Donte' Stallworth still thinks about accident "every day"

Ravens receiver Donte’ Stallworth met with the media on Thursday to discuss the incident that resulted in his suspension from the NFL for all of the 2009 season — and the death of 59-year-old Mario Reyes.  The car that Stallworth was driving collided with Reyes in Miami.  Stallworth was legally intoxicated at the time, and he pleaded guilty to felony DUI manslaughter.

Prior to that, he told Peter King of, “I drive that causeway all the time.  I never see people running
across it.  [My reaction] was utter disbelief. . . .  I have
taken responsibility for the accident since it happened, and I will live
with it for the rest of my life.  I think about it every
.  I think about his [15]-year-old daughter all the time.  It’s something I’ll never

Stallworth’s second chance in Baltimore was fueled by his relationship with receivers coach Jim Hostler, who worked with Stallworth in New Orleans, and with Eagles coach John Harbaugh, who worked with Stallworth in Philly.

The 2002 first-round pick reportedly can still run a 4.4, and he plans to make the most out of his second chance.

“I told John [that I’m not satisfied at all
with my career, and I’m so focused on playing well for this team,” Stallworth told King.  “I told him my career, really, was a little disappointing to me.  I
haven’t really taken care of my body the way I should.  I think I have a
lot more left in my tank.  I think I’ve got a good five years left, with
the shape I’m in and the maintenance of my body over the past year.  I
really appreciate the chance I’m getting here.  John told me, ‘You’ll
have an opportunity to turn that around.’  That’s all I can ask for.”

The concept of “turning that around” is a bit misplaced.  As King points out, Stallworth has never had a 1,000-yard receiving season, and he’s never caught more than 70 passes in a single NFL campaign.

Still, Stallworth could be an asset in Baltimore.  With Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason on the roster, Stallworth should enjoy plenty of single coverage.

49 responses to “Donte' Stallworth still thinks about accident "every day"

  1. Yeah he is thinking why the dummy didnt get out of the way when he blinked his lights at him…..
    He thinks the dude was drunk too…..

  2. Just remember steeler fans……you are living in a glass house these days……all other fans we are fair game….proceed with your bashing….

  3. Amongst all the idiot athletes with legal issues, Stallworth is one guy I’m rooting for to pull through.

  4. In my opinion, he needs to take that disappointing career and turn it around to earn enough money to take care of that 15 year old girl for the rest of her life.

  5. In his first (only?) year with the Eagles, he was unstoppable before he pulled his hamstring (he was leading my league in fantasy points). Then he was basically a decoy the rest of the year.
    If he took his conditioning as seriously as Joey Galloway did the last few years of his career, he could be something special. But that is a big “if”.

  6. “the car that Stallworth was driving collided with Reyes”?
    Damn – the way you put it Mike, Stallworth was just an innocent bystander!!!
    That being said I think unlike other NFL prima donnas, Stallworth is a thoughtful person who is sincerely remorseful for his actions and wants to make amends to society for his actions… as such I think the Judge made the right call with his sentence.

  7. Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Leonard Little and drive drunk again. Kudos to Stallworth for accepting responsibility.
    How is it that Little is still in the NFL, anyway?

  8. Ray sez:
    “I drink in that dive strip joint all the time. I always see mofo’s gettin shanked. [My reaction] was utter disbelief. (How the f*ck did I get busted?). . . I have taken zero responsibility for the accident since it happened, and I will live with the fact that I ratted out my friends to buy my own freedom for the rest of my life. I think about it every day. It’s something I’ll never escape.”

  9. Wonder if the thinks about getting away with murder?
    If it would have been any of us, jail would have been our home for many years!

  10. Just say you are sorry and make some excuses and say it will never happen again. You’ll always be welcome in the National Felon League if you run a 4.4 40.

  11. “Turning that around” isn’t misplaced. You see, he wants to have a GOOD season, which you state that he’s never had. So if he’s had bad seasons, turning it around would mean having a good one.

  12. Training camp prophecy:
    Stallworth drinks too much hooch during camp, then slices Boldin’s AND Mason’s Achilles’ while the latter two are running sprints barefoot.
    Thanks for all your hard work in Cleveland, Stallworthless. Hope your failures this season top all of your previous ones!

  13. Well, if you haven’t hit a pedestrian with a car, like I have, you can’t possibly relate…
    Luckily, I didn’t kill the person, and when I was 19, at 10PM at night, I hadn’t been drinking either……That was 21 years ago, and I still get nervous driving past a line of cars (that she ran out between).
    I feel bad for Donte. Obviously he shouldn’t have been drinking, but pure “accidents” still do happen, and you can still feel honestly bad for what happened..

