Report: McNabb wants to play for the Cardinals, someday

It’s no surprise that soon-to-be-former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb doesn’t want to play for the Oakland Raiders.

A few years ago, it would have been a big surprise that McNabb — or anyone — would have wanted to play for the Arizona Cardinals.

But the Cardinals have become a legitimate contender in the NFC.  They’ll stay there only with capable quarterback play post-Kurt Warner.  If they don’t get it out of Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson in 2010, they may get it from McNabb in 2011.

Per Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, McNabb “has his sights set” on eventually playing for the Cardinals.  It could have happened in 2010; Cole reports that the Cardinals inquired about trading for McNabb before signing Anderson.  Now, the Cardinals officially aren’t interested.

They could be in 2011, if (as expected) they fade back to the pack and become for the first time in three years a non-playoff team.  Then there’s the reality that Leinart, per Cole, is due to make at least $12.86 million in 2011 — an amount the Cardinals surely won’t want to pay unless Leinart becomes “the guy” in 2010. 

Still, McNabb’s availability will depend largely on his destination for 2010, and whether the team he ends up playing for this year can find a way to squat on his rights in 2011, either by signing him to a new deal or using the franchise tag, which may or may not be available.

Even if McNabb becomes an unrestricted free agent, the Cardinals could have competition for his services.  The Vikings most likely will be looking for a post-Favre option next season, and McNabb would be the best choice.

67 responses to “Report: McNabb wants to play for the Cardinals, someday

  1. Too bad they don’t want him.
    Aside from the 49ers, this makes the most sense. Not sure what that team is thinking…

  2. Since when did quarterbacks run the league? Know your role mcnabb. Throw the ball. Stop lobbying like a little black bitch and be lucky you even got a damn job and there is a demand for you. Your getting paid right? And its not $17 an hour I’m sure…..

  3. See, Cornflorio, this is the issue that many have. You quote another writer’s article = fine. Then you add your head in the sand opinion to validate a completely ignorant hypothetical situation written by a guy that just had to write an article…….
    Let’s see how this plays out, first, and then we’ll see how accurate all your opinions and poo flinging have been. Additionally, we’ll see how accurate all of your “sources” and “high level front office sources” have been…

  4. “Cole reports that the Cardinals inquired about trading for McNabb before signing Anderson. Now, the Cardinals officially aren’t interested.”
    Really, Arizona? You sign a garbage backup QB, and you’re content with that? Have fun watching your grip on the NFC West slip away. (clapping) Seriously, good job. Same old Cardinals.

  5. the vikings would be a serious contender with mcnabb. trade him to the afc philly hopefully he will get franchised and get stuck there lol. the eagles are going to miss him a lot when hes gone. cant wait!

  6. There was a report yesterday that Cardinals are no longer interested in McNabb bc the Eagles new GM totally botched the deal.

  7. … and the Cardinals sink back to the bottom of the division… where they belong (with Seattle). Trash.

  8. Florio, can you just once, please, not include your Vikings when a star player is looking for a new team…They are not the only team in the league.

  9. So you can read his mind Florio? How would you know anything let alone what Pukey McChunks thinks? So tell us wise one, what’s the difference between the Raiders and Cardinals? The consensus is the Cards will suck with Leinart. If Chunky was as good as you all think he is, he should like the challenge of the Raiders. Considering Bruce Gradkowski can throw 300+ yards and come back from behind (twice) to beat these teams you think are so great like the E-gals and Steelers, what would Pukey be able to do? Think before you speak and put down the hateraid

  10. The Cards arent pursuing McNabb cause they want to go forward with Leinert and Derek Anderson?
    Quick question does anyone here think Leinert or Anderson is better than McNabb???
    Not so bold prediction… cards will regret that descision.

  11. Of course he would want to play for the Cardinals he would finally have the fans support for the first time in his career. I don’t really dislike the Eagles football team, but I can’t stand the fans. McNabb has done more for the Eagles than any other QB in the last 40 years and it seems like all they want to do is run him out of town.
    I really hope that those Eagles fans that think Vick should be starting get their wish.
    I will say I like Kolb, but in Reid’s predictable offense he won’t be any better than Mcnabb.

