Larry Johnson doesn't see new team as "fresh start"

1315.jpgIn his first media availability as a member of the Washington Redskins, running back Larry Johnson disagreed with the notion that he’s getting a “fresh start” in his new NFL city.

“I don’t see it as a fresh start,” Johnson said.  “There have been so many fresh starts that I have had.  I think that this is going into a different era of my own.   It’s pretty much coming in here and being here and trying to work as hard as I can to impress the coaches and see where it goes from there. I wouldn’t say it’s a fresh start because being 30, your fresh starts are already gone.”

Johnson claims that he has “a lot left” in the tank.  “People forget, I didn’t play much my first couple years in the NFL, let alone college,” Johnson said.  “I still have a lot of burn left and haven’t really been nicked up or hurt, thank God, as far as my whole career.”

In this regard, Johnson’s right.  Though he’s only five months younger than LaDainian Tomlinson, L.T. has 3,410 career regular-season touches; L.J. has only 1,575.

On whether he arrives in D.C. with the mindset of a starter, Johnson said, “That’s what you have to do.  I wouldn’t come in and say I want to be the third guy or the fourth guy.  I just come in to work hard and wherever they have me on the depth chart is where they have me.   It’s going to be all predicated off of how hard I work here.”

Still, he said he thinks he can coexist with Clinton Portis, and Johnson welcomes the reduced wear and tear that comes from sharing carries.

It all sounds good for now.  But Johnson has created more than his fair share of problems.  It’ll be interesting to see whether he says and does all the right things if he’s not getting the kind of playing time he envisioned when he joined the team.

And it’ll be interesting to see what Portis has to say if Johnson does.

24 responses to “Larry Johnson doesn't see new team as "fresh start"

  1. florio, you and your hairpiece have never played any organized sports have you guys?

  2. He did well in Cinci last year. But you can go ahead and write that off as if it didn’t happen.

  3. I would love it if we added T.O. to this mix.
    At least then the resulting ‘skins implosion would be entertaining instead of depressing.

  4. At least this miserable excuse of a human being is getting a fresh start in D.C. in terms of domestic violence against women.
    After 4 different “confrontations” with women in Kansas City we were certainly glad to get rid of the vermin. Hard to forget that he and his posse waited 45 minutes outside a KC club so he could spit in a woman’s face who had earlier told him to get lost.
    At best he is a fair back with maybe a couple of 1000 yard rushing seasons left in him. At worst, OMG you fill………
    ….in the blanks.
    I’m glad he has gone to live with Shanarat. The two rodents deserve each other. I’m gonna love watching them fail together this fall.

  5. Florio, it makes no sense to even compare LT to Larry Johnson…apples and oranges man..come on dude….

  6. I’m not going to pretend that Larry Johnson and Clintoon Portis are ideally suited to coexist, it doesn’t help things that LJ is a bigger version of Portis but the bottom line here is both of these guys are staring at the end of their careers, it’s that simple.
    Portis is injured, a possible concussion case, questionable attitude, poor work ethic, he has to make serious changes to justify being in football beyond this season and it’s not out of the realm of possiblities to cut this guy and give him his money to make a point to everyone else here that this is a new watch with new rules.
    For LJ the situation is not too different, he may very well find himself out of pro football if he does not get his act together. His antics have been well documented and he isn’t a character guy or a leader but he does have something to prove and if he busts his ass then he might be a good pick up for the skins. I won’t try to say this is the best situation but it does make me feel better as a skins fan that b/c both of these guys are on thin ice they may be forced to shape up or get out.

  7. interesting he said IMPRESS THE COACHES rather than help the team win. as a KC fan, this is not surprising. all he cares about is projecting the image of good, positive person in order to get paid and stay on the roster, but it is all an act. he just cares about tricking ppl to preserve his own self.

  8. LJ,
    Stay on the down low. If you spit on the wrong girl in DC, you may wake up with a rope around your neck and a team of “retired” Navy SEALS laughing at you while you choke.

  9. Spoiled little brat in life who fakes a thug act to try and keep it real. His dad is the d-line coach for Pennstate, kid never went without anything in life. Punk with a capital “P”.

  10. i was actually pretty excited when the bengals signed him last year… he really didn’t do much for us because he wasn’t asked to. but when he was he did a fantastic job contributing. also i never once heard his name negatively either so to be perfectly honest, i think he’ll do well in washington. the questions in my mind all revolve around portis.

  11. @Diegocarrera:
    why so fast to hate on Florio? His comparison was to 30-something RBs. I’m sure he realizes LJ and and LT have different skill sets. He’s just comparing touches for RBs with similar age. Honestly I thought LJ had a ton of wear, but as a skins fan I hope he turns out to be the next Thomas Jones. Teams slept on TJ bc of his age and then he has two great seasons back to back.

  12. The guy was in trouble far too often in Kansas City, imagine what he will do in the metro DC area. Word travels faster there, and the temptations are exponentially greater.
    Cracks me up to think back a few years when Shanahan stated they only wanted good character guys in Denver.

  13. Its still a business though, you want to impress the coaches. First and foremost, these guys have a talent. If they aren’t viewed to have the talent by coaches and front offices, they might have to use another non-football related talent, like their mathematical abilities. How many accountants do you know making 5-10 mill a year? Football players want to get paid. The ones with a certain character will consider winning a super bowl more important than making the money, and some guys make the money early and want to win later on. Almost all of them want to get paid though. Therefore, I don’t blame him for wanting to impress coaches, rockotica. If I was a pro-football caliber player, even if it made me the biggest two-faced son of a b*tch to walk the earth, I’d do and say what I had to in order to stay on that team and earn my multi-million dollar salary.

  14. @parasonic:
    the main reason Thomas Jones had such great years running the ball is because of gentlemen going by the names of D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Alan Faneca, Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, Damien Woody, and Tony Richardson. He was a veteran running back with a quality offensive line. He played navigator. Thomas Jones wasn’t overly impressive when you watched him though, he ran into the backs of his blockers far too routinely. He had his highlight reel rushes too, so I can’t hate on him too much.

  15. WOW Kansas City Fan’s have a lot of resentment for a guy that produced more than anyone else as Chief in the last decade ! Cincinnati still embraces Corey Dillon as ours even though he had some issues with the team, media, and the fans..

  16. The Redskins have NOTHING to worry about with LJ. People act as if he got some huge, guarenteed contract…wrong, in essence it’s your typical dressed up 1 year deal with incentives and can you imagine, clauses. Meaning for you slower bunch, Shanny doesn’t have to put up with anything LJ does and can cut his ass at ANY time with little reprocution.

  17. “I think people get misunderstood as far as when you come in and there’s two guys that’s always been starters, to come in and there’s supposed to be some sort of beef, but it’s not,” Johnson said. “We don’t even talk about football, we just joke around basically, and he goes his way and I go my way. … We kind of complement each other. It’s not, ‘I’m coming here to take your spot.'”
    kind of an important part of this story if you ask me. Thats what lj said

  18. Cincinnasty: KC fans have Priest Holmes to reminisce about, they have no reason to embrace a world class scumbag like Larry Johnson.

  19. Larry Johnson will give the Redskins the one, two punch that will result in a solid running game that will ensure a playoff berth.

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