  14. If he was really that regretful he should have wrote a check to the Browns for the $4million he got less than 24 hours before he killed the man. Did he really “earn” that money. Instead he used it to pay off the victim’s family to save his own rear. I honestly hope he changes his life for the better, but I’d rather see him serving a permanent suspension by the league.

  15. Oh, I can guarantee he’ll be a hall of famer in a few years and super bowl mvp and the whole deal. Then some genius will say MISTAKE BY THE LAKE! LOL ROTFLAMAO OR ROFJADA UE.

  16. Ravenmaniac says:
    April 1, 2010 8:45 PM
    Just remember steeler fans……you are living in a glass house these days……all other fans we are fair game….proceed with your bashing…
    Actually, I was going to say that he’ll probably get 200-300 yards in the 2 games against us. We are almost back to the days of Chad Scott and Dewayne Washington getting torched…

  17. He appears to have taken responsibility for what happened and has shown remorse.
    I, for one, would like to see him succeed on the football field this year.

  18. That has to be a tough thing to live with, not as much as the little girl, but plenty close to say the least. At least he’s remorseful and acknowledges what happened, unlike a certain #52 Ray Lewis who is a murderer who denies what he did.

  19. You should be thinking about it everyday for the next 25 to life.
    Can you imagine what would’ve happened to Mr. Reyes if he had run over Stallworth while DUI? I don’t think he would’ve gotten off with just 30 days.

  20. I always have to roll my eyes at posters who write things as if they have never driven drunk or done something stupid that COULD have resulted in a terrible accident much like this one. I’m sure there’s a small percentage of the respondents who may have never, ever been under the influence when they got behind the wheel…but I would put it in the less than 25% range at best.
    This in no way excuses what this guy did. Especially with the money that professional athletes make, there is absolutely no reason they should ever be driving under the influence when they above most other people can afford a taxi, let alone a limo. So shame on him for not doing just that the night he killed this poor man in the street.
    But Stallworth did his time, has to live with the demons of taking a daughter’s father away from her the rest of his life, and may have flushed what was only a mediocre NFL career down the toilet unless he does somehow resurrect it in Bmore. The other thing I will say is it was refreshing to watch his press conference video and hear him speak in a fairly intelligent fashion instead of sounding like your stereotypical ignorant thug who made it big in the NFL thanks only to God-given ability.

  21. He wont do it again…His lisence has been revoked for the rest of his life. That was part of the punishment.

  22. I hope Donte can make it back. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy but just made a big mistake.

  23. Yes, Stallworth was drunk and apparently he was speeding (it is estimated he was traveling 50MPH in a 40MPH zone), but otherwise the pedestrian was at fault. He jaywalked on a busy causeway, not in a crosswalk. Who runs out in front of speeding traffic? It’s not as if Stallworth was reckless and hit this guy walking on the sidewalk or something. He was driving normally on a major road.
    Driving drunk is inexcusable and Stallworth has paid a huge price for that. And, I know this will sound coldhearted, but Stallworth had the right of way. Look at it this way: you are driving to work in the morning, sober but groggy since you haven’t had your coffee yet. You are on a major thoroughfare and a pedestrian runs out in front of you. Are you gonna be able to stop?

  24. the idiot wouldve gotten ran over regardless if Donte’ was drinking or not….thats what happens when you try to illegally cross busy intersections…

  25. There’s a reason why it’s called an accident. He may have paid his way out of a long-term jail sentence but it is what it is.

  26. I’ll be pulling for him, loads of potential, lets just see if he can finally live up to it.

  27. Blaaaahahahaha…Italainarmygal…you are too funny….your Ray jokes just never get good…keep um coming….oh master of the bollixed ramblings.

  28. NFL game day. Beer commercials and truck commercials. He is obviously remorseful and that 15 y/o is lucky some millionaire hit her dad. Most peoples families are not that lucky . Seven years later you get to experience numerous depositions and 2/3rds of 150 grand (if insured at all). That does not pay for the heartache (no amount does) let alone the day to day change in life when a family member is no longer their to provide what parents provide. . There is a drunk driver out there who will be tortured when my youngest turns 21.

  29. I don’t know about you but it kind of says something to me that he was worried enough about Mr. Reyes enough to stop and call the police knowing that he was over the legal limit and would probably be arrested(how many other people would have kept going?). How many crimes did other players(or anybody) commit intentionally that they did NOT take responsibility for? He happened to be intoxicated at the time of an accident that wasn’t all his fault(or maybe his fault at all) but he took responsibility for it. He made a mistake on one night and took responsibility for it. Meanwhile other people have been habitual offenders and still act like they haven’t done anything wrong.

