Joey Porter incident could have gotten a lot uglier

Regardless of the fact that Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter won’t face charges in the wake of Saturday’s arrest outside a Bakersfield, California Taco Bell, the situation could have played out far differently but for a decision made by the local Sheriff three years ago.

Per initial reports, the police officer who allegedly slapped Porter in the face during a DUI stop eventually pointed his pistol at Porter, who continued to move toward the officer.  If true, it’s a good thing Porter didn’t have a gun of his own.

According to KGET-TV, an NBC affiliate, Porter previously held a concealed weapons permit.  The Kern County Sheriff’s department revoked it after Porter was cited in 2007 for beating up former Bengals tackle Levi Jones.

“As the Sheriff I have to be comfortable with people that have gun
permits.  And some things happened in Joey’s life that made me become
uncomfortable with him being able to conceal a firearm,” Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood told KGET. 

None of this means that Porter would have reached for his gun if he’d had one on him when things got hectic on Saturday.  But it was an emotional situation.  And Porter is an emotional guy.  In hindsight, Youngblood made a prudent decision.

51 responses to “Joey Porter incident could have gotten a lot uglier

  1. This will further emlighten him to the gay community that has so embraced him…..He’s like the NFL’s Madonna

  2. “None of this means that Porter would have reached for his gun if he’d had one on him when things got hectic on Saturday.”
    But we’re going to imply that he would have anyway.

  3. Would the world have been any worse if a renegade cop put a bullet thru his head? I fail to see how it would effect me one way or another…….just another stat…..

  4. Joey, wtf are you doing……Outside a Bakersfield, Taco Bell?
    Idiot, what were you thinking?! You just signed a big contract and you go to Taco Bell…..thats thinking outside the bun!? He deserved to get arrested on that alone! LOL! of course it couldve gotten a lot uglier….

  5. Oh. my. goodness.
    Common sense in action. Give that Sheriff a raise.
    Any relation to Jack? If so, the Rams could use the help.

  6. Florio – you make it sound as if Porter beat up Levi Jones all by himself. You fail to mention that Porter had a posse with him and they ALL jumped Levi Jones when he had his back turned.

  7. kim kardashian is a slut
    did you watch of the video of her and RJ that made her ‘famous’ (cough)?
    it was weak and then at the END she ASKED RJ to please put HIS men in her mouth!! really??
    this is someone now promoting about 20 different lines to our youth REALLY??
    give me a break

  8. Jesus, Florio… You know you can only post stories that effect TryTheVeal one way or another.. WTF were you thinking?!

  9. Yeah it was very prudent to slap the guy and then point a gun at him. No thats some good Police work huh?
    The funny thing is, you not taking back all the bad stuff you said about Porter with regards to this incident. The cop was WRONG. If he wasnt, Porter would still be in jail and there would be charges. Nothing! No charges!
    Now how does that happen?

  10. TryTheVeal – I’m sure if you really felt this way you wouldnt be on a message board posting about Joey Porter. Loser.

  11. California does not have CCW permits Florio. They are very strict in regards to guns, kind of like NY. Remember your a gun expert there because of Plaxico.

  12. I think it boils down to simple math. Porter is scheduled to make 15 million over the next three years, and the cop ????, …as he was already under investigation. 😦 who had more to lose? And who to gain?
    @Trytheveal…Are you Florio’s gay correspondant in the field!?!? If so, you suck! (Pun Intended)

  13. Joey Porter had a gun 3 years ago – This means he would have fired at the officer. Fact.

  14. Man Florio why you keep wasting your time talkin about this guy?? c’mon post something that’s worth a damn and forget this loser because NOBODY CARES!!!!! and if they do they shouldn’t it aint like it’s a shock he did this sh*t and if someone thinks that way then they obviously ate paint chips as a kid

  15. Birdman is spot on.What’s the point of this if you aren’t implying Porter would have reached for his gun?

  16. Was this column an early April’s Fools joke, or did I miss the rebranding of the site name to This was an incredibly weak article Florio.

  17. Wait, what? A police officer slapped Joey Porter in the face? This is why cops should wear cameras..

  18. Joey Porter incident could have gotten a lot uglier……his wife could have showed up……

  19. Lotta speculation there Florio….
    Of course, regardless, Joey should be ashamed of himself.
    Getting arrested.
    In Bakersfield.
    Outside a Taco Bell.
    Does it get any lower?

  20. The incident could have gotten a lot uglier.
    He could have ordered the Nacho Supreme, with a side order of 3 bean and cheese burritos.

