Dez Bryant would be wise to quit talking until after the draft

Rosenthal posted an item earlier today regarding receiver Dez Bryant’s recent comments to the Associated Press.  Rosenthal seemed to like Bryant’s bravado.

I don’t.

Bryant could very well end up being a phenomenal NFL player.  But if he flames out, the warning signs were present.

It started with the decision to lie to NCAA investigators regarding his relationship with Deion Sanders.  And it was magnified by the report — not rumor, as the AP now tries to describe it — from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports regarding multiple instances of tardiness for various activities, including games.

Bryant put his credibility firmly on the line when he responded to the report by claiming he’s never been late for anything.  Any team that is able to confirm Cole’s report with a phone call to an Oklahoma State assistant coach, teammate, or roommate should think seriously about taking Bryant off the board, because it will mean that Bryant cannot be trusted, ever.

More recently, Bryant blew his chance at a buzz-building Pro Day by not bringing his best cleats to the event.  And while he scoffs at our report that he forgot to bring cleats at all by pointing out he brought six pairs but didn’t bring the best ones, does he really think that his explanation makes the situation any better? 

Bryant forgot to bring the shoes he wanted to wear.  The fact that he brought a bunch of other shoes makes him look even more scatterbrained and disorganized.

His response?  “What do this got
to do with me playing football?  Even if I did forget my cleats,
what do that have to do with me playing football?  I don’t think
it has anything to do with me playing football.”

Technically, it doesn’t have anything to do with playing football.  But the kind of character flaw that makes a guy tell a lie whenever he thinks the truth would hurt his interests and the kind of knuckleheadedness that makes a guy show up late (allegedly) or forget to bring his best shoes for the biggest 40-yard dash of his life will manifest itself in other ways.

Plaxico Burress was constantly late for stuff.  And he eventually blew a hole through his leg and landed in jail for 20 months.

Burress wasn’t a criminal.  But he did something criminally stupid.  And Bryant is supplying the football-following world with evidence to reinforce the time-honored maxim that stupid is as stupid does.

Plenty of stupid guys can play football very well.  But stupid guys can also do things that keep them from being available to play football.  And it can happen because they slept too late or because they carried a loaded gun into a Manhattan night club or because of one of many other potential reasons in between.

So whoever decides to take a chance on Bryant will have to account for the possibility that he might do something to affect his ability to play football — and they’ll need to be able and willing to spend the money and time necessary to protect Bryant from himself.

Our advice to Bryant?  Quit trying to explain these events.  It’s only making the situation worse. 

Better yet, don’t say anything at all until after you’re drafted.

68 responses to “Dez Bryant would be wise to quit talking until after the draft

  1. Dez Bryant forgot his best cleats, thus he will be the next Plaxico Burress and blow a hole through his leg…
    effing lawyers

  2. “Any team that is able to confirm Cole’s report with a phone call to an Oklahoma State assistant coach, teammate, or roommate should think seriously about taking Bryant off the board, because it will mean that Bryant cannot be trusted, ever.”
    Never lied about something Mike? I know I have, but I would hate to think that one lie means you are eternally untrustworthy.

  3. I agree. Take what stupid things athletes do wrong in college and multiply it by however millions of dollars they get to play in the pros. That should be a simple algorithm scouts and coaches use now. . . right?

  4. Our advice to Bryant? Quit trying to explain these events. It’s only making the situation yet.
    What? Proof read? Next time stick with Rosenthal’s article instead of creating some mindless rant that you didn’t even have time to read over before posting.

  5. My advice to Rosenthal?
    Quit trying to explain things other than fantasy football. It’s only making Mr. Florio MAD.
    Better yet, don’t post anything at all until after Mr. Florio approves it for submission.

  6. These NFL morons need about a thousand hours of Sesame Street video work to get them too a level that passes for fully functioning adult.

  7. The gradual evolution in this editorial from Dez Bryant forgetting his shoes to the likelyhood he shoots himself like Plaxico did makes this a candidate for first-ballot consideration to the PFT hall of fame. The only way it could be better is if Dez Bryant wasn’t even a real person, but just a pure hypothetical.

