Nix wants to show Bills fans "the baby"

Chad Ochocinco likes to tell people to “Kiss da baby.”

Bills G.M. Buddy Nix just wants to show you the baby.  Speaking about expectations this year, Nix had this to say:

is cheap, we all know that. It’s like I’ve always said, don’t tell me
about the labor pains,
just show me the baby. That’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to show
you the baby, and the
baby is winning,” Nix said Wednesday, according to the Buffalo News.

A lot of folks have already dismissed Nix and head coach Chan Gailey, but we want to give them a fair chance to show what they can do.  They are the definition of football guys.  And Gailey doesn’t think the Bills are in as bad shape as people think.

“When I came here I heard, ‘Oh the cupboard’s bare,'” Gailey said. “The
next thing I heard
was the team’s in disarray. The next thing I heard was the sky is
falling. . . .  But I’m here to
tell you folks, it’s not. We’ve got some good players.”

Now he’s just got to take those good players, and show Bills fans the baby.

36 responses to “Nix wants to show Bills fans "the baby"

  1. As a Bills fan, I have been warming up to this guy each and every day. But if he drops the baby on it’s head, those warm and fuzzy feelings will go away…

  2. I Live In Buffalo And I Know The Bills Sux And They Always Will!
    They Will Never Win A Superbowl!

  3. Stating the obvious here, but we’ll see if he can rah rah the team to a successful first year, but truly it’s all about consistency and maintaining success when you can’t surprise teams anymore.

  4. Bills Fans plz. All you need do is look at Chan’s record as a head coach it speaks for it self, some coaches in the NFL are not made to be Head coaches instead coordinators or Head coach in the college ranks. Mark my words the Bills are doomed with this guy.

  5. As a Pats fan I can only hope he’s the next Rod Marinelli but I think he might surprise people.

  6. He’s the complete opposite of monotone Jauron, which could only be a good thing. Count me in on the wagon.

  7. goint point SOMEGUY…
    And what good players is he referring too?? Fred Jackson…Brian umm Mormon..he is on the cover of the Bill’s season ticket renewal package so surely he counts….?
    the buck stops there, unless we sign D-Mac

  8. @ Rosenthal,
    Chan Gailey is NOT the definition of a football guy. That’s about the dumbest sentence you’ve ever written. As a GT alum, I’m certainly biased against the guy. Gailey was always satisfied with gladhanding everyone at GT while he was going 7-5 and talking about his NFL credentials. Then he’d say he was staying while he campaigned and begged for another NFL job. Only a moron would take the current Bills personnel and switch to a 3-4 this year in that division.
    Chan Gailey has always been a hack.
    “The baby is winning?” I hope they put that on his tombstone. Didn’t Charlie Weis say “You’ve got a winner here,” when he took the ND job? And that was college, where it’s far easier to win!

  9. “I Live In Buffalo And I Know The Bills Sux And They Always Will!
    They Will Never Win A Superbowl!
    How the hell do you become a Dolphins fan while living in Buffalo?

  10. dolphinfiegl:
    the bills will win a superbowl before the dolphins u jackass. move out of buffalo we dont accept fish fans

  11. dolphinfiegl99 there is no way you live in Buffalo or you are closet fish fan, otherwise you would get ass beat weekly in the offseason and daily during the season.

  12. I’m now rooting for the Bills just for the longshot chance that next year some babies born in Buffalo will be named “Winning Gailey ______”

  13. The Wishbone says: March 31, 2010 7:03 PM
    Only a moron would take the current Bills personnel and switch to a 3-4 this year in that division.
    Is the switch to the 3-4 going to ruin the Bills stout run defense or slow down that unstoppable pass rush from last season?
    With the personnel the Bills have right now, they will be better on D in the 3-4. They have Poz, Mitchell, Schobel, Ellison, Maybin, and the newly signed Davis at LB. Despite what the talking heads in the football world think, that is nice depth at LB.
    On the line, they have Kelsey, Williams, Stroud, Edwards and McCargo. Sure, they need a NT, but there is still time to find one. Overall, the D line isn’t a strength, they won’t be worse than last year because of Edwards.
    In the secondary, they’re above average. The drafting and coaching of this unit is the one thing Jauron did well.
    Watch out for the Bills this season if they get McNabb!

