Joey Porter's contract details are in

Now that Joey Porter is out of legal hot water, he can focus on football again.

Based on his contract numbers detailed today by Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website, Porter will have to play at a very high level to remain with the team for long.

Porter is scheduled to make $5.75 million base salaries in 2011 and 2012.  He’s scheduled to earn $1.25 million in base salary this year, although that doesn’t include bonus money.  His total reported three-year deal was $17.5 million, so he’s making $6 million including bonuses this season, at most. 

We said when Porter signed that that it looked like a panicked move for Arizona, but the structure of the contract would say how panicked.

This doesn’t seem so bad.  Porter is going to be paid well this year, but it’s not an outrageous sum if seen as a one-year contract.  Porter going to have to play much better than he did in 2009 (or 2007) to avoid hitting the market again next offseason.

7 responses to “Joey Porter's contract details are in

  1. As Rickey Bobby’s daddy would say, “it’s the fastest who get paid and it’s the fastest who get laid”.
    Way to go J Peezy

  2. $17.5 total, minus $5.75 in 2011 and $5.75 in 2012 is still about $6 million between signing bonus and salary for this year. I’m sure some will disagree, but to me that seems like way too much for Porter.

  3. He’s been a Cardinal for less than a month and he’s already having “off the field” issues. Good luck Arizona. They should have added a don’t do anything stupid clause in his contract. Soon you’ll be seeing him in clubs with his shirt off with Brandon Marshall. LOL

  4. Good luck arizona fans with a big mouth injured old man that brings production on about 10 plays a game. With a hefty contract, and a big mouth, I wish u guys the best of luck with him.

  5. If he’d only sent in an item to Florio for Baby Mason – it’d had been alright…and the article would focus on how good a guy he is.

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