  21. @TryTheVeal
    Have fun dying alone.
    Anyway, Florio: As much as we all hate the 2nd amendment, just because someone has a permit to carry a gun does not mean that he would have shot a cop. Also, why don’t you spent a weekend with your kid before he becomes warped like TryTheVeal up there.

  22. I have a concealed weapons to carry permit, and I’m so trigger happy…let a no good policeman slap me in the face, we’ll be two shooting mutha******

  23. TryTheVeal
    {“Would the world have been any worse if a renegade cop put a bullet thru his head? I fail to see how it would effect me one way or another…….just another stat…..”}
    You’re going to have to answer for that comment; and this day soon.
    Good luck with that……

  24. I thought all black guys immediately go to jail for ten years when they encounter a white cop.

  25. Jesus, this is jumping to conclusions Florio.
    We all know from your writing that everyone is considered guilty as soon they are arrested, that there is always a conspiracy afoot and that the 2nd amendment is nonsense. But, to insinuate that because Porter had a concealed weapons permit he would have probably shot a police officer is insanity. If he had so little self control why did he not just kill Levi Jones when he had the chance. Obviously, he was angry enough to beat him up, and he had a permit. By your standards, Levi should be dead.
    Your argument and Youngblood’s are garbage, and reaching.
    I am certainly not a fan of Porter’s, but I am sure that there was some very important details of this arrest left out by Kern County. The fact that charges were dropped so quickly shows that the police officer was far out of line. If there was any chance for the county to place charges after such an incident they would have.
    I certainly hope Porter remembers how you characterized him as a possible out of control cop killer if you ever run in to him during your new line of work Florio. Tell me how that goes.

  26. If Porter were the type to get drunk and shoot at cops, I don’t think he’d be concerned about the validity of a gun permit.

  27. Ok Florio this is just stupid.
    IF this had happened, and IF this had been true, then MAYBE this would have happened, IF the moon had been right and the planets had aligned.
    I realize that you must have a quota of stories each day…FICTION IS NOT A STORY! Leave this kind of stuff to Stephen King and stick to what’s happening…not what MIGHT have happened.

  28. All I want to know is if he tried the new shrimp taco before this all went down, and how was it?

  29. So your buddy in front of you is getting pulled over by the cops. And of course, you pull over to ‘help’. And you get out of the car and get involved.
    Think that the charges against you get dropped?
    Not f**ing likely.

  30. “# BenRapistberger says: March 31, 2010 11:28 PM
    I really can’t stand him.”
    I’m sure he loves you too.
    Shit for brains.

  31. “# Bird Man says: March 31, 2010 11:11 PM
    “None of this means that Porter would have reached for his gun if he’d had one on him when things got hectic on Saturday.”
    But we’re going to imply that he would have anyway.”
    Isn’t Florio a piece of shit?

  32. Typical Former DorkFin. Scumbag. Once a Dork always a Dork. Wanna buy a condo?? lmao……

  33. Do we honestly believe that one of his friends didn’t have a gun?
    I think some of you are being a little critical of Florio on this one. Maybe he could have written this a different way, but essentially all he is saying is that the sherrif made a good decision in keeping the gun out of his hands because Joey is (and even his biggest fans could not dispute this) a loose cannon. So this article is interesting because it shows the government doing the right thing (for a change).

  34. frox says:
    April 1, 2010 9:16 AM
    Do we honestly believe that one of his friends didn’t have a gun?
    What??? So you’re saying we all believe that in a group of young black men that at least 1 must be carrying a gun? Keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

  35. Wow, just wow.
    He didn’t pull a gun. Not really a Porter fan but how do you go from having charges dropped (which implies innocence in the eyes of the law) to possibly pulling a gun on an officer.
    That’s a bad reach. Where are the ethics man?

  36. @Ravenmaniac …
    Okay, you’re going to accuse me of being humorless again, but it was a bad joke.
    Joey’s wife Christy is a lovely woman who runs a Bakersfield daycare for special-needs children named after their autistic daughter.
    Make a good joke and I’ll laugh. 😉
    I’m glad the sheriff kept Joey from carrying a weapon because Joey’s had enough trouble, and it’s difficult to see how carrying a concealed weapon would be to his benefit. But it’s a big leap to assume he’d have used it on a cop. Sounds to me like the cop was the one too irresponsible to carry a weapon. I’d love to see that jerk slap Joey when neither of them is armed and he’s not wearing a badge.

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