Caldwell on Tebow: "I don't think he's going to be an elite passer"

Florida coach Urban Meyer blew a gasket recently when a reporter accurately quoted Gators receiver Deonte Thompson as suggesting that when he played with Tim Tebow, he wasn’t playing with a “real quarterback”

Next maybe Meyer will blow a gasket at Geoff Hobson of

Hobson quoted Bengals wide receiver Andre Caldwell, who played with Tebow at Florida, as saying that he doesn’t think Tebow will be an elite passer in the NFL. There’s nothing too controversial about that — it’s an opinion held by many people — and Caldwell also had plenty of positive things to say about Tebow. But Meyer seems to think any writer who dares to quote any receiver as saying anything other than “Urban Meyer did a wonderful job of preparing Tim Tebow to be the best passer in the NFL” has committed a mortal sin.

Here’s what Hobson quoted Caldwell as saying about Tebow: “He needs time. He needs to sit behind one of those good quarterbacks for about three years because I know he’s going to put in the work and the effort to be a great quarterback. He’s going to learn. I don’t think he’s going to be an elite passer ever. But he’s a playmaker. He’ll get the ball there. He probably can’t make the prettiest looking passes. But he’s going to use what he has to his advantage. Running. Scrambling. Making passes. He’s got a strong arm and I think he can make the throws, but they may not be the prettiest.”

In Caldwell’s opinion, Tebow should be drafted late in the second round.

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  1. The key word there is “passer”. The NFL isn’t about “passers” it’s about quarterbacks. Just look at the garbage pile of ex-passers who could laser the ball but weren’t “quarterbacks”. Jeff George comes to mind. It’s about more than being a “passer”.

  2. In other words, Caldwell thinks Tebow can be basically a bigger, more physical Doug Flutie. That isn’t all bad. Flutie was another guy who was dismissed for not fitting the prototype of an NFL QB, which was true. All he ever did was make plays and win games.

  3. Ground breaking and earth shattering!
    He will be an elite USED CAR LOT MGR IN central FL. PERIOD.

  4. Don’t know if anyone has heard of Brett Favre, but mechanics are some of if not the worst in football.
    People can think what they want, but until it comes time he is actually in the NFL and has played his career out, we may never know.

  5. Caldwell’s definition of elite passer isn’t developed. Perhaps one should ask him if he thought Palmer was an elite passer last season. Because I think he could do that.

  6. well caldwell can guess all he wants about if tebow will make it or not,just too bad its already been proven he[caldwell] hasnt and wont in the future,i cant stand when scrubs use thier loud mouth to make comments about people they are just jealous of,pretty funny he wasnt saying that kinda mess when he was still in school having tebow get him a champ ring,,,,moron

  7. while PFTebow continues its unhealthy obsession, national football post has covered the following topics not yet mentioned by your PFT overlords:
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    i mean, why would we want to know any of this when there is another tebow story to manufacture by PFTabloid?

  8. MDS, seriously dude, you may not have understood Meyer’s comments. His beef was that Thompson’s comments were taken out of context which is correct, just as you have done in this blurb.
    But yeah, it’s always easier to stir the pot when you’ve got a smarmy attitude. I don’t like Tebow but remember Billy Kilmer seemed to do well enough to take a team to the Super Bowl.

  9. Ah. I see what you did there. By just typing “Caldwell” most would assume Jim Caldwell, head coach of the Colts. Of course, no one would actually care what Andre Caldwell thinks of Tebow’s potential. Nice thinly-veiled bait-and-switch there.

  10. Big Ben has some of the worst mechanics I’ve ever seen yet he has become a top-flight passer in the NFL. He keeps plays alive with his scrambling ability and has excellent field vision. Sounds like Tebow doesn’t have a habit of wandering into girls’ bathrooms so he should be OK.

  11. mastablasta, before you make asinine comments why don’t you bother reading what the article on was about. It was about how Caldwell needs to get better and how we went home to Tampa and took up boxing, just like his teammate Chad Ochocinco. The guy had flashes of talent last year but never really put it all together. That was due to, in part, the fact that the Bengals moved him from slot (where he was playing early) to outside (when Chris Henry got hurt). Don’t be such a dumbass and make stupid comments before you even know what the article is about.