  12. Didn’t I just read earlier this week, on this site, that McNabb was quoted as saying he wanted to retire an Eagle?

  13. the vikes could have Mcnadd for 3+ seasons or Farve for MAYBE 1. The vikes deserve to crash and burn for their stupidity and Farve loving next season… or this season if Farve stays home.

  14. Respect, Loyalty, Love for your team and teammates, all of that is tossed around by every head coach and franchise.
    But when the benefit of the team is at stake….its usually–screw you! We’re trading your butt to a cellar dweller.
    I can see where veteran QBs as well as other players who have bought into that rhetoric feel as though maybe some shred of loyalty and consideration is appropriate as they enter the final 5 years or so of their career.
    Everyone who is screaming that McNabb is a whiney bitch should realize he hasn’t yet dug in his heels and said no to anything, he’s just let it be known that he would like a bit of respect and a chance to end his career somewhere with a team ready to actually compete.

  15. oaklandx510:
    I think you’re jealous of McNabb. Everybody has a preference for where they’d like to work. You act as if McNabb has been on TV lobbying for where he’d like to play.
    And that “black” comment was unnecessary.

  16. I think all this talks hurts the value the Eagles will get for McNabb.
    If Donovan is going around telling people he would like to play for the Cards or Vikings ‘someday’ or maybe he should just say 2011. Why would Raiders, Bills, Browns, Hawks or anyone trade for McNabb when they will only have him for 1 season.

  17. The Cards would be smart to do a deal for McNabb this year, despite signing Anderson. Let the three of them compete in camp, then cut the loser and eat the financial loss.
    That is, if they care about winning.
    If they are just satisfied with putting butts in the seats and making/saving bank, they should sit on the status quo.

  18. There’s certainly a lot of people who come here with no other intent than to hate on Florio. Or, at least, that’s how you would like it to appear.
    So do you guys just have nothing better to do with your life or do you all have some secret man crush on him? At least the man is getting paid to do this.

  19. Wow! Now that the rest of NFC East has gotten better and are for the most part better McScrub wants to go beat up on another weak division to pad his regular season stats. What has he done for Philadelphia besides win regular season games? What you people don’t realize is that philly fans care about one thing and that is winning championships. We don’t care that he did this or he did that all we know is he didn’t do it when it counted. Here is a question for you: Out of the 6 pro bowls he went to How many was he voted into without being an alternate? ONE

  20. We got a bunch of unhappy white people that plague this site… Why are you people so angry? If you don’t like FLORIO then stop following this site and goto espn with your 3rd grade comments. FLORIO PWNS, GET OFF HIS NUTTS.

  21. Whenever I see Florio begin an article with “REPORT”, I have a vision of him in his bathrobe and a pot on his head running around his home office waiving a paper screaming “REPORT” in his best Sgt. Schultz voice.

  22. With an accurate guy like Warner at QB, the Cards manage 9-7 or so
    McNabb isn’t that accurate
    the Cardinals have lost Dansby, Rolle & Berry
    no QB can solve the problems that they are going to have on defense(which by the way conceded 90 points WITH those guys)
    I’m pretty sure that Whiz will like to develop a guy instead of going with a 2-3 year fix like McNabb

  23. why does everyone feel that McNabb is so sick. He gets his big numbers on beat teams then doenst show up for meaningful games.
    He puked and lost us the super bowl. Shits the bed everytime a reciever is wide open. & laughs about his shitty plays on the field. I dont think us fans would HATE on him so much if he never smiled after a interception.
    He averages around 22tds a year. NO DOUBT KOLB CAN DO THAT. The only reason he stays low on INTs is that he throws balls into the dirt where no one can catch them OFF or DEF. If those passes we missing high instead you’d be lookin at a bunch of 23td 25 int seasons.
    McNabb. You brought our city outta a terrible funk. You did it with no other help on offense. You let us build a well rounded team around you. WE thank you for your services but. . . it aint gonna fly no more.
    I’d trade him straight up for Asom

  24. The cardinals want him, he lives in PHX and wants out of that wretched city on the east coast – Philly.
    Great fit, awesome receivers, incredible facilities to play in and a coach that can get anything done

  25. The story about Roseman is gaining traction. He’s a fantasy football guy who is being viewed as a “shakedown artist”. No one will take him seriously.
    My new prediction for McNabb compensation:
    2010: 4th round pick
    2011: 3rd round pick
    Non-conditional. And I am being generous.