  8. ESPN didnt report the cleats thing last night, but they showed video of him slipping a little here and there with no explanation.

  9. This is the kind of overly opinionated article that causes 51-98% of this site’s followers to shamelessly rip Florio for writing ‘non-news articles’.
    …too bad he’s right.

  10. agree with Rosenthal. Bryant surely has some red flags, but that won’t stop him from being a top 10 pick and future star

  11. “It’s only making the situation yet.”
    Usually I can decipher whatever the inept author was attempting to say. In this instance, I’m at a loss.

  12. Plaxico is definitely a CRIMINAL! Come on Florio use that lawyer brain of yours and read the definition….
    criminal [ˈkrɪmɪnəl]
    1. (Law) a person charged with and convicted of crime
    2. a person who commits crimes for a living
    1. (Law) of, involving, or guilty of crime
    2. (Law) (prenominal) of or relating to crime or its punishment criminal court criminal lawyer
    3. Informal senseless or deplorable a criminal waste of money
    [from Late Latin crīminālis; see crime, -al1]
    criminally adv

  13. You’re missing at least one point. Ask Mike Bell and Sean Payton what neglecting to bring the “right” pair of cleats with you “have to do with playing football.”

  14. It’s really a privilege to have access to a writer who is 100% correct, 100% of the time (in his own mind at least).

  15. It’s funny that only a few months ago I stated on numerous blogs that teams should stay away from Bryant at all costs because he is a headcase and a future problem child WR and everybody defended him… damn it’s fun being right so often.

  16. Congrats Florio, you’ve identified and latched onto two bonafide automatic hit generators in Dez Bryant and Tim Tebow even before they have been drafted.
    Brett Favre is chopped liver, at least for a few months.

  17. Personally I wouldn’t call anyone stupid until I’ve had the opportunity to interact with them directly.
    Cough; hint; cough.

  18. Good piece, Mike.
    He may become a stud, but it sure looks like he’s going to be one of those boneheaded players that a team is going to have to figure out a way to protect him from himself.
    By the way, do they not teach English at OSU?

  19. I agree Florio.. Dez is another arrogant moron that can run fast and catch a football. (Race has nothing to do with it – – well it kind of does)
    I think Florio and Rosenthal should fight it out and stream the cage match.

  20. Not to mention that this idiot’s grasp of the English language is pathetic.
    “What do this got to do with me playing football?”
    Really? I see that have a great English Department at Oklahoma State. Jackass.

  21. I think he SHOULD talk out after he has been falsely accused. Who writes that he forgot his cleats? Some media folks that just like to beat him down. I would be sick of it too if it were me. The Dallas Morning News reporter said he had 8 pairs. I still think its wrong the way he was abused by the NCAA and used as a poster child. Somebody give this kid a break. I hope he does well in the draft. He’s an amazing talent, and any of us that cheered for him at ok state know the NFL team that picks him has something special.

  22. Mane, Dez jus be misunda calcalatin tings dawg. He finna do sum teem proud. Don b hatin no mo on him Mista Florio dawg. He all good.

  23. “Stupid is as stupid does.” Here’s another Gump classic:
    “And cause I was a gazillionaire, and I liked doin it so much, I cut that grass for free. ” Dez will not be doing anything for free, but I do agree with “stupid is as stupid does.” TMZ will have a field day with this guy.

  24. And this guy is repped by the same guy as Crabtree?
    This is fun to watch………….

  25. ease up the hating from 9 to about a 5, florio. all people have been yammering about for the past few weeks is one negative thing or another about this kid. give him a break. considering the shit this guy has had to live through and still come out today (a) not in jail and (b) not dead, and on the verge of being a high first round pick, and one of the best young receivers in years, should outweigh all this petty crap being said about him. all reports from ok state is that he is a great competitor, a team player, and not a diva that demands the ball. he has never been arrested, despite being raised by a teenage mother who had three children by age 18, went to prison on drug charges, and was grossly overpunished by the ncaa because he got scared and lied over something insignificant. he has a lot of potential, but he needs mentors that can teach him to be a man, since he never had a father figure (his dad is god knows where), not more people hating on the guy like you.

