Teams are checking out Terrence Cody

Generally speaking, we don’t put much weight into the “who’s visiting who” nonsense of the run-up to the NFL draft.  This is, as we’ve said a time or two, the portion of the year when blue eyes turn the deepest shade of brown.  So we’ve tried this year to get away from the machine-gun barrage of players who are going to see this team and that team.

Here’s the summary:  A lot of potential draft picks will visit a lot of teams before the draft.  And there’s little or no correlation between those visits and where the guy will be drafted.

But some of the high-profile guys catch our attention.  One such guy is this year’s winner of the Alabama man-boob competition, defensive tackle Terrence Cody.

We’re told that he will visit the Ravens, Redskins, Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs.

Again, it doesn’t mean that any of those teams are serious about Cody.  Hell, it could be that they simply want to see him do the Truffle Shuffle.

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  1. I was checking him out too. He was on the cover of the black and stacked special issue of Juggs last month.

  2. You gotta do it Chunk! Do the truffle shuffle!
    Ha ha! Classic!
    Goonies was the shit!

  3. “Again, it doesn’t mean that any of those teams are serious about Cody. Hell, it could be that they simply want to see him do the Truffle Shuffle.”
    That’s classic. Some of your jokes aren’t funny, that was great.

  4. There have been good fat guys and bad fat guys on D-lines over the recent past. It’s just harder to stay healthy and play plenty of downs when you’re carrying too much in your sports bra.

  5. Heartclooging fat NTs are so hard to grade that 34 def coordinators use the jiggle test.

  6. 32? you mean…and its retarded they put skins in the mix on this one because with the 3-4, we def dont need a fat ass “jiggly” NT haha

  7. Cody was force to stop in Bama. He’s the best pure 34 NT coming out of this draft. He demands a double team every time he’s on the field, which is exactly the job of a 34 NT. I hope a lot of teams pass on him so that the Chargers can snag him in the 2nd with the 40th overall pick.

  8. well we have haynesworth…the best NT when healthy…thats why redskins shouldnt be looking at him…and chargers need cj spillar to replace tomlinson, because sproles is just an impact player…not a everydown back, i think that the broncos will not pass him up, they have 2 first round picks and a second, it would help with dumervil rushing the passer

  9. ok but the skins have the best NT in the league when healthy…and yes he is good but the chargers need cj spillar…sproles is an impact player…not an every down back, spillar would fill that…and i believe the broncos will get him before chargers because they have two first rounds and a second round…he would be great to isolate dumervil, it would be a better pass rush for denver

  10. Perfect fit for the Chiefs. Watch out for Pioli to deal some of his extra picks and do a lot of moving around to grab guys he wants. i.e. Cody

  11. @HTTR!!SkinsFan30
    The Broncos don’t have 2 first round picks, they traded one to the Seahawks last year. I would love for the Broncos to take Cody with their 2nd round pick but for that to happen he would have to make it past the Chargers twice, which I don’t think is likely.
    While the Skins have a guy who could potentially be a great NT, he has never played the position and doesn’t seem to want to start now. If they picked Cody, they could have him play the nose and put Haynesworth at DE where he could dominate and would be a good fit at 6’6.
    I could see the Chiefs jumping at the opportunity to pick him if he is there when they pick in the second round. They have a need at the position and as an added bonus it would be taking him away from the Chargers a few picks later.

  12. ok ya i just saw the seahawks got it lol my bad on that…and idk cuz chargers need a rb and potentially a lb because merriman wants to go to wwe LMFAO!!! but Haynsewoth at DE????? thats nuts…he gets winded at DT how it is…he would clog the line for our linebackers to rush the passer really well…it would be a good pick but im still goin with shanny getting eric berry first round then colt mccoy second round….i would love the pick of eric berry…Landry and Berry together would be one of the best safety tandums if berry live up to his expectations…but i think cody will be kinda like shaun rogers in the NFL

  13. Are you skins fans serious? To the first skins fan, Cody IS a 3-4 NT, that is the position he is best suited for, so the skins switch to the 3-4 is the REASON the skins are looking at him. To HTTR skins fan, Haynesworth doesn’t want to play nose tackle in a 3-4, which is precisely the reason the skins would go after Cody. Haynesworth at DE isn’t nuts, its what is going to hapen. And have you watched LaRon Landry play recently? The guy is terrible. He can’t cover and he’s a penalty machine. Maybe he’ll be better if he moves back to SS, but without a doubt Landry is yet another terrible Skins draft pick.

  14. ok first of all landry isnt horrible…he is a great ss, he is just plaing out of position…and your right…he cant cover because he isnt a corner…he is a run stopped and an extremely hard hitting safety…with eric berry at his side, he will have his first year numbers again if not better…and i havent heard anything about haynesworth not wanting to play NT, And there is no way haynesworth is in that shape to hold up the DE position…

  15. Cody was over-powered NUMEROUS times last year against much lesser talent
    It amazes me he gets this much pub over a few plays that ESPN keeps showing

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