Chris Johnson skips out on offseason workouts

C.Johnson-2.jpgTitans running back Chris Johnson said he wouldn’t be working out with the team this offseason.  And he isn’t.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Johnson isn’t attending the team’s offseason workout program.  As Wyatt points out, Johnson worked out on his own in Florida last year — and it didn’t keep him from rushing for 2,006 yards in 2009.

It’s unknown whether he’ll show up for Organized Team Activities — basically, practice in helmets, T-shirts, and shorts.  He participated in these sessions, during which much of the offense and defense are installed, in 2009.

Wyatt also reports that other players have skipped the workouts, and that overall attendance has been “spotty.”

16 responses to “Chris Johnson skips out on offseason workouts

  1. When you rush for 2K and break the total yards from scrimmage record you can do that.
    But whomever is in charge of scouting character in the Titans scouting dept should be fired.

  2. I sure hope CJ does not turn into another prima donna. I love my Titans and do not want another “I” player. I fear this is happening though.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely recognize that CJ is a fantastic RB. Quite possibly better than AP. But he’s getting a bit too full of himself, IMO.
    He’s already got a the 1st round contract. Play it out, keep kicking a$$, and rake in a disgusting amount of money on your next contract.

  4. This guy is becoming a headcase. Do you think the linemen that blocked for Chris will be at the workouts? What about the coaches who designed the plays? What kind of idiot thinks performance is a criteria for missing workouts? This is a team sport. Anyone who tries to rise above his teammates is cancer. His career is to be a short one.

  5. Why is these pricks never offer to give money back when they have a bad year?
    Except for Javon of course…….

  6. Hogue….what do you mean hope he doesnt turn into……he already is a diva…..I should be rookie of the year….I should be MVP…..blah…blah…blah…get over yourself CJ

  7. What do you expect when the coach places more emphasis on his yardage than winning the last game of the season? Fisher threw gas on an already raging fire of selfishness.
    Icky Woods anyone?

  8. …what a surprise – see the archives where i wrote that “a piece of !@#$ is a piece of !@#$…”

  9. you people are all hypocrites the titans should just give him some damn money. He’s going to be the premier RB in the league for the next few years to come and he’s only making $500,000 this year while scrubs like Thomas Jones are making a $1,000,000+ are you f*cking kidding me? GIVE THE MAN HIS MONEY

  10. The always intelligent comments here refer to CJ as “primadonna,” “head case,” “piece of !@#$,” “diva,” “prick,” and my personal favorite “one year wonder.” (He ran for over 1200 yards as a rookie and over 2,000 in his second year, so how is it that he is a one year wonder, you imbecile?)
    Hey idiots, he did the same thing last year in preparing for the season. How did that turn out? Did he hold out? Did he give less than 100% on even one play all season? Did he throw his coaches or teammates under the bus when they started 0-6? Did he ever cause any problems whatsoever in the locker room? Did he get in trouble with the law?
    Until you morons can answer yes to any of the questions above, STFU.

  11. I drafted CJ the last 2 years and have been very happy with him in my drafts
    But I am starting to worry that all of these carries will catch up to him quite soon.

  12. Until he misses a mandatory he has not “skipped out” of anything other than arm tackles.
    The original headline was more than enough just reporting the player is not at a non mandatory function is sort of suspect and slanderous.

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