Bears are expected to release Alex Brown today

The Bears have tried to trade defensive end Alex Brown.  Finding no takers, they are now poised to cut him.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the move is expected to be made today.

“I enjoyed my time and I appreciate the Bears for giving me the
opportunity to play,” Brown told Biggs.  “The city
of Chicago, there wasn’t a better place to spend eight years of
football.  I got to see a lot of highs and lows and had a lot of fun with
all of it.”

Brown, who says he plans to play four or five more years, would have preferred getting a chance to hit the market sooner.  Then again, in this uncapped year that has featured a limited flow of money, Brown likely wouldn’t have gotten a big-money deal.

Indeed, if anyone were interested in paying Brown more than $5 million per year, they would have sent a low-round pick to the Bears in order to squat on his contract, which pays out base salaries of $5 million in 2010 and $5.5 million in 2011.

17 responses to “Bears are expected to release Alex Brown today

  1. The guy is so overrated I mean he’s been in the league for 8 season and never posted more than 48 tackles in a season, he’s never had double digit sacks in a season. What am I missing here the guys just not that good. Good move Chicago obviously your a bit smarter than your fans. Peppers made that team that much better by signing there.

  2. He’ll be picked up in 5,4,3,2,….
    any team would be happy to have him….except the bears.

  3. What a horrible move by the Bears…
    …as a die hard Bears fan, I’m not very pleased with this move.

  4. @ KnuckleBucket
    For what position? He’s too small to play DE in a 3-4, and he’s never played LB before.

  5. Well done Citizen Strange!
    This is absolutely stupid. You can’t tell me that they can’t find one team willing to pay him $5 mil who would trade a 5th or 6th rounder. Furthermore, you can’t tell me that they have anyone better than him on the team other than Peppers. You don’t drop a player if you don’t have someone better to play in his place — especially if you’re a rich franchise in an uncapped year.
    Sometimes it seams like they’re trying to suck!

  6. Bucs need a pass rushing DE. Here you go! AND he already knows the system. Sign him up! Oh wait ….. I forgot …. the Bucs don’t spend money!

  7. He’s going to come to Seattle where we’ll probably pay him 3 mill a year in a 3-4 year contract… the most any other team would offer.

  8. Alex Brown is bumslayer. He pads his stats against the weakest tackles and is a non-factor against everyone else. Not to mention no DE in the game loses contain more than he does.

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