  26. Good thing I like McNabb since I am a Vikings and Cardinals fan.
    I just cannot understand why the Cardinals are not interested in McNabb. Derek Anderson is not the answer at QB. I am not even sure why the Cardinals got him, anyway. And, while I haven’t written Lienart off completely yet, I still think McNabb is a significantly better QB. And, since McNabb actually lives in AZ, the Cardinals would have a good chance of resigning him, especially if they saw success this year.
    But I am torn, cause the Vikings are my number 1 team (I root for AZ cause I live here now and only when they are not playing the Vikings), and I think McNabb would be good for us after next season. I believe that Favre will be in a Vikings uniform next season, so we don’t need McNabb now, but I would love to see him in Purple in 2011. I am one of the few people who like Jackson, but I don’t think he will ever be successful with Childress’ offense. It does not suite Jackson’s strengths, so he looks below average running it.
    I don’t understand why teams like the Raiders and Bills are seriously considering trading for McNabb. I understand that QB is a need for them, but McNabb has one year left on his contract and it is very doubtful that he will resign with a team that far out of playoff contention. McNabb is getting old, too, so by the time they finish building the team around McNabb, they may be looking to get in a younger talent behind center.

  27. This is exactly why DMac needs to wherever he is traded, even if it’s Oakland, and play his ass off. Or if he isn’t traded, play his ass off in philly. No whining, no sulking, no BS.
    There will be a couple of really good QB jobs for 2011- Minnesota, Arizona, maybe Denver if Orton and Quinn are lousy or Chicago if Cutler tanks again. McNabb needs to make himself as attractive an option as possible- and acting like a bitch this year won’t get it done.

  28. Report: Cardinals don’t have McNabb on radar
    Report: McNabb could be headed to Cleveland
    Report: Cleveland front-runners to land McNabb
    Report: McNabb reportedly would refused to play for Cleveland
    Report: McNabb could stay with Philly
    Report: Raiders still interested in McNabb
    There, I just titled your next 6 non-stories

  29. Florio, you are assuming he doesn’t want to play for Oakland. He never said he didn’t. Thanks once again for fanning the Raider hate. You jerk off.

  30. I’m so sick of hearing about this bitch. Screw McNabb and what he wants. This is worse than the annual Favre drama.

  31. Can you blame McNabb? At this point, Philadelphia doesn’t have any love for the guy – so why not go somewhere else where your stats and being a decent guy be appreciated?
    He’ll never be a Vick or Iverson and never will be.

  32. Alright I’m out. I’m through with checking into these non stories that people make up. I won’t be clicking on any story related to this again, because I’m tired of the made up junk. This has been going on for years now with this story. Every year he’s traded supposedly.

  33. @Chop Block Murphy
    So you are saying that Philly fans don’t want to win championships? and we just are ok with mediocre? Because i want my wins to have meaning. Judging by your name Chop Block winning by playing the game right is probably not your style which makes sense since you are backing an inaccurate, choking, air guitar playing idot. Mcnabb is a chump and so are people that CHOP BLOCK

  34. OaklandX,
    Keep your racist comments off of the site as this isnt a “WHITES ONLY ALLOWED” sports site. if you got a problem with Black people take it up with God or enjoy your place in hell!
    keep in mind this is site is backed by NBC so when you and others that work under you post replies that are considered extremely offensive you could potentially have someone try to nail you on legal suit. If someone creates an article and forwards to media that says….
    “NBC allows PFT fans to post racist and offensive comments through their servers”
    How do yo think NBC would respond to that???? Would they be ok with allowing this type of behavior to pass through there company backed servers???????
    Interesting what they would say about it……hhhmmmmmmmmm

  35. He isn’t getting traded until draft day if he even is. The raiders won’t be able to retain him unless they grossly over pay him. He will play for the eagles, all theses reports are what reporters are speculating with no real evidence

  36. OH NO! Just reported that Michael Vick is no longer available!
    Sorry NFL, you all blew it!!!
    Wasted roster spot and lots of cash for 2 plays a game.
    Roseman will give you Vick for Peyton Manning, three 1st round picks, and Dwight Freeney…but he’s only gonna hold that deal until 2pm today!
    The Gold Standard.