  30. Stallworth’s second chance in Baltimore was fueled by his relationship with receivers coach Jim Hostler, who worked with Stallworth in New Orleans, and with Eagles coach John Harbaugh, who worked with Stallworth in Philly.
    you mean Ravens coach John Harbaugh?

  31. Donte sure sounds like a “loving and caring” football player.
    Still, I think they should make a Drunk Driving Lane on the highway, just like they have a Car Pool Lane.
    One lane, big jersey barriers and two way traffic should take care of the Drunk Driver problem pretty quickly.

  32. Sounds like he still blames the dead pedestrian…what a horrible person Dante is….

  33. Jealousy and self righteousness at it’s worst! All of you Ray bashers would be licking his butt if he played for your team! But he doesn’t so your just going to assume that because two of his thug buddies got into it with other thugs that Ray Lewis is a murderer. You people, (many of which are racist rednecks who assume all black people are bad) equate Lewis with Michael Vick, Rae Curruth and OJ Simpson. That’s BS! Even for those of you who aren’t racist, you hate cause one of the best linebackers in NFL history isn’t on your team. Suck It!

  34. To quote an angry Joe Friday on an episode of Dragnet when a drunk driver struck and killed an old couple (and basically only got a slap on the wrist by the court): “I hope you think about it every day for the rest of your life…and I hope you live a long time!”

  35. punksnotdead says:
    April 1, 2010 8:53 PM
    In my opinion, he needs to take that disappointing career and turn it around to earn enough money to take care of that 15 year old girl for the rest of her life.
    Stallworth has already paid a very large settlement to the family that if invested properly should take care of the girl, her future children, and her children’s children for the rest of their lives.

  36. If Stallworth had used the time it took to “flash his lights”, to just apply the brakes, Reyes might still be alive.
    Btw, Stallworth catches about as good as he drives, so good luck Ravens fans.

    Wow, now I know how it feels when you douchebags freak out at every Roethlisberger thread.. This just in: NFL players are dumbasses that get special treatment from the law. Ain’t gonna stop anytime soon. So get ready for disappointment if you think they’re going to be in jail.

  38. horntoad says:
    April 1, 2010 9:12 PM
    Wonder if the thinks about getting away with murder?
    If it would have been any of us, jail would have been our home for many years!
    Not true. The fact is that, as Florio had pointed out in the past and I have checked through other sources, it’s not enough that he was legally drunk when the accident happened to convict of DUI manslaughter in Florida. It has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the fact that you were over the limit CAUSED the accident.
    The only reason the prosecution accepted the plea bargain in this case is because they knew if they went to trial, there was a very good chance the facts in this case (the victim’s actions – crossing against the light outside of a cross-walk) would have led to an acquittal.
    They needed a conviction they probably couldn’t get at trial, and Stallworth wanted to put it behind him. A normal person not in the public eye might have waited for trial and wound up with no penalty at all.

  39. I actually believe that he is torn up inside about what happened to him.
    I know of a few people who have been in horrific car accidents because they were driving drunk. They killed other people, paralyzed other people, or severly hurt other people. Yet, I still see these same scumbags out at the bars years later after they have served their prison sentence. They have learned nothing and are probably sorry for nothing.
    Stallworth seems different. He made a mistake and he is going to learn from it, which is easier said than done in these types of cases.

  40. Not sure what RayRay has to do with this?
    I feel for the family who lost their husband/father, but Donte is not a monster. If he got the first offender/rich guy treatment at sentencing, then so be it, but he still carries the guilt with him for the rest of his life.

  41. Steeler fan here and I wish Donte’ all the best EXCEPT when he plays us…then he has to go down!
    I always thought from the very beginning that he was truly sorry for what happened and he never tried to run away or anything like so many others would have. Seems like a straight up kind of guy!

  42. People who are complaining about why DS didn’t spend more time in jail need to complain about the Reyes family. IIRC it was their decision to settle the case thusly instead of DS spending more time in jail.
    I am the biggest hater of drunk driving there is and I have never done it…and even I can see DS is different from the typical DD who doesn’t give an eff.
    To the person who says he lost his license permanently hence won’t do it again though….that is thoroughly naive. I don’t think DS himself will do it again. I am just saying that habitual DDs don’t care whether they have a license or not….they continue to drive.

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