Alex Brown says goodbye to Bears

A. Brown.jpgAlex Brown acknowledged the obvious on his Twitter page Wednesday morning, saying goodbye to the only organization he’s ever played for.

I am extremely grateful for my time as a Chicago
Bear and I wish the Bears the best,” Brown wrote.  “I am glad that they gave me an
opportunity to realize
a dream I had had a child. I appreciate the fans
but as we all know this is the nature of the business. Bear down!

Chicago wants to trade Brown, but his $5 million salary makes it difficult.  They are expected to release him if they can’t find a taker.

Silva noted in today’s one-liners that the nine-year veteran isn’t attending the voluntary conditioning program, as to be expected.  Brown reportedly approached the Bears for a contract extension before they put him on the market.
Now that the rest of the league knows Brown is a goner, the Bears will have trouble getting much for him, if anything.

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  1. This really sucks!! I was hoping something would be figured out and he would stay. He’s been one of my favorite Bears for a long time. I still remember going to see the Bears play the Giants at the Meadowlands in 2004, and telling my dad, who is a diehard Giants fan, to keep his eye on 96 because he will be in the backfield all day. He ended up with 4 sacks that day, and made the walk through the parking lot great for me!!
    He doesn’t get much sack production, but he is still a hell of a DE. He plays the run just as well as any DE’s in the league, gets pressure on the QB, forces fumbles, and bats down passes even intercepting a few.
    I hope wherever he ends up he succeeds, and makes the Bears feel dumb for not keeping him around!

  2. LIONPRIDE: I wouldn’t mind him coming to Detroit but he is almost like a copy of Cliff Avril. With KVB and Hunter as a pass rush only type he would fill out the DE rotation but probably wouldn’t get enough playing time to be happy.

  3. Sign with Detroit… fill in the Right DE position… move Avril and Hunter to rotational guys… Then we have to draft Suh or Okung… gotta build our lines. Either pick gives us options and immediately improves our team.
    If we truly do trade from Sims (Seattle Left Guard), then I don’t see us drafting Suh.
    And what if we traded for Marion Barber? I’d give our #34 for him…

  4. I don’t really understand this move. I don’t think Idonije or Mark Anderson are ready to take over the end spot full time. With Wall-y gone for Peppers, Alex seemed like a good fit as a run stopper. I guess they are looking for more pass rush opposite Julius?

  5. Yes lets sign him in Detroit and draft Suh!! and we will have a great rotation for the D Line!!! Trade 5th for Bob Sims also!!!!

  6. 100% Agree with NYBearsFan. Brown has been one of my favorite Bears in a long time. Stand up guy and solid production. You never have worry about Brown taking a play or game off…
    …wherever he goes, he’ll be successful. He’ll always be a bear in my eyes.
    Bear Down! Brown…

  7. Cereal Blogger says:
    March 31, 2010 11:47 AM
    More fumbling by the Bears FO….whats the deal w/ that org ??
    Let me take a crack at this: The team’s owners have spent my entire life penny pinching and failing to get out there and invest in areas of need, namely coaching upgrades. Then they overcompensate and make big splashesn more nowadays(e.g. peppers, Cutler), but usually take the positive PR as job well done and fold on the finishing touches to shore up a team. Meanwhile, they are shortsighted and reward single season performers with huge contracts that leaves precious little for savvy veterans like Brown who perform consistently, but under the national radar. Therefore they ship away the cornerstones of their team on either side of the ball and have to plug in players and end up running positions by trial and error. Eventually they scrap a system and have to start all over drafting new talent and building around a new core. They overcommit to people early on and are too proud to realize it and cut their losses, let alone avoid similar mistakes in the future. Although they get great players on the field, they overpay them and leave glaring holes in other areas because they rest on their laurels of the deals they get done and their few winning seasons a decade. Whenever the team starts to come together, they sandbag the head coach by shipping away their better players because of contract issues, personal feelings, lack of money due to big name contracts, or an offer if a 2nd round draft pick they later trade down for 2 3rd round defensive backs that are out of the league a couple years later. Speaking of the draft, they also have little scouting talent especially in the earlier rounds and always “take a chance” on players with streaky performance or injuries. Sometimes it works out great, they’re batting about .250 by my count (26 years). The national media constantly hates on them because they’re a large market with a great history, and they respond by shutting out all criticism, for better or for worse. A die hard loyal fan base in an overpriced city keeps demand skyrocketing despite the constant fumbles. Their goal is not to win a superbowl, it is to try and win a superbowl while making the most money possible. Ther’re raising ticket prices this year, and consider themselves doing a great job because revenues are up and fans are attending. I blame myself, I couldn’t quit the Bears if I tried. But yea, that’s the raw deal with the org as I see it.

  8. This is to bad. I was hoping they would get something worked out with a new contract. Alex Brown has been a corner stone of the defense for years… This is a sad day for bears fans.

  9. This is exactly what the Saints have been waiting for. Now they can draft an OLB and a DT and just pencil him in. I can live with Brown bookending with the fresh prince on the d-line. He will be a Saint.

  10. Wow, why is everyone so high on this guy? He is just mediocore at best. The Bears won’t lament his absence as much as people are making it seem.

  11. Would have much rather seen D-Bag Tommie Harris go away. Alex will be missed for sure.

  12. @ Mav69er
    You would trade the #34 overall pick for Marion Barber?!?!?!?!?!
    Yikes… might be the only person who could run the Lions’ franchise into the ground more than it already is.
    @ hizzle1281
    Your a huge geek. “In more important news” dork. Shut up.

  13. This has the earmark of a Rod Marinelli-inspired move, Brown probably didn’t ‘pound rocks’ as Rod likes.
    Bears defense is fast on the decline and Rod will once again find himself in a dark hole doing what he knows best: he’ll keep digging.
    We Lions fans can tell you all about it.

  14. bluelion says: March 31, 2010 2:01 PM
    This has the earmark of a Rod Marinelli-inspired move, Brown probably didn’t ‘pound rocks’ as Rod likes.
    I doubt it. I’ve never heard a single criticism of Brown’s work ethic; it’s a business move, plain and simple.
    Here’s what it is: a perennially penny-pinching organization has made a big splash, but is now looking at places to cut back. He’s a 31 (or will be in June) year old pass rusher, who’s decent (6 sacks a year), but when a player’s primary compliment is “high motor” that usually means “mediocre ability.”
    I love Alex Brown, and wish him the best wherever he goes, but he’s not a $5 mil DE. Sure, it sucks to see quality guys go on, but the primary bargaining chip in the NFL is talent–Brown’s running a bit short on that, I’m sorry to say.
    Classy guy, hell of a lot more talented than me, great for the locker room and huddle. But for that price, it’s time to move on.

  15. Ownership has now found a reason to fire Angelo & Lovie without pay. Fire them for cause, dimanteling Da BEARS and for wasting money.

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