Banner gets contract extension from Eagles

In a recent article, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports wrote about the rising influence of Eagles president Joe Banner (and subsequently G.M. Howie Roseman) in relation to Andy Reid.

On Thursday, the Eagles spoke loud and clear about Banner’s status.

The team has given Banner a three-year contract extension, according to the team. The team also promoted Senior VP and CFO Don Smolenski to COO.

A few points from the release stand out.  Banner is noted for his mind “on and off the field” and his “compatibility with head coach Andy Reid and the player personnel
department in managing the roster on a long-term basis.”

This is a major moment for the Eagles.  ESPN Radio’s Brian Seltzer calls it: “The biggest development of Birds’ off-season.”

We’re not sure we’d go that far, but the move shows who’s wearing the pants in Philly.

31 responses to “Banner gets contract extension from Eagles

  1. yes, because Banner and Reid have shown such tremendous leadership. it’s become so clear this offseason that the Eagles would be nowhere without these guys!

  2. God No!! The terrible dictatorship continues!!! These guys run the Eagles like they’re untouchable!

  3. Dmac’s extensions will be next – as soon as they trade Kolb to Cleveland for their 1st & 3rd round picks. This should be announced sometime between 8:00-8:30pm on April 22nd.

  4. Banner and Reid minus Mcnabb….Different result?? Ill put a million on “No”. Wake up 5 haters!

  5. @Citizen
    The old man grabbed me and said “Smoke up, Johnny!”
    Everyone’s on notice now. They got three years to get it done then Jeff’s selling the team.
    Or not.

  6. I don’t know why anyone would be suprised by this or consider it an April Fool’s joke….As long as Lurie owns the team, Banner is going to be there, the two of them created the “Gold Standard” they are so fond of, and besides they invented football in Philly….Just ask em…

  7. I think everyone needs to understand why us Eagle fans want McNabb gone. It’s not because we hate the guy, we truly just want something new. We have had Donovan as our Quarterback for 11 years, and nothing has come from it. Regardless of the 5 NFC Title games, the multiple playoff appearances, and the Super Bowl appearance, it’s about getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. I myself have been and still am a McNabb supporter, but I also feel like it’s time to move on. Many of you who are fans of other teams haven’t had a quarterback for 11 years or more and never won a Super Bowl. That’s why we want a change at quarterback. Until you have a QB for that long who never won the big game, you cannot bash Eagle fans for wanting to go in a new direction.

  8. I hate this weasel. He is the main reason why the Eagles have not spent money where needed. All they ever think about is themselves and how much money they can bank. They have holes to fill everywhere and they are worried about saving money and doing jack squat. I wish this is an April fool’s joke but then I was pinched and woke up. He deserves to be fired, not extended. Philadelphia is tired of this man. Being competitive still means your losers and were still the city of losers when it comes to football.

  9. Asked for the highlight of his tenure, the most important thing he thinks he’s done, Banner said: “I would choose two. No. 1 is providing the team for the first time in its history, its own home. And along with the stadium, a facility to work out of as good as any in the league.”
    That closing comment…is proof positive of why the fans can’t stand this guy. He just doesn’t “get” it.
    The fans wouldn’t give a shit if the team played at on barges on the Delaware River if their trophy case had something in it.
    First thing this guy thinks about is a stadium and practice facility and not the fact he STILL hasn’t gotten a silver trophy under his watch.

  10. Regardless if McNabb plays this year he is gone the next year.I don’t understand what the problem is and why you idiots can’t understand that. You drafted his backup, he is gone after this year. The solution is simple, you get what you can.
    Like take this moron for example: sjamisonjr says:
    April 1, 2010 4:34 PM
    Banner and Reid minus Mcnabb….Different result?? Ill put a million on “No”. Wake up 5 haters!
    So stupid….

  11. personally i think that this is irrelevant. i think that mcnabb or not, banner or not, the eagles will never advance to win the bowl without balancing their offense so they can win either way. in the nfc east with three outdoor stadiums sometimes you have to be able to run the ball to set up the pass. you also have to be able to limit the offensive touches of many of the most potent offensive opponents on the schedule. this necessitates blocking tight ends and power backs. It also helps to correctly manage the clock and the timeout and challenge aspects of the game. Calling a timeout to ice a kicker when he is attempting a firedrill 60 yarder comes particularly to mind.
    Unfortunately for the eagle faithful, andy reid (who is a good organizer and rudder in stormy weather) also thinks he is a genius and can defy the laws of football. Such is his genius that we don’t need special team players, blocking tight ends, or power backs. He apparenly never discussed how to win with his buddy Parcells.
    How these things never occur to these fools staying up till 4 in the morning drawing up complicated plays they don’t use.