  12. I love that of all the quotes Andre 3000 throws out there, the one that PFT picks up is the one about him not being an elite passer. Michael David Smith and Florida (I mean Florio) should stay out of Gainesville or Urban is going to “go at it” with them.

  13. @CanadianVikingFan
    Do you understand what people are talking about when the speak of mechanics?
    Favre throws off his back foot and takes chances. That is not mechanics.
    Stick to the CFL

  14. @CanadianVikingFan
    Do you understand what people are talking about when the speak of mechanics?
    Favre throws off his back foot and takes chances. That is not mechanics.

  15. Coming from someone who will never be an Elite Pass catcher? Those in glass houses ya know.Tim Tebow = Steve Young II, thats right I said it.

  16. SeaOtter, it is interesting that you cite Doug Flutie, one of the most overrated and overhyped QBs of our lifetime.
    You claim that all Flutie did was ‘win games’. Your perception exceeds reality. Do you know how many NFL playoff games Flutie started and won? The answer is ZERO. His record in playoff games was 0-2.

  17. Tim Tebow? Doug Flutie? Are we really writing articles about guys with funny names? I mean fella’s, how manly do you really fell having a convo with names rolling out of your mouth the likes of “Timmy Tebow” and “Dougy Flutie”….. the ultimate funny sports name of all times was fa show “Dick Trickle” of 1990’s Nascar fame…. not that I ever watched it, but dang, as far as funny names go…. ol’ tricky Dicky Trickle has my vote. Bum Futt Timmy he’s like a white JaMarcus Russell with a lot less of an arm…. if he runs in the big’s the linebacker’s and safety’s are going to light him up…. he won’t last….. a bigger, uglier, and less likeable Eric Crouch. Yikes did I really just write all that!? GO RAIDER’S….. Yippity ky yi yay a yip yip YEEEEEEEE yadidimean? Did we trade for McNabby yet!?

  18. “Florida coach Urban Meyer blew a gasket recently when a reporter accurately quoted Gators receiver Deonte Thompson as suggesting that when he played with Tim Tebow, he wasn’t playing with a real quarterback.”
    I love how you get paid to write such crap. Meyer got pissed because the reporter took the comments out of context in order to bring Tebow down.
    Similarly, you’re doing the exact same thing. Deonte Thompson never ever said that while he was playing with Tim, he “wasn’t playing with a real quarterback.” He was expressing his approval of Florida’s new QB for staying in the pocket and having the receivers run precisely timed routes, which is what a “real” or “conventional” QB does. Anyone with half a brain knows that Tebow is not a “conventional” QB, yet it seemed to work for him.
    You should get the facts straight before posting this garbage, unless you get some sick pleasure out of defaming Tebow’s name.

  19. Last Time I checked, pretty passes are not a criteria for a winning QB, making plays and inspiring teammates is. That is Tim Tebow. There are several superbowl QBs that coming out of college had big “questions” and didn’t even have a single national championship. Bradshaw wasn’t smart enough. Farve -bad throwing motion. Brady was barely even an afterthought. If you are concerned about Tebow’s passing, his avg completion percentage is over 66%. Another telling stat is his interceptions. His total interceptions for all 4 years is 16. That is right just 16 total for 4 years. Give you some perspective, that is the same amount that Peyton Manning threw just last year. (No, I am not saying he is Manning). His TD to INT ratio was therefore 88/16. Are you beginning to get the picture. It is quite likely he will be just fine as a QB, and the “experts” are just making a story for the lead up to the draft.

  20. Yea, yea, let’s devalue the opinion of a guy who caught throws from Tebow for three years, that sounds reasonable. Guy presents as a smart young man when interviewed and comes from a family of ballers. (look at his eyes, remember Reche?) Anyway, homercles, his acheivements in the pros are not the question here, his opinion of the guy he caught a TON of passes from is, and it’s pretty valid given his experience with him. Let’s list homercles’ acheivements 1. Making asinine comments that are indicative of his lack of perspective or knowledge
    See how I did that? See how stupid it looks?

