No extension talks for Darren Sproles yet

D. Sproles.jpgThe Chargers backfield remains in flux.

The team decided at the last minute to retain Darren Sproles, and A.J. Smith has said the free agent crop of runners doesn’t interest him. That means San Diego needs a running back or two in the draft.

Sproles’ future with the team remains uncertain.  Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that the Chargers would like to keep Sproles, but the team hasn’t talked to him about a long-term deal lately.  A trade remains possible.

We have yet to hear much chatter about teams possibly interested in dealing for Sproles since the Chargers kept him.  The same goes for Shawne Merriman, who Acee believes is available “at the right price.”

Perhaps trade talks will pick up closer to the draft, but there’s little to think Sproles and Merriman will be playing anywhere but San Diego in 2010.

4 responses to “No extension talks for Darren Sproles yet

  1. Merriman available for the “right price”? What’s the “right price”….a 7th round pick in 2023 and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos?

  2. Does anyone have any idea what it what would take to get him?
    I assume the Bolts ended up giving him the high tender only as a means of restricting his options, and not as an indication of how much they actually think he is worth.

  3. I think Merriman AND Sproles may not be playing for S.D. this season. Merriman can probably be had for less than the maximum tender (though probably not much less). Sproles almost certainly will be offered a long-term extension for significantly lower pay per year than he’d get on the current tender. If he does not agree to that, he’ll be traded and then he’ll end up at a lower figure anyway…only then he may be with a non-contending team.

  4. Abqpacker: I’ve read that he could be had for a high second-rounder. This was before the Whitehurst trade, though, when they were still looking for one.

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