  12. banner before last year started..”I feel this year we have the best roster in the league”…..and now this off seasons abortions..lets extend him. please mr lurie sell our team and give it back to our city. take yourself and the rest of your carpetbaggin accountants back to boston.

  13. Well said Passion; finally a voice of reason. You still won’t change anyones minds, they all love bashing the “Philthy” fans. They all think they’re better than us. We know the truth.

  14. Thanks Ultimate. I understand where the bashing comes from, but I think that it is unnecessary. There are some stupid Eagle fans out there, but most of us think the way I described earlier. Eagle fans get a bad rap, but we speak the truth about our team and we are not afraid to say what we truly feel. That’s what happens when you have the level of passion and love for our team that we have.

  15. If I had my way we would keep DMAC and let the overrated Jabba the Reid walk and let him take Banner with him. Those 2 fools are the reason we never won a SB. You will see now that JJ is gone the defense will continue to struggle and thats what bailed the Eagles out for the better part of the last decade. They make DMAC throw 8 trillion times a game and then get mad when he doesn’t produce. It seems to me if you know what your foe is going to do it should be easier to stop. No balance is what cost the Eagles a SB or 2. Only 2 teams in the last 10 years won the SB when running less then 45percent of the time. TB who had a sick defense, and the INDY who had Manning, Harrison, Wayne and a few other weapons to pass to. During that same 10 years the Eagles have finished 20th or lower in rushing attemps 8 times, 4 times 26th or worse. Maybe there lowest season was when DMAC had a weapon and that was TO. If I can remember correctly they came in about 39 percent running plays that year. So whats that tell you, if you wanted to pass Jabba why didn’t you get more F!@#$%G WEAPONS when we had a defense. Now DMAC has weapons and no defense so its time to trade him. This organization is the most overrated organization in the history of anything!

  16. I can’t wait until McNabb leaves Philly and wins a Super Bowl with somebody else. I hate Philly fans, such frontrunners.
    Have fun battling the Redskins for last place with Kolb as the QB.

  17. @Floriosadouchebag-Your a wormburner! I have been a 4 for 4 philly fan my whole 30 years of life, ok maybe 25 of those I can’t remember much before 5. For most of my life the city’s teams never won a thing or even competed. But through it all I have been a die hard fan. I don’t appreciate your frontrunners mistake at all. There are fragaises in every city in the country, to lump an entire city’s fan base as front runners is just dumb. Ok maybe you go by the national media and there pick on philly fans bandwagon and you have that right, but your dead wrong about Philly fans. As a whole we are loyal to the players who give it there all, and we let them know when they don’t. We are a loud vocal fan base for the most part and maybe thats why we get picked on all the time. I don’t get it, North Jersey Giants/Jets fans are the same as we are. I guess its the booing Santa like half a centry ago(even though he was piss drunk), or the snow balls (been hit with worse in North Jersey), or the M.Irvin injury booing(even though we got about 3000 first down signals from that crackhead rapist)but whenever some wormburner wants to they can mouth off how where crappy fans. Enough of the hate for Philly. Its a great sports city, and anyone whoever played here and gave it there all here would agree. Hell ask TO he will tell you we are more passionate then any team hes played for, and hes played for half the teams in the league including the Cowboys.

  18. Floriosadouchebag says:
    April 1, 2010 9:54 PM
    I can’t wait until McNabb leaves Philly and wins a Super Bowl with somebody else. I hate Philly fans, such frontrunners.
    Your right, we are Frontrunners…..Philly is always frontrunning the division.
    Now shut up before you make any less sence!

  19. @Florioisadouchebag
    I don’t think you could sound like any more of a retard. Go ahead you dumb POS, keep making ignorant comments about fans that you probably have never even talked to. The media has created some bullsh*t profile of all Philly fans and everyone believes it. Wow

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