Bills take a chance on Chad Jackson

As the NFL draft approaches, with the McShays of the world telling us (with some notable exceptions) how great so many of the players will be, we’re reminded that plenty of those supposedly great players end up being great big busts.

Receiver Chad Jackson, a first-round prospect who slid to round two in 2006 and who bounced from New England to Denver to oblivion in three NFL seasons, has resurfaced.  He has signed with the Buffalo Bills.

Jackson was out of football in 2009, and he last caught a pass on November 30, 2008 — his only reception as a member of the Broncos.

“The Bills had been looking at me for a while and I had the opportunity
to come up and get a workout in and they obviously liked what they saw,”
Jackson told Chris Brown of

Neither the Patriots nor the Broncos liked what they ever saw from Jackson.  New England declared Jackson a failure after only 14 regular-season appearances in two years.  The Broncos gave him only four regular-season appearances.

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  1. The Pats traded up in the 2nd round with GB to get this guy. Then GB used NE’s pick in the 2nd round (52 overall) t0 get Greg Jennings.
    Hey TT haters, how’d that one work out?

  2. A rare swing and a miss by Bill Belicheck. He’s usually right, but not that time.

  3. I Think This Is A Good Signing For The Bills Eventho I’m A Dolphins Fan!
    I Wanted My Dolphins To Draft Chad Jackson In 2006!

  4. I was pissed when Pittsburgh took Santonio Holmes over Chad Jackson.. I should take over for McShay/Kiper

  5. Yeah, well if he had a decent QB during that time…
    Oh wait. Not going to work this time…

  6. Chad Jackson could not make the adjustments at the pro level. A nice guy but he can’t process an NFL defense and adjust his routes accordingly. At least he couldn’t in the Patriot/Broncos’ system. Maybe Buffalo will simplify things for the guy? He’s a great athlete who does a pretty good job with kick returns. I hope he works out for the Bills.
    Yeah, Belichick listened to his buddy, Urban Meyer, and wasted a #2 on this guy.

  7. Jackson’s problem was he was too stupid to understand the playbook always running the wrong route.
    As we all saw LY with Joey Galloway, if Tom can’t count on you to be where he needs you to be then SEE YA.

  8. Jackson looked phenomenal in highlights and workouts. Catching, running, breaking tackles, returning kicks. He won the receiver skills competition when he came out – beating Vernon Davis. Just too dumb to pick up a pro offense.

  9. yeah a rare miss by Belicheck, just like those Tight Ends he took early too
    Belicheck and staff do a great job of always getting extra picks but his track record for drafting isnt as great as many make it out to be

  10. Do Gator receivers EVER work out?
    I think Darrell Jackson and Ike Hilliard are the only ones I can think of, and neither of them became stars; they were just guys. All the other UF guys just flamed (or are flaming) out.

  11. He may be stupid but there are alot of people in the nfl that are to stupid to figure things out. I too was pissed when we drafted santonio holmes over him. But in his defense his career kinda got derailed by a major knee injury. That along with the lack of patience with billy ball buster kid never got a fair chance after that. Good luck to him but he is also a florida reciever.

  12. The packers just need to keep trading with the Patriots on draft day. Both times they ended up with good players (Jennings/Mathews).

  13. Another great Gator. Bellicheck didn’t learn his lesson on this guy? He is going to reach again for a Gator, this one is a QB. I wonder if Tim will feel that Tom is heading straight to hell for having a baby out of wedlock?

  14. Gator Wideeouts that flame out? You mean like Chris Collinsworth, Wes Chandler, or Percy Harvin?

  15. WOW Chris Collinsowrth, Wes Chandler, and Percy Harvin! Those are really awesome WR!!!! I hope you are catching the sarcasm. Obviously Wes Chandler was great, he’s a hall of famer, but Collinsworth?? Chris Collinsworth only played a whopping 8 NFL season for a grand total of 417 receptions for 6,698 yards and 36 touchdowns. That ranks him as 125th in yards all-time. Chris Collinsworth is ridiculously overrated because of his broadcasting career.
    And did you notice that 21 years elapsed from the time either Chandler or Collinsworth caught a pass and Percey Harvin caught a pass?? Its obvious the University of Florida doesn’t produce good receivers if this is list a fan has to come up with in 2010. 2 of the 3 of those guys retired 22 years ago and the other has played one year. Nice try though steeelfann.

  16. it’s amazing how much ignorance there is on this website, both by the website “authors” and the commenters.
    you would think that somebody (especially maybe the author) would at least have the decency to mention that chad jackson had a hamstring injury throughout training camp in his rookie year then blew out an ACL during the playoffs that the same year.
    but the freaking armchair arseholes on this site want to call him a bust, “stupid” and a wasted pick. really? you don’t think a blown ACL didn’t have anything to do with a WR not performing well? really? god you people are stupid.
    i don’t blame the commenters as much as the faux “journalist” who couldn’t be bothered to put that little tidbit in there to perhaps explain why he fell into “oblivion.”

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