  37. Vick or Iverson?
    Yeah, one is a complete non-entity that no one in the city gives a second thought about. The other is an all-time favorite athlete and HOF’er.
    Maybe Vick can hold the ball on kickoffs on windy days.
    What is the connection, I don’t get the point.

  38. “of Yahoo Sports”?, what the hell is Yahoo Sports? Is this the same unit that stirred up the Cable Hanson deal claiming all kinds of crazy things that turned out to be nothing but false.
    I know the Google has eat Yahoo alive and I am stunned to learn that they are even still around. Thank God I bought my stock in Google and Apple years back and stayed away from Yahoo.
    McdNabb can be had this year for a cup of coffee and a roll and yet no teams have made the offer to get the deal done. I have heard that the Eagles have been offered nothing more than a 3rd round pick for the dude.
    One must remember that he will be 34 this year and any team that gets him could Franchise Tag him making him 36 years old before he ever got away. Hell he is 34 this year and could not play a full season healthy at the ages of 30, 31, or 32. What makes you think he will be doing it when 5 or 5 years older.
    You are not what you think you are when you play for a team that is a Playoff contender and your team does not want you behind center. That is kind of like your old lady having a line of dudes at your bedside as she boots you to the curb while yelling batter up.

  39. @ jwill007
    How is that racist? He’s not black? I made that up huh. Boo whoo. I pointed out the obvious and people are getting mad. Whaa!!!!! So STFU!

  40. @mikedog44 says:
    “So you are saying that Philly fans don’t want to win championships? and we just are ok with mediocre?”
    I am saying you speak for yourself, not for Eagles fans on the whole. McNabb’s time may be up in Philly, but I appreciate what he’s done for this team over the past decade.
    Now here’s to hoping you won’t fire back with another zinger that pokes fun at my user name. Gosh, that really hurt my feelings when you did that, “mikedog.”

  41. Donovan McNabb = Aaron Brooks
    Must the experiments continue?? JUST FIX THE (VERY) OFFENSIVE LINE!

  42. @Chop Block Murphy
    That makes no sense!! Why wouldn’t ALL the Eagles fans want to win a championship? It is my opinon about McNabb being a scrub,but all Eagles fan should want to win the Super Bowl and that was my original point and giving this guy a pass for what he has done in the regular season is C*ap. Contrary to your belief I started out as a HUGE Donovan fan. even have the jersey hanging up in the closet. But then I thought back to when he was proclaiming that he wanted to be a pocket passer and didn’t want to labled as a running quarterback. That was the dumbest thing he could have possibly done because he is not a pocket passer he made things happen by running. I dont know if it was the fact that he was scared or getting older but he stopped caring and I stopped caring about him. “Mickey Mantle isn’t going to pay my rent”
    Sorry for the cheap shot

  43. @mikedog44:
    What makes no sense? That I appreciate McNabb’s time in Philly? He’s been a huge reason why the Eagles have been a perennial playoff contender since 2000. Of course we all want to win a Super Bowl, and I agree now seems like an ideal time to turn the page and bring in Kolb…but not all Eagles fans want to punch McNabb in the gut on his way out the door.
    And I was kidding about the user name thing, BTW. It’s all fair game.

  44. Never listen to a coach or GM from Feb until the draft. They sent out false information. The Cards are “very interested” in McNabb, however the Eagles do not want to sent him to an NCF team. When McNabb gets traded to Oakland on draft day, I believe there will eb a clause that Oakland can not trade him to an NC team or Philly will get extra picks. I believe Al Davis does not care and once he gets McNabb he will trade him to Az for Lienart and a 3rd or 4th rounder.

  45. Players are traded, proclaimed guilty, in altercations, said this or that, all without any proof. Another false story thrown out there in order to get comments.

  46. Arizona would be a place that appreciates McNabb more than Philly? As far as I know, no one’s ever vandalized his property here.

  47. “If Donovan is going around telling people he would like to play for…”
    McNabb isn’t going around telling anyone anything. All of these “reports” are just the media making stories out of their own speculation. You see, they don’t actually “report” anything anymore, they just create their own news. It makes their job easier.

