Jags will work out Jimmy Clausen before April 9

The Jacksonville Jaguars have joined the growing throng of teams who are ignoring the advice of made-for-TV draftnik Todd McShay and taking a closer look at quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Jags will work out Clausen prior to his April 9 Pro Day session at South Bend.

Schefter confirms that Clausen will visit (as we reported last week), the Browns, Bills, and Rams.  Schefter also confirms that the Redskins will conduct a private workout of Clausen on campus, after his Pro Day workout.

Clausen widely is regarded as the No. 2 quarterback in the draft class, behind Sam Bradford.  The former Irish signal-caller underwent offseason surgery to repair a torn ligament in his toe, making his footwork a focal point of his workout.

13 responses to “Jags will work out Jimmy Clausen before April 9

  1. “Jimmy Clausen” has such a 1920’s Polish Gangster Mobster ring to it…..doesn’t it…… buck my bumble have the mighty mighty Raider’s signed ol’ Donny Nabby yet?
    Go Raider’s 2011 Super Bowl Champs
    A yippity YEEEEEEEEEEE….. Yadidimean?

  2. It will be interesting to see where he goes. Seattle @ 6? Buffalo @ 9? Jags @ 10?
    Some say this guy makes Cutler look like an emotionally mature leader of men. YIKES!
    He may be the biggest risk of the draft because if you take him in the top ten he is going to want money very similar to Bradford.

  3. Or, you know, teams are working him out in the hopes that other teams will think they’re interested and waste a pick on him before he falls to the Jags.

  4. I’m a big ND fan, but McShay was right on the turd Jamarcus as well. the big difference is that Clausen loves football and Russelll loves the buffett table.

  5. i don’t see Clausen falling to the Jaguars. He will either be a Redskin or a Ram (in a trade for Bradford) and if he falls, he will be a Brown or a Bill.

  6. Ya know Clausen kinda reminds me of (mark) Vlasic (former KC QB)… Firm, yet crunchy under pressure. Very sweet to most fans but he somehow always leaves you feeling empty and in a Pickle.

  7. Any news on Ben AlledgedAssaultberger?
    ChapNasty, let’s bust some Steeler fans today.

  8. Florio,
    Ever heard of the phrase “smokescreen”? You think maybe the Jags are having Clausen in because they think he will probably be there at 10 and since the Jags don’t have a 2nd round pick they can generate some leverage with teams who may be willing to jump up to 10 for Clausen and give up their 2nd round pick doing it? Of course not!! No way in hell Gene Smith pulls the Clausen trigger at 10. NO WAY…..IN HELL!!! Take that to the bank.

  9. @ Dolphinatic
    How is he crunchy under pressure? Last year alone he led 4 4th quarter comebacks and 2 other times retook the lead late only to leave too much time on the clock for that excuse for a defense Charlie Weis put kept putting on the field.

  10. Whoever said the Browns are taking him at 7 is a complete moron. If the Browns draft a QB, and they very much are likely to do so, it will NOT be in the 1st round and won’t be Bradford or Clausen.

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