  26. U butt holes said the same thing about Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson, etc etc, etc, You can’t change a persons characteristics. So what if he has some bravado? This is FOOTABLL! A Galdiators sport! This isn’t Golf! Warriors talk s#@! so what!

  27. I’ll take Dez Bryant and his baggage over Tim Tebow and his baggage any day of the week.

  28. This guy may just give Emmitt Smith a run for his money with his uncanny ability to form a sentence.

  29. Count Sacula, You can make fun of Dez if you want, but the man will be a millionare in a few days doing what he loves to do! I bet you and the rest of you haters would trade places with him in a minute!

  30. Does they have English classes at Oklahoma State?
    They does not seem to teach English real good their.
    Well, when this guy flames out, he can always take over Emmit’s spot behind a microphone.

  31. “Dez Bryant forgot his best cleats, thus he will be the next Plaxico Burress and blow a hole through his leg…
    effing lawyers”
    Yeeeeessss…..of course it is the fault of the lawyers that you have multiple DUI’s, your woman and kids keep “falling down stairs” and you can’t keep a job. Who else could be to blame BUT the lawyers?!

  32. eeerockski, Emmitt ia a millionare hall of fame running back with an impeccable resume, first rate class act, with the respect of his peers and your hating ass talking about forming a sentence? He sounded pretty good on Mike & Mike this morning!

  33. immotion2207, if you think most players enjoy the game,then you’re obviously naive as all hell.
    Dude – wake up! They love Da Money!!!

  34. Mike, you take a lot of grief here but this is an excellent post. In fact it’s so good please email to Stephen (or is it Steven?) and Jerry Jones. In fact, it could be used as a Rules Template for any personnel head in the league. In short, it states, “Don’t be a dumb ass”, which unfortunately isn’t common sense for many of the players.
    If I were about to run the biggest 40-yd dash of my life with millions on the line, I’d sleep in my running clothes, including preferred shoes, in my car outside the work-out facility.

  35. hauschild: of course they love the game dummy, most of these guys have been playing the sport all of their lives for nothing!- since they were just out of diapers! Obviously you are the un athletic type who knows nothing about this. The money is a consequence of being good at what they do.

  36. “What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don’t think it has anything to do with me playing football.”
    Enough said LOL

  37. Hauschild: So tell me they have been playing football all of their lives because they hate it? Come on dude YOU wake up!

  38. His response? “What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don’t think it has anything to do with me playing football.”
    Wow…..another millionaire athlete with second grade English skills…pathetic

  39. I must be a very lucky man, because not only can I speak english properly, but I also make enough money that these illiterate athletes can’t say they will make more money than I will. For some reason, that fact makes me feel quite good about my life. Ah yes, the life of an educated white man is a good one indeed.

  40. inmotion2207:
    Yeah, pull this leg and it’ll play Jingle Bells.
    It’s no wonder this country is fading fast, what with naivete like yours running roughshod and rampant over traditional, common-sense, thought processes of yore.
    Care to purchase a house in the Western ‘Burbs of Chicago? I give you good price. 🙂

  41. Burress also helped the Giants win a SB and had a pretty good career before going to jail. There are much, much worse players you can compare Dez to.

  42. Seriously I feel that since Bryant’s problems while he was in college people just look for reasons to rip on him. Comparing him to Buress because they have both been late to things is insane. So for now on any player who has ever been late to a meeting should just be cut cause apparently it is just the coutdown till they shoot themselves.

  43. all good receivers are divas who talk shit and dont make sense, FLORIO=HATER=INSECURE JEALOUS LIL BITCH

  44. So often people seem to write that Mike Florio is a db due to his opinions…most of the time I agree with Mike, which would then make me a db as well. On this one, you cannot argue with Florio, it is so true. Dez Bryant needs to just work and get the job in the NFL, needs to almost be the first one with a contract come this summer and work, work, work on rehabbing his terrible public image, because no matter what, people believe that he is both a liar and a cheater, so until he fixes this issue (and challenging NFL teams to draft him or else isn’t what I’d call a fix) he is going to have to earn our support. Fans unite! Let’s tweet to Dez and shut him up for a while. Let’s be some Opie and Anthony PEST’s and just hammer him until he’s quite and scoring boatloads of TD’s.

