Trent Edwards "confident" he'll win Bills' quarterback competition

New Bills coach Chan Gailey says the starting quarterback in Buffalo will be determined via an “open competition.”

Trent Edwards, who opened 2009 as the starter but was benched midway through the season, expects to win that competition.

I’ve always been a confident player, regardless if someone doesn’t want me to play or not,” Edwards said Tuesday, per the Buffalo News. “If the media doesn’t like me, if a coach doesn’t like me, I’m still a confident player. That’s not going to change anything about me. People can criticize me. There’s obviously doubters out there. It’s my opportunity, my chance right now, to change those into believers.”

In reality, it doesn’t matter if Edwards changes all the doubters into believers. It just matters if he convinces new Bills coach Chan Gailey to believe in him. And Edwards says he likes the fact that Gailey is a one-man show running the offense himself.

“I don’t want to talk negatively about last year’s staff,” Edwards said, “but the hard part for me as a quarterback, you want to have one person to listen to and one voice, and I feel like the last couple years you would say one thing to one guy and he would say it to another guy and what you’re looking for would kind of get lost in the process. I feel like here with the situation we’re in, if you like something offensively you’re telling it to the head coach.”

For now, Edwards’ competition is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. It’s also possible that the Bills could draft or trade for a quarterback who would be brought in with the expectation to start, but Edwards believes the current staff is open to awarding the job to one of the three guys on the team right now.

“I wouldn’t expect them to name anyone right now,” Edwards said. “There’s no reason. They have no allegiance to anyone here. I wasn’t drafted by this staff. So I have a clean slate just like anyone they would bring in here.”

33 responses to “Trent Edwards "confident" he'll win Bills' quarterback competition

  1. And i’m “Confident” i’ll drop my season tickets if he does win the QB competition.

  2. I just hope whoever does win, it is not because they conned Gailey better than the other guys by kissing ass and being “easier” to work with. The guy with the biggest balls and abilities should win! I hope. The QB position should only improve with Chan however I don’t think he is going to find lighten in a bottle with trent. Here’s to hoping he finds it in Trent or Brohm or a drafted QB.

  3. I have questioned Edwards ability to be a leader since he came into the league, there have been times when he has looked good, but there have been other times when he has looked like a deer in the headlights. For the sake of the Bills future I sincerely hope that he steps up and finally shows the consistency that Buffalo needs at the position. More than that though is the hope i have that the Bills DO NOT draft Tebow unless they get him in the fourth round or later, where he deserves to be drafted.

  4. And in other news……A caterpillar was maliciously abused by an worm in an apparent hate crime.
    Blah. Who care about Edwards anyway? Does Buffalo still have a football team?? Where is the Donovan updates?

  5. Although I tend to think that Edwards is better suited to be a backup than a starter, if the Bills do not get Clausen (good luck), Bradford (no chance) or McNabb (unlikely), he is probably their best option, but only if the Bills plan to have an O-line this year. We all saw what happened last year, when the Bills decided to see what would happen if they played without an O-line (due to trades, cuts and injuries they did not have a real O-line). If the Bills can avoid injuries, pick up a good LT and if the RT from Oakland can play, then Edwards should have the time and confidence to avoid the behavior that caused him to be called Captain Checkdown. With even an average O-line, Edwards will be a much better short-term option than Vick, Tebow or any of the other QBs in he draft who are not named Clausen or Bradford.

  6. It wasnt too long ago that the media was hailing Edwards as the next great QB when he led the Bills to a 5-3 start. It’s amazing how fast things change….

  7. and I am confident that I will win the lottery, even with all those doubters out there who don’t believe in me because they still buy tickets.

  8. drumbug71 says:
    March 31, 2010 8:58 AM
    It wasnt too long ago that the media was hailing Edwards as the next great QB when he led the Bills to a 5-3 start. It’s amazing how fast things change….
    What media are you reading? This guy would back up Kurt Warner at any grocery store anywhere other than Buffalo…
    Excellent holder for PAT’s. Couldn’t imagine what I’d do if this guy was my team’s QB. Wow.
    NFL has no future in Buffalo.

  9. When the season starts, Buffalo’s starting QB will be Tyler Thigpen. They’ll trade a 4th for him on draft day…

  10. @# Burnum says: March 31, 2010 9:20 AM
    When the season starts, Buffalo’s starting QB will be Tyler Thigpen. They’ll trade a 4th for him on draft day…
    That would be a pretty good fit for the type of QB Gailey has had success with in the past. Thigpen has looked good in limited work and is pretty athletic, which is necessary in Buffalo with the O line issues they have. Once again anyone would be better than the Bills putting the future in TeBlows hands.

