Merriman doesn't rule out wrestling, but he's still committed to football

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has confirmed that he’s committed to pro football for the 2010 season.  But he hasn’t closed the door on eventually becoming a pro wrestler.

“It’s been talked about,” Merriman told XX 1090 in San Diego, via  “I guess it’s the offseason and with things a little slow there’s probably some other things to be talked about.  I just want to set the record straight.  I’m preparing myself for a 110 percent hell of a season, football season that is.  All that stuff is talk.  I’m a huge, huge wrestling fan, I’ve always been, and I’ve had a few talks with Vince McMahon before and it’s a possibility.”

Still, it sounds like it’s not something he’ll be doing soon. 

“Not saying it’s a possibility of me doing it, it’s just been talked about as a possibility,” Merriman said.  “Especially a lot of things happening with the CBA and stuff like that going on.  All that stuff will take care of itself.  I’ve just been training to get back to where I want to be playing football.  Because that’s the most important thing to me in my life right now.”

The talk of Merriman wrestling has arisen because former pro wrestler, Bill Goldberg, has mused about a return to the squared circle — and Goldberg has said that he’d come back as a member of a tag team with Merriman.  The fact that Merriman is a restricted free agent in 2010 and could be, depending on the rules that will apply, an unrestricted free agent in 2011, it’s not ridiculous to consider the possibility that the free-spirited Merriman would opt to turn the “Lights Out” with a folding chair for a year, before resuming his NFL career.

He’s now made it clear — if he’s going to swing any chairs at all, it’ll happen on a football field.

26 responses to “Merriman doesn't rule out wrestling, but he's still committed to football

  1. man.. I hope he’s ready to go full speed again. He was a BEAST before the knee injury!

  2. “Not saying it’s a possibility of me doing it, it’s just been talked about as a possibility,” Merriman said.
    Sounds about right.

  3. WWE is a good fit for Merriman. There, he can deal with 6’5″ guys fake hitting him, instead of 5’6″ Maurice Jones-Drews *actually* hitting him.

  4. His name can be the “steroid lighter”.
    Seriously though if this guy wants to leave the NFL eventually and go into male soap opera/stuntman/theatre, have at it. I liked pro wrestling as a kid, when I still believed in Santa. Now it just seems weak.

  5. Who swings chairs on a football field? I am sure you could have come up with a better line than that. How about…
    He has now made it clear.. if he’s going to be bodyslaming anyone, its going to be an AFC West runningback.

  6. Jericho would give him the codebreaker and end his WWE career, then he would sign with TNA and join the NWO, I mean the “Band”

  7. “I’ve had a few talks with Vince McMahon…”
    Well now we all know where he got his ‘roids from.

  8. He’s useless as a player now, so why not. He could call his finishing move “Lights Out”. He never makes big plays anymore and has no reason to do the dance on the football field, so…

  9. WWE actually condones juicing thats why he’s interested. bum, stop beating women.
    If we;re lucky he can be the next Benoit

  10. I get the first shot at this one?
    I am pointing to the bleachers to hit it out of the park.
    We know Merriman can bring the juice back into the WWF or whatever the hell it is called.
    Steriod freak loser.

  11. @Chapnasty….dude you have some serious charger hate issues don’t you? All over every LT article and merriman. Bitter much for the loss last season still?

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