Thanks for another record-setting month

Once we partnered with NBC, we knew that traffic would increase.  And throughout the first eight months of the relationship, we saw a couple of new high water marks.

In the ninth month, it was time to see the baby.  (After all, you’ve gotta see the baby.)

For March 2010, we hosted 3.937 million unique visitors.  Those visitors inspected, on average, 12.43 pages, which equates to a grand total of 48.98 million page views.

The prior record was set in January, with 3.3 million uniques and 37.23 million page views.

So thank you, once again, for your ongoing support of the site.  And thanks to Rosenthal and MDS and Josh Alper and Silva for their help in keeping the info current and interesting.

And thanks once again to NBC for giving us a spot where this operation could expand like never before.