The Boz turns up at UCLA Pro Day

UCLA’s Pro Day on Tuesday featured plenty of NFL scouts and several players hoping to get drafted, but we’d like to focus on something else that took place: A Brian Bosworth sighting.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that The Boz turned up to watch his twin nephews, UCLA linebackers Kyle and Korey Bosworth, work out.

Kyle and Korey weren’t college superstars like Brian was at Oklahoma, but they’re also not viewed as prima donnas just because their uncle is remembered, as Rick Reilly once wrote, for “Hair by Sassoon, earring by Tiffany, body by Dianabol, cleat tattoo on chest by Bo.”

I liked the way they attacked their workout,” one scout told Farmer. “They’re high-character guys, hard-working, no-quit, relentless. They’ll probably end up making it.”

The brothers are likely to be late-round picks or to sign on somewhere as undrafted free agents.