  45. I’ve never seen people so disappointed in their personal lives that they rip on a college athlete for such insignificant and trivial things. He is an idiot because he didn’t have one of the numerous pairs of cleats he frequently carries? Even more amazing, he is destined to be a criminal because he has been late to practices and those reports are pure conjecture at this point…wow…pathetic. And all of a sudden, everyone is an english major. I forgot, every one speaks grammatically perfect while working out and being agitated. Maybe he should carry a thesaurus so he can broaden his vocabulary to your liking in the midst of a workout. You dudes are really pathetic

  46. Main Entry: crim·i·nal
    3 : guilty of crime
    The former New York Giants wide receiver pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon.
    Ridiculous sentence for shooting YOURSELF? Yes.
    Still a criminal, however.
    Also, a habitual dumb ass. Thus, the parallel.

  47. cowboys1 says:
    March 31, 2010 6:09 PM
    all good receivers are divas who talk shit and dont make sense, FLORIO=HATER=INSECURE JEALOUS LIL BITCH
    cowboys1: is your name Terrell? Chad? Dez? Surely ur an NFL player or potentially one. ID yourself………….

  48. Bryant has already halved the number of teams that will even consider drafting him as a result of his bizarre, apparently deliberate negative PR. Might as well flush $$$ millions doen the toilet. Who needs the grief?
    Doesn’t he learn anything from what’s happening these days to T.O.? Without all that negative baggage, Owens would already be re-signed for multiple years at this point in the off-season instead of waiting to sign on as an emergency replacement when some team’s top received blows out his knee in camp.

  49. @1NationRaiderNation
    Or he could ask DHB.
    Character is only talked about by internet writers and really crappy organizations that have bad records (the Pacers).

  50. Hey, FLORIO, get back to me when Dez Bryant starts charging people $160 for an autograph! …compare this crap to what Rosenthal wrote about Bryant, …it goes to proves that Rosenthal is Florio’s daddy

  51. Million dollar body, ten cent head.
    Good thing Dez got to the workout facility (in his hometown) in enough time so he could go back to his house and get his magic cleats.
    Best case scenario – he’s Randy Moss.
    Worst case scenario – he costs your team 30 million dollars and a shitton of bad publicity.
    And on the grammar thing – who cares? It’s obvious that half the people writing on this board don’t know grammar worth shit.

  52. Most of the responses seem to rip on Florio. Why do you then go to this site? Im sure Florio’s employers are happy but you all just seem like morons with nothing to do except bitch.
    I dont always agree w/ Florio, but I respect his position and vantage point on the NFL issues. And in this case I agree w/ him about Dez Bryant. He is uber-talented; he has no handle on the english language; his actions dictate that he is pretty immature and irresponsible; and, he does need to shut his pie hole until after some sucker (and he will be pretty good) picks him in round 1.

  53. Florio…I used to love reading this site. Until all of the sudden you now think you are “big time”. I scroll through to see who wrote the articles and skip them if they are written by you. I am an avid Dan Patrick listener but turn the volume off if you come on. You are the Todd McShay of blogging. No one cares what you think. You have NEVER played a sport in your life. You are a dousche.
    Keep writing Rosenthal. You always leave your articles open to debate. I wish NBC would just buy this site and assign Florio to the UFL

  54. God Almighty! What is it with wide receivers? It’s like there is some big wideout Hoochie Mama or Galactic crazy bubble that spits these scatterbrains out into the public. Maybe the Mama is ESPN who they all put on their best Goofy garb and preen & prance for. But this bizarre conduct concentrated in one position bares watching and analysis by Goodell, Colleges and all concerned about the decline of “sportsman conduct” in all sports. These guys act like they are entitled to be worshipped before they prove anything! The NFL needs to seriously bring rookie pay scales and expectations into line with reality.

  55. re: inmotion2207 says:
    March 31, 2010 5:55 PM
    “Hauschild: So tell me they have been playing football all of their lives because they hate it? Come on dude YOU wake up!”
    Money and passion have something to do with why they play. Though, you can not rule out all the preferential treatment they get IMO.
    After all, athletes have large……. egos.

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