'Skins taking closer look at Jimmy Clausen

It previously was reported that the Redskins will conduct a private workout with quarterback Jimmy Clausen in South Bend.

The Redskins also will be bringing Clausen to town for a meeting with team officials, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  Clausen is expected to meet with coach Mike Shanahan, and Shanahan is expected to attend the private workout.

So this means that the Redskins are interested in taking Clausen with the fourth pick in the draft?  Maybe, and maybe not.  As one league source has pointed out, it’s entirely possibly that the Redskins are trying to coax someone into trading up for Clausen — and that Shanahan is using Schefter, who wrote a book with Shanahan, to get the word out.

As we’ve previously acknowledged, it’s not a slap at Schefter; he’s simply doing his job.  Besides, the Schefter-Shanahan connection is a potential conflict of interest that is available to the audience.  We raised last night the problem of the conflicts of interest that aren’t generally known.

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  1. Florio, what a crap article. Everyone knows its not uncommon for teams to interview several of the top picks even if they don’t expect them to be there when they pick. They do this for several reasons, one is to do homework in cases like what happened to washington last year a guy like Orakpo falls well further than anyone would have guessed, and two because if there’s a chance you might play against that player some day, or might be interested in him down the road as a free agent.
    I’m really getting tired of the, oh franchize Y is hosting players, a, b, and c, but we doubt they would take them, so they must be trying to stir up interest to trade up. That is not necessarily the case, and in fact may only be a side effect of the draft preparation process.

  2. i actually hope they get Jimmy Clausen and cut Jason Campbell. JC deserves to go play for a team that is not all out of whack the the pathetic Redskins are. i watch him play and i can see he could be a great QB, but the Redskins are just wrecking his career, one head coach at a time.

  3. Simply put, would you rather have Schefter’s access to Shanahan and the Washington Redskins or would you rather do with out it?
    Kind of a NO Brainer there Florio, isn’t it?
    Do I detect a hint of jealousy?

  4. It doesn’t matter which QB they have until they give the poor sucker an O line to work behind.
    And as for Clausen, have we not learnt from Campbell for f*7^s sake ???? – what has this guy done for anyone lately?

  5. I dont think Clausen will be the number 4 pick in the draft even if Bradford and Okung are off the board.

  6. Its simple, Bradford is already putting out noise that he doesn’t want to play in St. Louis. So Rams take Bradford, Lions & Bucs take the two DTs. Then the Skins take Clausen and trade him to St. Louis along with additional picks for Bradford.

  7. Jintsbowl:
    From Jason Reid, Redskins Insider:
    Jimmy Clausen to visit Washington Redskins beginning Friday
    “Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen is scheduled to visit the Redskins beginning Friday, a league source confirmed Thursday.
    Clausen is expected to meet with Coach Mike Shanahan, members of the coaching staff and other top Redskins officials during the two-day trip. The Redskins also have scheduled a private workout with the former Fighting Irish star on April 15 in South Bend, Ind.
    After his trip to Ashburn this weekend, Clausen will travel to Cleveland to meet with the Browns. The Redskins hold the fourth overall pick in the April 22-24 draft and are believed to be highly interested in selecting a quarterback.
    The Redskins have received many favorable scouting reports about Clausen from former and current team employees, league sources said. Clausen figures to be available when the Redskins make their first pick.”
    So they are both having him visit/interview as well as working him out.

  8. So who is your agent Florio? Maybe you should divulge that so we know when you are blowing smoke.

  9. As a Lions fan, I appreciate Shananhan’s efforts to increase the trade value of our 2nd overall pick. Thank you in advance.

  10. The Redskins would be idiots to pass on Clausen. You don’t get too many opportunities to draft a franchise quarterback and if they pass on this one they deserve to lose.
    I don’t understand what people see in JC to make them think he’ll ever be a good player. What is this based on? His best games are when he hands the ball off 35 times and doesn’t have to do anything.

  11. not posturing. The skins definitely want a QB who can’t beat Navy as the 4th pick in the draft. here comes jake the snake II for shanny.

  12. Who would want to trade up to #2 and for whom? Suh? McCoy? I just don’t see any team outside of the top ten doing it. Noone wants to pay a DT the kind of money Suh and McCoy would command at that location.

  13. Now one thought that has crossed my mind, if Whitehurst and hasselbech are not long term solutions for Coach Carrol, Seattle has 2 1sts or could trade one of their seconds to move up tot ake Clausen. Washington can slide down and take a position of need in the first round OT probably if 2 first rounds maybe they get a LB and an OT and then spend the 2nd on BPA. Question is whether Carrol who coached again Clausen respects the guy or not.

  14. Putting Clausen, or any other rookie QB behind the Redskins line in it’s current state is a big mistake.
    We know Campbell can take hits (for the most part), Shanahan needs to right the past regime’s wrongs and get some people up front.

  15. I hope this is an Aprils Fools Joke. This kid will suck ass in the NFL. Just keep Jason and go with Eric Berry at the 4 spot if Oking is gone.

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