  11. By the time of his benching, it looked as though all 3 receivers were going to kill him, literally. I’ve never seen a player player from a point of fear than Trent Edwards, alway has terror in his eyes and never seems to be playing for the win, instead safe passes to the RB or TE, never happy after a win, never mad after a loss, this guy really has no passion for the game and is really unpopular with the fans and players IMO.
    GO BILLS (best fans in the NFL)

  12. @Big Stretch
    I trust that Mike Vick will have little or no impact on our roster, just as he had no impact last year. He is merely a PR story, and trade bait (failed trade bait). Therefore, I don’t think that “have fun with mike vick applies to anything” Kevin Kolb will be the quarterback, Vick will be a backup/wildcat qb at best and will be released at the end of the season.
    Its good to see you fishing for a response because, if you are a Bills fan, it is the only thing left for you to do up there because your team is nothing.
    Thank you. Come again.

  13. The guy had all the promise in the world. Despite what people said about his arm, he could successfully throw the long ball. He was the frst QB in years to actually put our TEs to work. Trent Edward’s problem is that his head is fragile and he protects himself because he is afraid of another concussion. You can’t blame him for that; but at the same time, don’t make him the starter if this is still the case. Chan, if you read this; I have seen every single game that Trent has played in and if you want to test his ability to be a started it needs to be done while he is under pressure. Have Stroud chasing after him in practice while he is making throws or something…..he plays different when he is scared to get hit.

  14. If we draft Dexter McCluster, Trent can be good. He checks the ball down pretty much every play, so all we need is a speedy “waterbug who moves like a cat” to take those screen passes somewhere.

  15. @ Real Eagle – ok then how about good luck with Kolb and that predictable offense that Reid won’t let go of.
    The backup is always the most popular guy on the roster AJ Feeley had some good games in relief of McNabb didn’t he? How did that work out for him once he got his shot at starting?
    And I’m not trying to say the Bills will be good this year, I know they most likely will finish last in their division, but at least Buffalo fans appreciate their good players while Eagle fans can’t wait to get rid of theirs.
    Oh yeah and thanks for taking Jason Peters lazy ass off our hands.

  16. Big Stretch says:
    March 31, 2010 10:51 AM
    Oh yeah and thanks for taking Jason Peters lazy ass off our hands.
    I’ll take this one for your realeagle-
    Big Stretch- Jason Peters was elected as a starter in the 2010 Pro Bowl. Maybe if you had a few more lazy players like that your team wouldn’t suck.

  17. @ reality police –
    The probowl is a popularity contest. he was also “elected” in 2009 when he gave up the most sacks for a LT in the league.

  18. @Reality….
    Even though I don’t need backup to dispute football with a “Bills Fan” I appreciate it. I could not have said it better about Peters.
    Your just mad that we have more potential in Kolb then you have total. The Jim Kelly mentallity of “At least he got us there” doesn’t fly in Philly and we expect greatness from our players. Therefore, McNabb needs to go. 11 years and no championship shows nothing but complacency. Philly doesn’t like someone to be complacent. If Reid doesn’t get it done this year, we will be killing him. If your organization would try to strive to be excellent, then maybe you would have a better team. Just saying…

  19. @Reality police –
    once again i’m not saying Buffalo will be good this year, I know they won’t be. that was never my point. My point is that Eagles fans are quick to place all the blame for no ring on McNabb, which is a joke. The guy has been a top QB in the league for most of his career, and yet you guys can’t wait to get Kolb in there because he had back to back 300 yard games and therefore must be better than McNabb.
    I also said that i have nothing against the Eagles organization, although the fact that Reid has been untouchable does not make sense to. Perhaps if the offense was more balanced and not so predictable the Eagles would have a ring by now, but go ahead and place the blame on McNabb.
    Do you really think that Kolb is going to get better results than McNabb has with Reid as the HC?
    Not trying to battle you here, i know that the Eagles are better than the Bills right now…..the point is that McNabb is not the problem, your boy Andy Reid is.

  20. I don’t think there is a chance that the Dolphins would trade Tyler Thigpen for less than a 2nd round..
    The Bills can’t afford him..

  21. I don’t think there is a chance that the Dolphins would trade Tyler Thigpen for less than a 2nd round..
    The Bills can’t afford him..

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