Lions considering a trade for Rob Sims

The Seahawks have been asking guard Rob Sims, a restricted free agent, to stay away from the facility.  In the interim, the Seahawks have been waiting/hoping for someone to sign him to an offer sheet or, alternatively, to work out a trade.

Jason La Canfora of reports that the Lions could be the team to make the deal.

Per La Canfora, other teams are interested.

Sims has been tendered at the fourth-round level.  Earlier this month, the Seahawks traded defensive end Darryl Tapp, another restricted free agent, to Philadelphia.

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  1. I would love to see this work out. The Lions keep making good moves lately or maybe someone has just spiked my KoolAid.

  2. Clearly, Lions would prefer to have their OL shored up before the Draft to protect their investment in QB Stafford, thus freeing them up to take Suh with the 2nd overall pick.

  3. @ irishgary
    you knock a team for adding talent to their roster?
    Sims is a top rated guard, who doesnt need a top rated guard?
    Are you aware of the state of the franchise after Millen left? These moves are all to stop the bleeding.

  4. “What a desperate franchise.”
    Making trades and signing players makes you desperate? They are doing what needs to be done to improve and doing a good job of it.

  5. I am a little surprised nobody has put an offer in front of Sims yet. He is only 26 and is supposed to be a pretty good player, just not a good fit in a zone scheme. With the price being only a 4th round pick, I would have thought someone would have bit by now. Maybe teams are looking to give up something less than a 4th since they know Seatle doesn’t want him back.

  6. irishgary: What is desperate about getting a decent aged upgrade to the OL? The Lions had horrible stability and results from anybody they put at LG last year. Sims let up less pressure in more downs then the Lions main LG. Sims did let up a couple more pressure then the Lions backup left guard though. Then again Sims also played about 3 times the number of snaps as him.

  7. Thank you Poo Flinging Monkey. And I agree with most posts that finally this year the Lions are making good moves. I still have a hard time with who the Lions should take, Suh or Okung. I think Okung is the better move. Adding Sims, moving Backus to RG and adding Okung would instantly make this one of the mid to upper-level O-lines and they’ve already greatly improved their D-line, even without Okung. Well done finally Lions.

  8. desperately trying to improve.. probably the most active team to improve.. watch out NFL… The Lions will be quietly sneaking up on you

  9. The Cornbread is hot and the Kool Aid is cold (lions fans know what im talking about) …. GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Hawks should trade Branch for Adalius Thomas and swap 1st 16 to 22….
    The Hawks would get thier DE and the Pats get Branch back…Thomas can still bring it when he wants to!

  11. simple_simon1: I can clear up that Okung mess. If the Lions grab Sims they will take Suh. Moving Backus to guard doesn’t make sense. Especially at RG. Peterman did well last year and Backus is too small to be a real RG. The Lions can grab a guy like Saffold, Veldheer, or Davis (if he falls to the 2nd round) later on. Then they could have that OT start out at RT for the year and have Cherilus (who lets up more pressure than Backus) try out RG. Cherilus could excel at RG and this would likely improve every OL position outside of LT. Maybe the Lions get lucky and that OT moves to LT later and Cherilus improves enough to go back to RT.

  12. It would be worth it for a 4th, but I’m thinking that most of the league is just waiting for Seattle to dump him because he is out of place in their new scheme.

  13. # LIONPRIDE says: March 31, 2010 9:48 AM
    I would love to see this work out. The Lions keep making good moves lately or maybe someone has just spiked my KoolAid.
    You mean great moves like signing Corey Williams, Nate Burelson and looking at PacMan Jones? Yeah, I’d say your KoolAid is spiked. Nothing like picking up guys who were ineffective starters on the leagues other two worst teams.

  14. The Lions will still suck, desperately trying to stop the embarrassment. Go ahead sign Pacman.

  15. drink up Lions fans … next round of Kool Aid is on me! you said it LIONPRIDE 9-7 or bust!!!

  16. @GRPatriots: No thanks. Seattle is done giving up draft picks for aging DEs.
    To all the Lions fans:
    Rob Sims is a pretty good guard, this would be a good pickup for Detroit. And I’m pretty dang pissed that y’all got Burleson – he’s WAY better than people think, and he plays with a lot of heart. He was our best receiver last season and really had a strong year.
    It’s good to see the Lions making moves to win now. I’ll be watching and (secretly) rooting for your team. Seahawks are in rebuild mode so not much to see here, I’m sure. Detroit seems to have made some great (and aggressive) moves this offseason, it will be interesting to see what happens.

