McCoy gets passing grades for Pro Day

C. McCoy.jpgTexas quarterback Colt McCoy completed all 58 of his passes during his Pro Day Wednesday, but he didn’t get the same glowing reviews Sam Bradford did.

The consensus is that McCoy had a solid, but unspectacular day. To the judges!

Mike Mayock, NFL Network: “I think the most important factor was that he showed he was healthy. He
throws the ball deep, he throws it intermediate, and he has excellent
deep touch and accuracy. . . . I think he’s a solid second-round pick.”

Mike Lombardi, NFL Network: “McCoy is going to have to prove in team
workout that he can drive the ball and be accurate at the second and third level – heard workout today was average.

Todd McShay of ESPN said McCoy displayed good feet, but his intermediate accuracy was lacking.

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  1. Todd McShay= Zero Credibility. McShay must be related to someone up the ranks at ESPN. I completely disregard anything he says.

  2. “Todd McShay of ESPN said McCoy displayed good feet, but his intermediate accuracy was lacking.”
    Didn’t an earlier article point out that what McShay says is useless? I think that same article said the same thing about Kiper so how about we just leave them out of future articles?

  3. McCoy is going to have the best career of any of these QBs. Scouts realize it, and he won’t make it out of the first round.

  4. Colt McCoy? Was that an “average” workout for a college quarterback, or an “average” workout for a guy who sat out the last 3 1/2 quarters of a championship game with a shoulder stinger, because he didn’t want to risk losing valuable NFL contract money?
    If so, did he only throw the first 3 of 60 passes for the day, and sit on the sideline and watch Garrett Gilbert throw the rest while he held a clipboard?
    Just checking. See if the guy lived up to his reputation.

  5. The ‘Lil Buckaroo is a creation of the U of Texas Sports Info department and his “daddie dearest” high school coach father.
    He lacks the “it factor”, he’s totally scripted. Alex Smith all over again.

  6. @ItalianArmyGuy – you’re one ignorant SOB. This is the second Colt article in the past 2 weeks that you’ve posted the exact same comments. You must have c*ck envy. How can you play in a game if you cant feel your throwing arm or complete a 10 yard pass? Colt may not be the most physically talented QB in the draft but his heart and work ethic are unmatched. The kid started 54 consecutive games in college and has the most wins for a college QB. You must be a Sooner.

  7. Shanny will get Colt Mccoy 2nd round 4th pick! since rams will take bradford 1st pick skins will get Eric Berry first round

  8. “totally scripted”?? Like Sam Bradford’s pro day wasn’t????
    I’ll say this for McCoy, and I am not a Texas fan: He has had incredible accuracy and displayed great leadership through several seasons. What Sam Bradford fans need to remember is, their guy only played one full year in college. Can he read a defense? Can he successfully scramble away from the rush? Can he audible? NO ONE KNOWS. McCoy has far more proven quarters under his belt, in the the same conference, than Bradford.
    We’ll see, of course. But the track record for 1st round QBs isn’t that great.

  9. Here’s what Mike McCarthy, GB Packers’ coach, said about the workout:
    “I liked this workout better. I thought Colt was challenged more in his workout as far as the types of throws,” McCarthy said. “Sam was very accurate, but Sam’s workout was very controlled. He didn’t do as much movement.”
    This is the guy who developed Aaron Rodgers. I think he knows a thing or two.

  10. How do I become a draft and NFL expert? Is there a class I can take? Cause based on what these guys say I don’t think it would be to hard to do.
    Mike Lombardi said “HE HEARD” workout today was average. So now your basing things on stuff you heard?
    Todd McShay said “intermediate accuracy was lacking” Well if he completed every pass he threw it couldn’t have been that off now could it?

  11. I like the comparisons between McCoy and Drew Brees. Both prolific passers in spread offenses in college, both shortish, and neither has a cannon. Despite their accomplishments in college, a conventional wisdom develops that they aren’t going to be studs in the NFL. I think, like Brees, he’ll take a couple seasons to learn how to play in the league but he’ll be winner. I bet Denver or the Chiefs grab him in the early second. He’d be an upgrade for either team at qb. A third possibility is that the Rams take a DT #1 and then grab him with pick #34.

  12. It’s brutal “reporting” by Lombardi and McShay to critique a workout when they were not even in the same zip code. The kid completes all 58 passes, regardless of depth of routes, and McShay says the kid needs to improve his intermediate accuracy. How ignorant of a comment is that. Then Lombardi, a gofer for for most of his career, says the kid needs to show he can drive the ball. Didn’t know we were on the golf course. Are we now using mashies to describe QB’s throwing????????
    If you are not present for the workout, admit it and stay out of the conversation. You wereen’t there and you don’t know. Nothing wrong with being honest about it.