  21. Andre Caldwell was just giving his opinion based on the fact that he played with Tebow in college. Who is Andre Caldwell? Bengals third receiver. Going into his third year. He caught the game winning pass against the Steelers during one of our two wins against them last year. He will have to compete for a job this year however due to the Bengals adding Bryant, Matt Jones, and probably another receiver or two in the draft. (Mardy Gilyard I hope).

  22. mastablasta,
    Chris Leak got Caldwell a championship ring. Tebow won a national title, a SEC title and a Heisman in three years as a starter. Record was 36-5 as a starter and only had one season (’08) where he won anything of importance. Look how down UF’s traditional rivals were in Tebow’s 3 years as a starter. FSU sucked, UT sucked, he lost to UGA once and LSU has blown the last two seasons.

  23. Thomas Paquette says:
    March 31, 2010 11:25 AM
    hey dum dumb,it dont matter to me what he said before or after he said that,the fact is,any player as mediocre and undertalented as him,should keep his mouth shut on what other players are gonna do in the league,my point was,he wasnt complaining when he was on his team,what has he done so far in the league to make annybody care what he says,all that happened is you showed your dumbass homerism,and if im not wrong this is an opinion site,i think i will say what i want and no stupid bungal fan is gonna say otherwise,,oh yeah he better start bboxing and any other thing he can try,HIS TEAM IS TRYING TO REPLACE HIM, how many wrs are the bengals gonna bring in cause they only have ochocinco,guess he is feeling kinda bad,maybe thats why he is talkin bout other people[so nobody looks at how he is getting buried on the depth chart,,,,dummy

  24. You have to love all the people asking “what has Caldwell done?” when they are no-name randoms commenting on PFT. The guy is a pro WR so he knows what good QBs do. Plus he isn’t really having a dig at Tebow, he’s saying that the guy won’t always have the prettiest passing skills but will get the job done (Sounds like McNabb).
    Plus back to Caldwell, he got drafted into the NFL, plays Pro Sports, Works hard for Charity in the offseason and won a national campionship with Florida…. sounds like the guy has done alot with his short life

  25. Too many idiots in here hatin’ on Tebow. LOL! Yeah, he sucks. He’ll be making gobs of money while you stew in your hate in your cubicle or the back of your landscaping pickup truck or your “construction site” or at the local “enter fast food chain here”. LOL!

  26. I’ve had enough. See you PFT. Not a Fla or Tebow fan. This site is all about hateing. Been comeing here since the Vick story broke, I’ll go back to reliable sorces. I don’t read the tabloids, I don’t watch TMZ, I don’t go to PFT. I’m better than that. Missleading as hell.

  27. homercles82 says:
    March 31, 2010 11:44 AM
    Let’s list Caldwell’s achievements
    1. TD catch in the final minutes of a week 3 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers
    2. TD catch in the final minutes of a week 5 win over the Baltimore Ravens

  28. Caldwell missed a lot of passes thrown his way by Tewbow because he isn’t an elite receiver who could read defenses, get separation, or break off a route to come back to the ball to help Tewbow. Tewbow is a multitalented athlete whom Caldwell couldn’t ‘read’ and understand where the ball was going. Like many college receivers, he needed the ball to hit him between the numbers – and he judges QBs on that criteria. Palmer doesn’t really mention him when he discusses the Bengals passing game.

  29. Tebow’s “poor” mechanics remind me of another QB with a history of intangibles and winning….Phillip Rivers! Poor throwing mechanics but ridiculous intagibles and attitude. Look at Rivers now! Def better than Eli (traded for) and most other NFL QB’s.
    Tebow will not disappoint. I will take him on my team any F*cking day!
    BTW….as for cant miss prototypical QB’s (that you never know about after they get the BIG checks)… is JaMarcus Russell doing? Would you rather have JaMarcus or Tebow right now (or better yet 3 yrs ago)?

