No charges to be filed against Joey Porter

Joey Porter will not faces charges stemming from his arrest on March 27, the district attorney in Bakersfield, California said Wednesday.  Porter was arrested for DUI and assaulting a police officer.

Porter was arrested early Saturday by the California
Highway Patrol after he pulled up behind another motorist they had stopped. He was accused of slapping an officer’s hand and exiting his car in a “confrontational manner.”

It’s unclear why the district attorney’s office is not pursuing the charges.  The California Highway Patriot officer that busted Porter has since come under investigation for brutality.

57 responses to “No charges to be filed against Joey Porter

  1. Is it possible that they can file new charges for having too big of a mouth and too small of an impact on a game?

  2. It still needs to be answered as to why in the hell Porter thought he could just pull up behind a car that was pulled over? Athletes are getting away with wayyy too much these days.

  3. Joey Porter will not faces charges
    He was either over the legal limit or not.
    I don’t know much about the Law Enforcement community but possible police brutality should not change the fact that Porter was over the limit.
    Am I missing something here? Can someone inform me about the system and how the DUI charges work.
    Even when I look online I don’t find much info on how the process works. (But I do find the “my nuts itch video”)
    BTW “faces”…if you are going to use the wrong word, use feces. It wouldn’t make sense it would be funny.
    Poop Jokes > Almost everything

  4. The only reason they could have dropped the charges is the cop admitted to making it up. He probably did hit JPeezy. Porter is a real asshole, but so are cops! I bet the cop was being a dick and Porter was a dick right back. Where’s my NWA cd?

  5. The police are public servants.
    They were just keeping things in order & managing the situation in the community.
    Move along……nothing to see here…….
    Is the officer of the peace getting suspended with pay?

  6. What a joke. Porter is an ass and this just makes him seem worse.
    Him and his “Popcorn Muscles” will suck in Arizona anyways.

  7. Somebody bailed him out of this.
    You KNOW that he came out of the car with an attitude. If it were you or me, we’d be looking at a trial.

  8. I can’t picture many police officers as big as Joey Porter. I think if he was the least bit confrontational than his ass would’ve gotten tased, quick.

  9. The football skills may be gone, but the attitude is still there. Not everything that is wrong or stupid is criminal.

  10. You sound like you are disappointed that charges aren’t being filed! Obviously the original report was either exaggerated or out right false! Stupid

  11. Ohhhhhhhhh it must be nice being a Sports Star!
    I wonder what would happen to me if I was drunk and slapped an officer! You know damn well I’d still be in jail!! Wow!!

  12. LMFAO@all you crow eaters!
    I wish athletes could get away with punching big mouth fans in the face.

  13. Ordinary citizens would still be in jail, facing license revocation, and huuuuuuuge fines. NFL players? Meh, not so much.

  14. Joey is Innocent! Like all the current and former Steelers, people want money from them and they are all INNOCENT! Who was the cop, Jon or Ponch?

  15. oh thank god because i’m sure if he was arrested there would have been a couple jackasses on here calling out the racecard

  16. Bakersfield, CA.
    The hometown of Joey Porter and Buck Owens, now that’s diversity with a capital D.

  17. I bet the decision was made by Lisa Green at the Kern County District Attorney’s office.
    Prosecuting a defendant with the money who can hire lawyers able embarrass to the local podunk Kern County DA’s office is just in the too hard category.
    Then again prosecuting illegal aliens and anything else is too hard also for Kern County too. Trials take too much time and judges don’t like to give coffee breaks.
    Kern County has one of the laziest, do nothing District Attorney Offices in California. That is really saying something.
    Naturally, gangs and criminals would love Bakersfield if there was anything to do there. There isn’t.
    An explanation on why they are too lazy to prosecute will not be coming. It is too much work for government employees to answer a telephone let alone think of what to say.
    If you remember the television show Green Acres, this is the place.
    Greenacres is in Kern County and Pixley is to the North in Tulare County.

  18. wrathchild: If that were the case Vick wouldn’t have got 2 years in prison, and Plaxico would be playing this year etc etc STUPID!

  19. I read on a Cardinal forum (probably biased, I know) that his BAC was .07 which probably wasn’t enough for the DA to charge him with DUI. He wasn’t observed driving poorly, so there’s no probable cause to suspect him of DUI either. Add in the PFT rumor mill factor, and BOOM you have a drunken raging lunatic that had to be shackled and dragged to prison because the poor police officer was in fear of his life.
    Sounds about right, 10% truth, 96% BS. I fail at math.

  20. packfan4ever says:
    March 31, 2010 5:18 PM
    oh thank god because i’m sure if he was arrested there would have been a couple jackasses on here calling out the racecard
    Have you noticed you are the only one to mention “race card”………………
    Ha ha ha

  21. It’s amazing how everyone assumes it’s always the athletes fault, like every one of you were there to see what happened. So are we to assume that cops are never wrong, or that women never try to trap athletes so they can get a big payday? To listen to the whiners out there, everyone in America is on the take and every athlete is a drug dealing thug rapist
    So, to recap:
    1) every police report that clears an athlete of wrongdoing is actually a cover up that was paid for by the player or league
    2) every athlete that manages to wind up in the news due to an alleged wrongdoing should be immediately burned at the stake
    3) every woman that claims she was mistreated by an athlete should be believed and the athlete should be forced to do jail time as a serial rapist/assualter and/or burned at the stake, whichever is more entertaining to the ignorant masses

  22. The first Joey Porter story had him getting busted for DUI and assaulting a police officer.
    People in here went bat shit crazy and called for his hide.
    Now, he’s been exonerated, and all charges have been dropped.
    Now, people in here are going bat shit crazy and calling for his hide.
    What did I miss?

