal El? Please. Holmes? I SUPPOSE you could make an argument, but let me see it for four more years at that level and then I’ll grant it. Ward? As I said previously, he’s the only one that it’s even arguable with, great career, great in every aspect on at the position. SO really, you’re LYFAO at that argument? Seriuosly? LMAFO!!!

  36. Give him a break on the twitter spelling. I mean when your smoking blunts, bashing ho’s and fans at the same time it all get’s kind of confusing. Plus spelling is an elective at OSU!
    Not sure who said it but they are right. Who cares about a non playoff team. The bengals and Ravens are the class of the AFC north this year. The latest steeler run is over and hopefully we won’t hear from them for another 20 years.

  37. @Macadamia – all i asked for in my lifetime was to see the Steelers win the Super Bowl once, but luckily i saw them win twice. The Steelers players do not represent me, the person that I am, or my family. Am I disappointed in their behavior, yes! Is it my problem, no! The only way I judge athletes is how they perform on the field. If Ben or Santonio return to the Steelers I will continue to cheer for them as professional athletes, they are not my heroes. If the Rooneys decide to get rid of Ben or Santonio I will understand and move on.
    I haven’t and will not make excuses for the players actions b/c its not my place to do so. I’m not going to sit here and act like i know these players or accusors personally either.
    I’ll continue to stay classy. You stay classy posting comments under Steelers articles. Obsessed much?

  38. godell needs to strap on some nuts and suspend these losers! the steelers organization has been i downward spiral since cowher left….tomlin won w/ cowher’s players….now that it’s his team you can clearly see the difference.

  39. Both feet down with possession!!–6 rings chumps!!–Still can’t believe he wasted a good drink on some 2 bit ho….

  40. CurseofBoJackson – I guess you can say that Ochocinco is the best in the division unless you figure in the times when he has to match up against Ike Taylor or steps foot into the playoffs LOL!.
    Without looking through black n’ gold tinted glasses I feel that Santonio is currently the best receiver in the division. Ward, Ochocinco, and Mason were outstanding, but they are all 30+ and past their prime. Boldin benefitted from having Larry Fitz on the other side of the field, while allowed him to have more one-on-one coverage (and it didnt hurt having a future hall of famer throw him the ball!) Only time will tell how effective he will be in a run-first offense in Baltimore.

  41. hineswardcriesafterfumbling ,
    I like that you can’t even name your third wideout. Of course, you don’t have 5 articles a day on pro-(I’m going to be extra hard on the Steelers to prove I am not a fan biased towards them) about your team.

  42. Two guys guilty of being somewhere most holier-than-thou, moral policemen (aka NFL fans) think they shouldn’t be…that’s really the only thing everyone here will agree upon.
    What’s worse, though, is the commentors seem to be on the same level intellectually as the lady suing Holmes.
    Do you guys also work at Qdoba, and feel the need to sensationalize it on your LinkedIn page too?

  43. copes cabana
    Well, Wallace is better than Caldwell, Crosby, Simpson, Jones, Purify, Brown, Davis, et al.

  44. Dear Santonio,
    To put it one word, WRONG. I am sorry, sir, but you are incorrect. It is I, the NFL fan, that does, in fact, write your paycheck. Now I know as a football player you probably didn’t get much education in college so allow me to digress.
    Your paycheck, as you so astutely noted, is not written by me. It is written by the Steelers organization and Mr. Rooney. Now I ask, where does the money from the Steelers organization and Mr. Rooney come from? A money tree? Does Mr. Rooney have connections at the Federal Reserve that allow him to print Federal Reserve notes? Is he just really rich and charitable? Or, mayhap it comes from ticket sales, ad sales and TV revenues.
    Now who buys tickets to NFL games? Who watches NFL TV broadcasts? Who are the advertisers who buy rights inside Heinz field trying to advertise to?
    Vikings Fan
    P.S. GO VIKES!

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