  30. He will be good if used properly. He doesn’t deserve to go in the first but neither did Vick. Why did everyone think Vick was so great? He was fast, could throw the ball a mile with no accuracy had the IQ of a lemming and everyone loved him. Now you have a kid who is as or more accurate, can run over tampa 2 LB’s and has a good head on his shoulders which actually contains a human brain (unlike Michael Pr1ck) and nobody likes him. Now if he is used properly he can be successful. Will he ever be an elite pocket QB? No, but I don’t see Peyton or Brady running over anybody!
    Now I am not a bible thumper I just don’t get it how people loved Vick and don’t like Tebow as players. As a person, if you like Vick better then I hope you fulfil your dream and become a waste of life criminal like Vick. Good luck!

  31. Oh noes! Reasonable is tired of all the rumors on a rumor site. Now there will only be 299,999 hits per day!

  32. The SEC is arguably the greatest hotbed of college football in the nation. Every conference game is a rivalry game. Tewbow established Florida as a national power based up his consitent quality play in the nations most difficult conference. Characterizing other teams as having ‘down years’ while Tewbow was playing is just stupid. The same could be said about every championship team who happens to be better – or more fortunate ( fewer key injuries) – than their opponents during a given season. As competitive as Tewbow is, he will use all this negativity to motivate him to even higher performance than any of his detractors expect. Tewbow will still be in the league after Caldwell is long gone.

  33. Wow, some of you people are real stupid if you think that Tim Tebowner is going to be a good NFL QB. How many times have you heard a QB have to reconstruct their throwing motion in a couple of months before the draft? That is like asking a pitcher to recontruct their throwing motion during spring training.
    Put the Jesus freak at tight end or fullback and be done with it already!

  34. Reading this comments is amazing to me. And people think Duke, or the Yankees are polarizing. But according to most of the posters in here, Tebow will either be working at the Citgo in 2 years, or he’ll be in the HOF in 20.

  35. To be an “Elite” QB you need to get into the proper system.
    Tom Brady was a 6th round pick! Now he is one of the Top 3 QBs in the LG.
    Tebow can be one of the best if he gets on a team he can develop. And has some weapons.
    Alex Smith has a strong arm, and has made some Wicked passes. But he has been hurt 2.5 out of his 4 years in the LG.
    Alex will have over 3000 yards. 22 TDs and 14 ints this year. Maybe that will keep him around, or give him some value.
    Out of the 32 QBs out there right now, how many are Elite???
    Peyton Manning is a GOAT now! Brady is past his prime or that NE team is just getting old and wont win the SB.
    So much LOVE and HATE for Tebow… get off his JOCK!
    Why no comments on Claus? Bradford? McCoy? Will those guys be Elite? Probable not. Will they be good. Maybe.
    Tebow might not be the next Joe Montana. (Greatest QB EVER!!!) But he could be the Next best thing…. The next STEVE YOUNG!!!
    49ers Do the Wise thing and Draft Tebow!!!

  36. Why does it seem that the biggest problem some in the media have with Tebow is the he’s a Christian? I’ve never seen a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounder go through more negative critiques as Tebow has. If he is such a non-factor in NFL terms, why bother? Because the liberal media loves to bash christians, conservatives, non-pantywaist liberals?
    Why is that Florio?

  37. I have a feeling this guy is gonna end up on the Bills. Chan Gailey likes his spread offense and that’s what Tebow plays well in. I hate to see a kid of such good character be talked down upon like they do: Tim Tebow probably has the best character of anybody in the draft this year and probably works harder than anyone else. He’ll be an effective NFL quarterback after a few years as long as he has a good mentor, whether its an older qb or a good qb coach.

  38. The Hallmark Channel is selling a Risky Religous Reincarnation Replica of Jeff Garcia … minus the short height, Accuracy, Arm and Very good looking wife to hide that he is a homosexual

  39. Florio, why do you feel like it was meyers job to make tebow an nfl q? It was his job to win games, and he won a lot of them

  40. he is such a good football player ,i see him going in the second round sitting for 1 year then playing some gimmick plays on offense and occasionally qb

  41. Tebow will surpass all expectations and will leave you seething insidiously negative idiots with further confirmation that you know nothing about football scouting.
    Dear PFT, please continue posting negative leaning Tebow posts. It must increase your readership. It certainly shows the the quality of character of your readers. Congratulations, you are the Jerry Springer of the sports blog world!


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