  14. I’m a Pittsburgh guy, but I have no gripes with the Bills and like to see them do well. If Gailey botches things, what’s the worst that’s gonna happen — the past ten years haven’t been the epitome of consistent success in Western NY, anyhow. And ya never know, you might wind up being surprised with him. Give the guy a couple of years and the opportunity to get new personnel in, and then judge him.

  15. Brownsfn
    First of all why are you talking you’re franchise has never ever smelled a superbowl !.

  16. Miami fans
    First of all why are you here you haven’t one a superbowl since 72 oh bye the wait that team was overrated !.

  17. A “Dork Fan” who lives in Buffalo. Now there is a piece of work. Hey Dorkfan, your team is a sissy team. Pink and Aqua Marine. Real tough stuff. I hear your girls are afraid to play ball in the heat. Sad bunch of girls.

  18. Chan and Nix are going to turn this team around. All fans but Saints fans can E*t Sh*t and D*e this off season. Hating Saints fans can ES&D

  19. If the Bills can cut the number of injuries in half, they will have a winning season. If they cut the injuries and successfully fill two or three key positions through the draft, they go to the playoffs. If they put more players on IR than any other team (again) and they waste their draft, then they still win more games than Miami.

  20. brownsfn says:
    March 31, 2010 6:53 PM
    hahahahaha…WTF…The Bills have a winner here…hahahahhahhahaha
    hahahahahhhhaha a Browns fan making fun of another team! hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. The only players that played at a ‘positive’ ( level last year were QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB Trent Edwards, RB Fred Jackson, DE Aaron Schobel, OLB Bryan Scott, DT Kyle Williams, MLB Paul Pusluszny, SS George Wilson, K Rian Lindell and P Brian Moorman.
    That’s horrible. This team isn’t going anywhere fast. The only real parts this team could have to build on, say three years down the road, is Fred Jackson and Paul Pusluszny… and that might be it. You would have to hope Leodis McKelvin can come back from injury. Maybe Eric Wood becomes the player they hope. Maybe Aaron Maybin won’t be a bust. But this is a team with entirely too many holes to have that many ‘maybies’. Hopefully they can take advantage of the deep draft with their 9 picks (granted their 2 extra picks are in the 6th and 7th Rds).
    The Bills should really look at trading ALL of Trent Edwards, Marshawn Lynch, Lee Evans, Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsey, Marcus Stroud and Donte Whitner… and try to accumulate picks over the next three years. Make those moves… and draft Jimmy Clausen at #9, and the Bills might start to be on the right path…
    (Chan Gailey is just thankful he has an NFL job. So he will turn it into whatever positive he can think of… )

  22. Nice depth at LB? Schoebel is probably retiring. They had db’s playing LB last season and Maybin couldn’t get on the field. Has Ellison caught up to the NE TE’s in the end zone yet? It’s only been 8 months. “Poz” is slow, weak, and made of glass.
    Above average in the secondary? They remind me of the Kay Stephenson Bills, who led the league in pass defense while going 2-14. Why? Because nobody was ever behind in the second half. When your opponent doesn’t have to throw against you to win, your numbers get skewed.

  23. “bills9951 says:
    March 31, 2010 7:04 PM
    the bills will win a superbowl before the dolphins u jackass. move out of buffalo we dont accept fish fans”
    “Buffalo says:
    March 31, 2010 8:11 PM
    Miami fans
    First of all why are you here you haven’t one a superbowl since 72 oh bye the wait that team was overrated !.

    Let’s see, that 1 Superbowl is more than you guys have ever won. Also, get your facts straight, they won in ’73 AND ’74. Also, yeah, I guess they were overrated since all they played were scrubs when they went undefeated. Even throughout the playoffs and superbowl.
    Back in the early 90s you guys had what could be considered a Dynasty, but failed to win 1 superbowl in 4 appearances. Do the words CHOKE mean anything to you? Do something significant in the NFL and then you can spew your hate.
    While both teams have struggled the past 10 years, the Fins are in a much better position to win one that the Bills are. If you can’t see that, then you are just a homer and don’t want to see the truth.

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