  48. Some philly fans are so hungry for a SB they are willing to gamble on Kolb without knowing the out come. If Mcnabb gets traded[which is just a rumor} Kevin Kolb can not handle that Franchise! Eagles are a prime time team because of Mcnabb period.

  49. Nowhere have I read that McNabb didn’t want to play for the Raiders. Sure, I have read speculative reporting that he only wants to go to a true contender, but nowhere has McNabb been quoted saying either of those things. In reality, all this McNabb crap is nothing more than media hype to keep the bills paid. Responsible reporting is a thing of the past, and any old hack can now become a sports reporter.
    Not only that, nobody from the Oakland Raiders has said anything about being interested in McNabb. an unnamed inside source just doesn’t cut it. It’s all speculation and nothing more.

  50. Has there ever been a team that won back to back Superbowls with two different qb’s?
    There will be:
    1. Vikings/Favre February 2011
    2. Vikings/McNabb February 2012.

  51. Has there ever been a team that won back to back Superbowls with two different qb’s?
    There will be:
    1. Vikings/Favre February 2011
    2. Vikings/McNabb February 2012.

  52. doubledipp
    Maybe Kolb can’t beat a winning team, much less a playoff team.
    When was the last time McNabb beat a winning team, or a playoff team?

  53. Philly will get more for McNabb if they deal him to a team that he wants to go to. A team would only be willing to pay a lot for him if he is willing to sign an extension.
    People complaining about him “bitching” where he wants to go and this and that are missing the point. Philly can trade him to Oakland if they want. But McNabb isn’t going to sign an extension with a team he doesn’t want to play for, nor should he. So why the hell would Oakland give a 2nd rounder or something knowing full well it is a 1 year rental.
    On the other hand, Arizona or Minnesota are teams he’s expressed interest in. It is safe to assume he’d be more than happy to sign a 4 year with either team. With that in mind those teams might pay more for him as he is worth more than a 1 year rental to them.
    As a Vikes fan I’d sorta like to see them get McNabb if the price is cheap. He can back up Brett for a year and take over after that. This is assuming Favre even comes back.

  54. how would Jason Cole of yahoo sports know if McNabb wants to play for the cardinals?
    He lives in Phoenix and Cardinals have been regular contenders, doesn’t take a journalism degree to put 2 and 2 together.

  55. Sando – I get you point. McNabb isn’t 28 years old. He needs to sign an extension the minute he lands in a new city, wherever that is. If he blows out a knee, he’s finished and will never draw another NFL check. He’s married to wherever he goes.
    For that reason, I think he will ink a deal to whatever team gets him.
    He SHOULD do what Favre did with the Jets – go to the team he doesn’t care for, play out the year, and go to where he wants to be.
    But Donovan is risk-averse. He will never do that.
    McNabb would whine and cry and passive-aggresively kill the team if he were a backup. He’d show for training camp, Favre would still not be committed, and then all hell would break loose when #4 came back and was given the starting job. Can’t go down like that.

  56. Donovan isnt the reason the eagles have been a perennial playoff team. theyve made playoff runs with koy detmer, aj feeley, and jeff garcia as well. it was their o line, b west, their defense and special teams that won them games. the eagles move players after they hit 30. thats what they do. d staley,t vincent, b. taylor, h douglas, ike reese, trotter, tra thomas, b dawk, runyan, b west, etc etc. name one of those players who did squat after they left the eagles? my point is ive heard this can the eagles still win if they let this, that and the other player go? i dont know, but they do. with or without mcnabb theyll go 11-5, 10-6 and get in the playoffs. theyve done it with feeley and garcia, theyll do it with kolb.
    p.s quit with the eagles fans dont appreciate poor donovan blah blah..seriously denver tried to run elway out of town before he finally won the big one. hell, a few months ago i watched tom brady, a 3 time sb winner, get booed off the field in the playoff game. any city would be just as frustrated with the mcnabb era as we are. its been 11 years.

  57. oaklandx510:
    Your first comment was ridiculous…then you try and defend it?? We know he’s black you idiot.. Calling someone a whiny little bitch is alright.. that’s not how you put it.. If he was white, would you have said stop whining like a little white bitch?? That just as idiotic

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