  23. As an attorney practicing in California I can say this is not unusual and does not necessarily mean charges will not be filed.
    The way the process works is that DUI charges are generally not filed on non-custody cases (I believe Mr. Porter bailed out so he would be non-custody) for at least a couple weeks to allow for the BA test results to come back. Since this happened last week this is a very short return date and it is highly unlikely the chemical test results are back yet. So the normal procedure would be to get a “no filing” letter from the DA’s office on the early return date indicating charges may be filed later.
    In my experience CHP test results generally take longer than the local lab, so it is not surprising no charges filed now. This does not necessarily mean no charges will ever be filed – although they may not be. I have had clients charged up to 3 or more months later when the arrest was done by the CHP due to lab delays.

  24. “Nuckinfutz says: March 31, 2010 4:59 PM
    Somebody bailed him out of this.
    You KNOW that he came out of the car with an attitude.”
    Please explain how you KNOW this.

  25. Don’t worry Zona fans he will live up to his disappointing actions.
    But you could always rely on his mouth.

  26. and another green light for NFLers to do whatever they want….
    get out of a car and face down a cop? good to go

  27. Love it! The inmates are running the asylum.
    Pretty soon none of us will have to worry about the rule of law – cool.

  28. “Have you noticed you are the only one to mention “race card”………………”
    He was saying being prepared for you pulling it, and you likely would have if he didn’t take your point for every post away. Go away turd.

  29. I’m going to say what we should all be saying? Thank you State of California…thank you for not wasting tax payer money on something that might not have been what was reported. Thank you for being far more responsible in your investigation than an single journalist has been in the past 15 years, life after the O.J. trial. Thank you…RT

  30. Exactly what BlueEyedDevil has been squawking about for the last month.
    Two sets of rules.
    Clearly Joey only got off because he’s white.

  31. The Real Shuxion.. I think when Joey got arrested he was under suspicion of a D.U.I.. Maybe he wasnt afterall.. Im not sure just a suggestion,
    I think Dui laws vary state to state too .. so im not too sure whats the law out there.
    Did the cop have a dashboard camera in his car anyone know?

  32. the POLICE DEPARTMENTS are simply out of control.
    They are ridden with waste
    They are ridden with bad cops
    They are ridden with budgetary fat
    They are ripe to be reduced at every municipality in the country – everyone should reduce the police force budget by 10-15% – EVERYWHERE
    Don’t mess with the BIRDS!!

  33. Just drop it everybody Joey Porter is not an asshole and he does alot for Kern County. Of course it is all politics in Kern County. The good ole boy system. From the time he was arrested I knew there was no charges being filed and I gurantee you the CHP officer will be fired….. Love It..

  34. J Peezy always gets over. Live and learn boys. He always gets over, and he always gets paid.
    That’s why he’s my sixth favorite all-time Steelers outside linebacker, you dumb-a$$es. Go Cards!

  35. Of course not, he is famous! If it was any of us we would all be waiting trial probably without bail. These players are mentors for our youth and should be held to hire standards. $$$ Money buys just about everything. But, until everyone united stands up for what is wrong then it will always be like this. The NFL says it is real strict on this type of stuff but the don’t really unless it is something that is going to completely take over the news, then they step in and give a slap on the wrist. They make millions and millions and get fined 5 or 10 thousand? Thats nothing for these guys they don’t need to be suspended that just hurts the teams and the fans, what they need is heavier fines. He messes up slap him with like a hundred thousand dollar fine. Yeah it sounds like a lot but hey it will get the message across. Also I know that they never go to jail for longer than a couple of days (unless they act like idiots and shoot themselves in the leg. lol sorry Plex lol). So lets make them do more community service along with that heavy fine! I think that would change attitudes in a hurry. More players need to take like a Peyton Manning type approach to being a citizen. HEY YOU GET TO PLAY IN THE NFL! ONE OF THE GREATEST JOBS! PEOPLE WOULD DIE TO BE IN YOUR POSITION! SHAPE UP! ACT CIVILIZED! AND GET IT TOGETHER!

  36. Obama said the police acted ” Stupidly ” and after he said that charges were dropped. There is still hope and change in America after all

  37. “the POLICE DEPARTMENTS are simply out of control.
    They are ridden with waste
    They are ridden with bad cops
    They are ridden with budgetary fat
    They are ripe to be reduced at every municipality in the country – everyone should reduce the police force budget by 10-15% – EVERYWHERE
    Don’t mess with the BIRDS!!”
    And yet they still risk their life for you every day

  38. @Gregg …
    “California Highway Patriot officer” … interesting Freudian slip 🙂
    Two down. One to go.

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