Leroy Hill gets 12 months probation for marijuana charge

Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill pleaded guilty to a charge of marijuana possession Thursday and will serve 12 months of probation.

The incident happened so long ago — January 2009 — that we had forgotten about it. (Or maybe all those wake n bakes have caught up to us.)

The Seahawks have since signed Hill to a long-term contract, so they aren’t too concerned.  The guilty plea, however, should get the NFL’s attention.

Hill is now a part of the league’s substance abuse program.  It’s unclear if he’ll face any discipline from the NFL.

19 responses to “Leroy Hill gets 12 months probation for marijuana charge

  1. How many pounds do you think is smoked by all NFL guys combined per year?
    Good poll question.

  2. Nice callabck on the “wake and bake” Greg.
    Yo, I’m cool too–wink wink.

  3. This is amazing. Santonio Holmes got caught smoking a blunt in his car and the Pittsburgh DA didn’t even press charges.
    Plus, you’d think they’d be cool with it in Seattle. I mean, it’s Seattle.

  4. too bad he didn’t contribute anything to your auction…
    The title would have been ‘no big deal’

  5. @ Kev 86,
    Depends on the type being consumed. Let’s assume it is the best stuff. I would say 40% of the league smokes in season at least a qrtr of an OZ every 10 days and 70% smoke a qrtr of an OZ every 7 days in the offseason. So 32 teams with a 53 man plus 5 practice squadders for a total of 1,856 players. If 742 of them smoke a qrtr every 10 days in season I estimate each smokes 4.5 OZs each over the 6 months of the season. That is a total of nearly 209 lbs in season. Now for the offseason; if 1,300 players smoke a qrtr every 5 days in the offseason I estimate each smokes almost 6.5 OZs during the 6 months of the offseason. That is a total of 528 pounds. Based on this assumption I would say 630 to 750 pounds per year of MJ is consumed by NFL players.

  6. Leroy, what were you thinking, man? You know the South only gets that nasty brown shwag. And you know it isn’t decriminalized like us civilized folk up in Seattle, they’ll actually arrest you for weed in the South, bro! City of Seattle doesn’t prosecute for under 40 grams, my man! Why would you risk leaving our beautiful city to go to some dump in the South where they’ll throw you in a chain-gang for puffing a j-bomb in the privacy of your own home?
    The Seahawks may suck, but Seattle has the best weed in the USA. We can get Vancouver, Humboldt, Alaska and Hawaii strains, plus we have licensed medical growers growing the finest strains in the world. I think I’m gonna go hit some OG Kush in my Volcano right now, actually.

  7. It’s Lunacy!
    These NFLers have all the fricken money in the world, can live any here they want…
    You do not smoke dope in Georgia people. You smoke dope in California.
    28.5 grams or less is a Misdemeanor and will cost you a maximum fine of $100.
    I can not figure out why the Raiders would not be the most attractive team to play for in the NFL.

  8. @kev86:
    It’s gotta be in the tons, man. I can smoke an ounce a month by myself and I’m not even hardcore like some of these black dudes that roll the super-thick blunts (ps – that is a waste of weed, dudes, seriously… you gotta be good to your lungs if you want to smoke til you’re old)

  9. And Donte Stallworth is up all night drinking and smoking, passes a car stopped at a red light, blows off that red light, kills a pedestrian who was J-walking…and he got 30 days??? WTF?

  10. If he hadn’t been behind the wheel, this would have gone away. However, even though I think weed should be legal, it’s stupid to drive in that condition.
    LeRoy needs to stay at home if he’s going to get baked.

  11. He would have been let go in CA. It’s basically legal here and even if you don’t have a Rx, police tolerance is pretty high.

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