Ken Whisenhunt hopes McNabb gets everything he wants

K. Whisenhunt.jpgDonovan McNabb reportedly wants to play for the Cardinals sometime in the future.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, in a generous mood, hopes McNabb’s dreams are realized.

“As of right now, he’s with another football team so it’s not something I can comment
on,” Whisenhunt said. “I’ve known Donovan from being on the field with
him, and he’s a good football player and a good person. Hopefully, things work
out for him the way he wants it to.”

We saw these comments and thought they were a little too transparent to mean much.  Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, who knows Whisenhunt well of course, thinks the Whiz was just having a little fun.

“Whisenhunt rarely says anything without thinking it through or without a
purpose,” Somers writes.  “But, he also likes to tease and he could well have made the
comment for his own amusement, to see what sort of storm it might

April Fool’s?

17 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt hopes McNabb gets everything he wants

  1. How this guy has not won coach of the year is beyond me. You are the man Whiz, keep up the good work!!!

  2. OMG!!! He’s going to the Cards! Ink it down fellers! This is it..We struck Oil….We drank his milkshake!
    Ok Seriously…Why did you report on this?


  4. McNabb is not as accurate as Warner was, but he’s got a beautiful deep ball. With those receivers I bet he’d put up some serious fantasy numbers.

  5. Who thought the Cardinals were ever going to content against the then, Rams & Seahawks for the NFC West when they first signed Warner? Better yet, who thought they were going to ever reach the Superbowl?
    What about the Saints?
    McNabb to Oakland doesnt seem much, but in all reality it is.. We saw how Oakland dominated the Chargers in wk1 before losing in the final seconds(With Russell at QB) now add McNabb to the list and Oakland can very well win the West.. since they keep winning in KC and at Den.
    Oline from Oakland seems a problem, but it will be fixed(or atleast it will be attempted to be) Plus, the Eagles gave up 7-8 sacks vs. Oakland not that long ago.. how much better was phillys oline really? Russell outplayed McNabb.. remember the pigeon?

  6. Assuming Ken Whisenhunt still has a job after the Kurt Warner era. Because, I dont see Leinart nor Anderson taking this team into the playoffs. If anything else 7-9 is a high enough reach.

  7. The Cardinals better pray Brett Favre decides to play for the Vikings, because if he does retire, McRibb will be a Viking before a Cardinal.

  8. I can’t wait until McNabb leaves Philly and their idiot frontrunning fans. I hope he wins a SB whether it is win Vikes or Cards. Good luck to Philly trying to hold off the Redskins for 3rd place. Idiot Philly fans.

  9. hey dumbass it’s not the philly fans who are gonna trade mcnabb if he ends up somewhere else. the fans have nothing to do about it. youre a bunch of posers for actually take the time to try to knock down fans of a team you dislike. Every team’s qb is hated by a portion of the team’s fans. It’s not just in philly you dickweed.

  10. how can you call eagles fans front runners. we were garbage for so long until 2000. since then behind the pats we’ve been one of the most dominant teams in the league///that hasnt won a title././/
    and thats why fans are calling for McNabb to go. Which i think is a terrible idea. I’d love to see Donny with this reciever core for another year. but if he pulls the same kinda S on the field we’ll all think the FO is retarded for not letting him go and gettin some sort of compensation.
    in reality he’s good for 22 td’s /year
    with this group of pass cathers Celek, Avant, Maclin, Jackson, McCoy —-Kolb would have to be a complete bag of suck not to have at least 25

  11. Look it isn’t bad teams that have true QB controversies it’s good but not great teams. Last year did it really matter who was starting for the Brown or Buffalo or St. Louis or the Jaguers or Redskins or Seattle . . . not really . . . none of those teams were going anywhere last year . . . and none appear to have their QB of the future . . . so there can’t be a controversy at the position . . . in Cleveland you don’t want Quinn or Anderson to start, etc. etc. Unless the team is like Tampa Bay, Detroit or Miami . . . teams that have young QBs who they believe will eventually be the guy . . . then nobody is going to argue that the guy on the bench should be starting.
    In Philadelphia you have a starter who has yet to deliver a Superbowl in a 11 years career, and who seems to be on the downswing of his career (McNabb has never been the most accurate passer, he no longer uses his running ability to pick up big chunks of yards on a regular basis and has only stayed healthy 1 out of the last 5 seasons). You also have a high draft pick (round 2) who by all appearances has a legitimate shot at being the teams QB of the future. Without a Superbowl on his resume any QB in almost any city would face the same challenges from the fan base . . . and don’t forget that Philadelphia is a city that has never won a SB. So the fans aren’t being frontrunners for wanting a change at QB, they have lived through the past 11 years without a SB and they are hungry for one, so it isn’t like they don’t appreciate what McNabb has done for the team, but they would rather take a chance on Kolb potentially winning a SB over the perception that McNabb never will.

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