  13. Colt McCoy had a great college career, though surrounded by a great football team in a Big 12 conference that does not play defense.
    Just my opinion, but I don’t think he would have had the same success in the Southeast Conference. Time will tell.
    How many great NFL quarterbacks have come from Big 12 schools? How many are on current rosters? Vince Young, Chris Simms, Sage Rosenfels, Seneca Wallace, Josh Freeman. Who else?
    Nope deucez2, I’m a Gator fan, and was graduated from Gonzaga. And no, I don’t think Tebow is an NFL quarterback, either, though I hope I’m wrong about that, as well as McCoy.
    I just think NFL defenses will shred McCoy. We shall see.
    And deucez2, I’m sure your mother is a wonderful person, no matter your opinion of my mother.

  14. @pacificamike says:
    “italian army guy. thats a great name! can you name 1 italian war hero?”
    Why, yes, I believe I can: Your Momma.
    Do you know anything about football history son? Do you really think I’m an Italian Soldier?
    I’m in the same Italian Army as Frank Sinatra. Google it, poindexter.

  15. @last starfighter
    Agreed, for all the negatives people have come up as to why Colt McCoy won’t make it in the NFL, they said all those same things about Brees coming out of Purdue. Neither has a cannon but both can throw a nice accurate deep ball and know how to find passing lanes. If Colt falls out of the first round, I think whatever team picks him is getting a steal.

  16. Thats fine with me hopefully he falls to the Browns in the 3rd…i think he is a solid QB and showed alot during his career

  17. Since there are two players named McCoy in this year’s draft could you refer to the first name in the headline? I was expecting an article about Gerald McCoy. Who cares about the other guy?

  18. Italian army guy, you just are not that smart are ya. I know I am only a PM&R doc. I will give you a little something to think about. You can get an acute sudden brachial plexopathy/neuralgic amyotrophy. This is more than just a shoulder stinger.
    So, someone named Italian army guy has the audacity to question someone else’s courage. I find that amusing.
    As for Mike Lombardi, I question why the NFL network allows someone with ties to organized crime and gambling to be a commentator.

  19. “italian army guy. thats a great name! can you name 1 italian war hero?”
    Depends on how far back you want to go.
    Let’s see: Julius Caesar and Scipio Africanus were Romans, and I think Rome is still in Italy.
    Then, of course who could forget Maximus in “Gladiator”. Oh wait, he was a Spaniard.

  20. @italian “the situation” army guy, get a clue before you rip colt mccoy. the guy is a flat out winner and some team is going to get very lucky.

  21. I’m a texas fan, and i remember watching games where Colt McCoy had a better game when ever him and bradford played against each other. Texas won both the games the last two years. Colt McCoy is the most winningest QB in college history. So he’s a winner obviously. Drew Brees was the exact same way, i think Colt McCoy will be a good pro if he works at it but the best QB out of this draft will be Jimmy Clausen because of his experience in a pro style offense.
    Rooting for ya Colt

  22. ItalianArmyGuy says:
    March 31, 2010 9:22 PM
    @pacificamike says:
    “italian army guy. thats a great name! can you name 1 italian war hero?”
    Why, yes, I believe I can: Your Momma.
    Do you know anything about football history son? Do you really think I’m an Italian Soldier?
    I’m in the same Italian Army as Frank Sinatra. Google it, poindexter.
    You could of just said ‘Guido’ and covered all bases with less words

  23. Put McCoy with average talent and everyone will see that he’s just a guy. It’s easy to look great in college when your team has more talent on both sides of the ball than 99% of the teams you face.

  24. “GoBrowns19 says:
    March 31, 2010 6:06 PM
    Intermediate accuracy is the most important thing. Moreso than deep accuracy. Sooo, bust!

    The article says that he completed ALL of his passes that day, how could his intermediate accuracy be lacking?
    McShay really should let the big boys speak.

  25. Of course, McCoy showed he was healthy on his pro day. I’ve said for weeks that McCoy would be healthy on his pro day. Nothing was wrong with him. And all the Texas fans can call me all the names they like. It is what it is.
    I’ve had more than two dozen surgeries, including three for nerve damage in my hands. I still have permanent nerve damage in my dominant hand and my other arm. I can’t feel two of my fingers or half of my other arm. But you’d never know it to look at me. I didn’t baby myself so I have no patience for Colt. Sorry. Records aren’t the measure of a man, and it doesn’t matter how many challenges you start. It’s how many you finish.
    That “devastating” hit in the championship game didn’t even dislodge the ball. He stood up, balled his right fist and smacked it into his left. Off field he was moving his arm, running his right hand through his hair. He didn’t appear to have any problem with movement. His dad told CBS it was no big deal but they were thinking about his future and were going to keep him out of the game. Don’t believe me. Go back and watch it. Then he comes back onto the field holding his arm like a wounded bird.
    After the game, they announce the arm is fine and will require no further treatment or physical therapy. At the Combine they show film of him lifting mega weights, etc. But somehow he can’t throw because the arm just isn’t quite healed yet. Healed from what? His people said it was fine. It’s fine enough to lift weights–he just can’t throw at the Combine. But magically he can throw on his pro day. Imagine that.
    I’m sure he’ll have a great pro career … if he never faces an NFL pass rush.

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