Sanchez expected to miss some OTAs

M. Sanchez.jpgWe’re not sure what knee surgery Mark Sanchez got after the season, but we do know that he’s not running six weeks after undergoing the procedure.

This is nothing for Jets fans to freak out about, but Kellen Clemens is likely to take first-team snaps from center for the Jets during OTAs and minicamp, according to the Newark Star-Ledger  could be taking some snaps from center during OTAs. 

Sanchez was asked when he could resume football activities.

“No clue yet,” Sanchez said.  “They’ve used the term ‘cautiously aggressive.’ They
want to make sure I’m getting sore, the right kind of sore, without
hurting it — the kind of sore you can bounce back from. That’s the way
it’s been the entire time. It’s getting stronger. I’m just happy I can
walk around already.”

He hopes to participate in “as many OTAs as possible” but it sounds like he will miss a big chunk of pre-training camp practices.

15 responses to “Sanchez expected to miss some OTAs

  1. No Problem!! He’ll be ready since the Jests and their fans always win the Super Bowl in September every season.

  2. Is Mark sure they didn’t say “Aggressively Cautious”? Or perhaps “Conservatively Optimistic”? Maybe “Inhibited Aggression”?

  3. So high expectations this year for the NY Jets.
    I see them getting swept by the Buffalo Bills.
    Sanchez will get exposed, badly.

  4. Sanchez is a franchise QB, end of story. No matter how you slice it, a rookie QB helped get his team to the AFC Championship game. ENOUGH SAID

  5. Full year of tape on Hotdog boy…he is gonna get pummeled this year. Can’t wait. They will have to lower his attempts from 15 to like 7.

  6. Sanchez is a lazy bastard LOL Makes me happy to see the Jets stuck with this guy for several more years!

  7. Mark sanchez, Shonn Greene And Rex Ryan Are quite possibly the best coac,h QB, Running back rookie tandum of all time. Sanchez doesn’t have to practice He came in after the draft and got the playbook better memorized than Kellen “blow the whistle” Clemens and Brett I’ve been in the league since leather helmets fa–verrr.. I predict no less than 8 superbowl rings in their 10 year careers as jets. Greene will rush for 2300 yards this year and Ryan will kill 9 fans. Sanchez will break every record set by tom brady and then promptly break his jaw after crushing the patriots in the afc divisional game this season….Sanchez will play iron man football and play DE for gholston

  8. HAHAHAHA Sanchez isn’t even good at all. What did he do besides run off of play action every single time they let him pass? He passed the ball sometimes less then 15 times in a game and still managed to throw TONS of picks! I would hate to see that guy in a sophmore slump hes already sooo bad. They will NEED to pass the ball next season.

  9. My understanding is that he had a ‘lateral release’ done to his knee. This is a considerably serious knee surgery. Don’t believe me? Google ‘lateral release’ and see what comes up….

  10. Sanchez is fine..all you Jet Hatin fools can bite us….Were gonna rock the league this year in our brand spankin new house !!!

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