  17. last starfighter:
    I think your KoolAid is spiked from what you just said. First, Corey Williams was absolutely dominant inside in the years he was on Green Bay, when he was in the system that fit his play, the 4-3. This is what the Lions play. Putting him and last years pick, which unless you’re a Lions fan you probably haven’t heard of how good Sammie Lee Hill played, would be very good even without Suh added to the mix. Did I also mention they picked up Williams for basically nothing? Ya, really bad pick up….LOL.
    Then they went out and picked up Vanden Bosch. If the Lions are strong inside then Vanden Bosch will be 1 on 1 most of the year. Considering nobody in their division has an elite LT, good luck with that one.
    Next, they picked up a good speed WR to compliment Calvin Johnson for very little guaranteed money. Now they can move Bryant Johnson to the slot where he should have been all along, plus add another young WR in the draft in the later rounds. They’ll keep developing Pettigrew at TE so they’ll be fine there.
    Lastly, sure I’d take Pacman. You can have him for basically nothing right now and it is a major upgrade, plus, you know damn well there would be clauses all over that contract about behaviour. He hasn’t been in trouble for 2 years now so if he can stay out of trouble, he’s talented enough to be a starter on many NFL teams, so why not. Plus, he gives the Lions a KR and PR at the same time for nothing.
    Get ready buddy. The Lions are going to be much better in upcoming years if they keep this up. Find a RB and keep working on that defense. A couple years down the road we’re looking at a playoff team. Bet on it.
    Now, Kirmie, thanks for what you said. I’d be happy with Suh for sure. But, with Allen and Peppers in the division you better have a good LT. I’d still take Okung. And Backus would be moved to LG or RG if that takes place. Most scouts have already said that it’s his natural position and in that spot he’s actually one of the better run blockers in football. So by adding Sims and Okung you’d get 2 solid guards and a dominant, young LT plus, you’d have young depth with Ramirez and Cherilus. Could be the start of something really special.

  18. We need to make this happen. I say for one of the two fifth rd picks we have though. at #2 sign SUH! at #34 Best CB available, RD3 take Toby G RB !! we will be solid. Tough schedule though with NFC and AFC East this year, but we are making good moves.

  19. You bring the Kool Aid MonkeyHustle, i’ll bring the cornbread! I’m loving it – even Follett said KVB was a beast and we will love the new regime! 9-7 or bust!

  20. OMG-
    Corey Williams Dominant! ROFLMAO
    He was a dependable player in a 4-3 that rotated him in and out OFTEN. I don’t even think he ever started in GB, if much at all. After GB he got paid and then he got lazy. There is no 4-3 or 3-4 on passing downs you football novice. On passing downs, you know, the downs where lineman should rush the passer, the rusher can attack whatever gap the coordinator calls or stunt. Corey Williams did nothing last year on passing downs. That has nothing to do with scheme

  21. LOL to you again last starfighter:
    In his 3rd and 4th seasons in Green Bay he had 7 sacks per year and 50 tackles, over half of which were for losses. This was despite being doubled a lot as well. Is this one of the dominant players at the position. Of coarse not!!! Who said he was. But picking him up for nothing and being able to simply use him in a rotational or scheme type of defense; great pick up.
    Secondly, on the football novice line. If you had any idea you’d shut your mouth. Whether you believe there is a true 3-4 or 4-3 scheme on passing downs or not doesn’t change the fact that there is one. The only changes on passing downs is that the down lineman can come after the QB or drop into coverage, pending on the defense. It still is a 3-4 defense run in Cleveland, period. He didn’t get lazy in Cleveland, the scheme didn’t fit him. But I guess you know more than the all the scouts in the opening week around the NFL that called it a solid move and said exactly what I’m saying.
    If you know so much go get a job for an NFL team.
    The Lions aren’t expecting much in the line of sacks anyways. They want the middle to eat up the run so the ends can come after the QB. So the “did nothing on passing downs” is kind of a pointless statement. He still got 4 sacks and had 34 tackles with one forced fumble.
    By your logic Pat Williams of the Vikings would suck as he only got 2 sacks and 44 tackles last year. And Kevin Williams had 6 sacks but only 30 tackles. So do both of them suck as well? Technically, Corey Williams had near the same year that either of these guys did last year.
    And seeing as Minnesota was so good against the run, technically both these guys were playing a passing down nearly every time they were on the field. Not so much in Cleveland. So the logic of yours about passing downs being when interior rushers shine is obviously unfounded.
    See, that’s why stats don’t matter. He played good. Definitely good enough for what the Lions had to give up for him. But what would a novice like myself know?

  22. @last starfighter,
    Are you writing from a wheelchair while drooling on yourself? When Corey Williams was in GB, in a 4-3, he was a top 3 DT in the NFC North. That’s with the Williams in Minnesota and Shaun Rogers in DET at the time. As a matter of fact he had better seasons than Haynesworth, Shaun Rogers, and Kevin Williams in 2006 and 2007. He’s also only 29 years old, so don’t say he’s old and washed up and won’t be a beast again. Ask any GB fan who watched him play for them how good he is. They will all tell you he’s a monster.
    As for Burleson, we got him for half the money T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Laverneous Coles, and Bernard Berrian got over the last 3 years. And he is better than all 3 of them. I’d call that a pretty damn good deal for a guy who is in his 20’s still.

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