Frostee Rucker stays in Cincy

One of the men who received a second chance in Cincinnati despite off-field issues will be sticking around Ohio’s Queen City a bit longer.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, defensive end Frostree Rucker has signed a two-year contract.  He had been a restricted free agent.

In four NFL seasons, the third-round pick has appeared in 18 games with five starts.

15 responses to “Frostee Rucker stays in Cincy

  1. A bunch of us from accounting used to go to Frostee Rucker’s every Friday for Happy Hour!
    Let me tell you we got prettyWILD!

  2. Big Whoop, like him as depth though, he’s been pretty clean since arriving, so no real bones with the signing/re-signing. SIGN BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 4 years…appeared in 18 games….no wonder his name sounds like a pole dancer….now on stage 3, give it up for Frostee……Frostee Rucker…..

  4. Frostee has shown potential and I hope that his potential can be reached. How can’t you root for a guy name Frostee?

  5. The trouble was before college and he has been nothing short of CLASSY his whole time in CIncy….
    Check it out for yourself PFT

  6. The guy is an alleged rapist(and the evidence looked pretty convincing)! Mike Brown please stop drafting thugs and deviants.

  7. what are you talking about, Rucker never received a so called “2nd chance” he has never been in trouble the hole time he has been here, hes been a model citizen. In fact i believe the only trouble he has been in was before he started his College Career at USC. You all need to get your facts strait and do better research.

  8. Rucker had a history of crimes against women going back to when he was 13 (he was acquitted – nobody wants to ruin a kid’s life). This story from the Columbus dispatch reviews the history:
    However, he seems to have cleaned up his act since then. I don’t recall an incident involving him since he started playing (the 2006 arrest was from something he allegedly did prior to joining the NFL). I hope he has reformed and is a decent person today, but I still wouldn’t let my daughter anywhere near him.

  9. # SteelerH8er says: March 31, 2010 3:44 PM
    The guy is an alleged rapist(and the evidence looked pretty convincing)! Mike Brown please stop drafting thugs and deviants.
    I’ve been a USC fan for a while now, and I remember watching the report on Frostee Rucker. You’re completely right, I was convinced he was a rapist.

  10. I’m not sure why the guy got drafted in the 3rd round even if he hadn’t been in trouble. He never had much of a college career and hasn’t done much since.
    He did have one really good game in 09 though that made you think “wow! maybe he is going to be something” but not much after that.

  11. “In Rucker?s case, to the best of our knowledge, he was found responsible for a misdemeanor described as harassment four years ago,” team president Mike Brown said in July. “That was all that was on his record, nothing else.”
    Way to dig deep on a guy you are going to make a multi-millionaire Mike!

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