Tomlinson says Chargers changed more than he did

LaDainian Tomlinson gained a career-high 1,815 yards for the San Diego Chargers in 2006, and then his production declined each year until he had a career-low 730 in 2009. But Tomlinson says he’s not the one who changed.

According to Tomlinson, he’s still capable of being the kind of player he was at the peak of his career, even though he’ll turn 31 on June 23. He says the problem in San Diego was that coach Norv Turner changed the offensive approach.

“The things that happened in San Diego, everything was taken away from me,” Tomlinson said today. “There wasn’t an emphasis on running the football anymore, my best fullback was gone, the linemen were pass blocking and it was a passing quarterback and a passing coach. So, the situation’s kind of misleading when you look on film.”

Now that Tomlinson is playing for the Jets, he says he thinks he’s playing in an offense that will properly utilize his talents.

“I knew it was time to leave,” Tomlinson said. “The transition wasn’t as hard because I kind of prepared myself for it and I was ready to kind of move on to something else.”

Still, Tomlinson knows that he won’t be the workhorse he was in San Diego, when he had more than 300 carries in each of his first seven seasons. With the Jets, he’ll share carries with Shonn Greene.

“Shonn and I work well together,” Tomlinson said.

57 responses to “Tomlinson says Chargers changed more than he did

  1. Isn’t this the same guy who said he was the best back in football a year ago? This idiot sucked, plain and simple and hopefully it will show this season as well.

  2. He won’t admit it, but age was also a factor. But he’s right that it wasn’t number 1. Put any RB in a pass first offense and of course their production will go down. A person would have to be an idiot to think Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, or any other top back would match his production if he were to play with the Colts. Peterson is a perfect example with what happened to Favre this year: he didn’t just go down 400 rushing yards from the previous season for no reason.
    To think that LT’s stats went down only because of change of philosophy is dumb. To think his production went down only because of age is just plain moronic.

  3. As long as he agrees to work with Greene, I’m sure the #1 running team won’t lose a step…although TJ will be missed.

  4. I’m gonna put him n my fantasy team. He’s the real deal and there’s some left in the tank in my opinion.
    What he says about the Chargers emphasizing the pass over the run makes perfect sense. LT has never been a whiner – he has been class all the way. Very level headed and extremely gifted as a runner.
    The Jets are gonna pound away. There will be some holes open up and LT is going to exploit that !

  5. He’ll say anything to make himself look good. I wish he would’ve been more vocal in SD. Good riddance LT.

  6. You mean you’ll gladly pick up Shonn’s scraps, right?
    The Jets made a mistake with L.T.

  7. Shonn and I work well together,” Tomlinson said.
    they havent even been in pads together on the field yet and he thinks they work well together, what a jackass
    he just cant admit that he isnt anything more then a secondary back now

  8. LT better hope the Turf Monster didn’t follow him to NY. As a Charger fan, I can say that my only regret is that we didn’t get rid of LT a year sooner. He did nothing for the team in 2009….. a waste of a roster spot.
    Have fun in NY……. the fans won’t be so forgiving of your failings in the Big Apple. My prediction is that LT will be cut after this season….. one and done baby.

  9. “And then the ball was taken away from me. And then my toys were taken away from me, and my blankey…”

  10. Can’t wait to see the Lifetime TV special to see just how LT was wronged…..That or a Tampex commercial….

  11. If you watch a highlight video of LT from this past season and compare it to a vid from his MVP year, it’s obvious he just isn’t the same since that injury.
    He isn’t horrible tho and should have a good season behind the Jets run blocking line. But he’s not the elite RB he used to be.

  12. The reason the Chargers passed a lot was because the didn’t have any good running backs. Sproles is a good 3rd down back and change of pace guy, but they didn’t have anyone to carry the load. Lt was done 2 years ago. That’s why they threw all the time.

  13. Sproles only averaged 3.7 yards per carry in San Diego’s offense last season, and he’s supposed to be their big-play threat when he gets the ball.
    That, plus the fact that the Chargers ranked 31st in rushing yards and 32nd in rushing yards/attempt, tells me that at least some of what he’s saying is the truth.
    That being said, he ran on some pretty bad teams in his earlier years in San Diego (for example, having the #1 overall pick in 2004 which turned into Rivers) and never had as bad numbers as he did last year.
    Absolutely he’s on his way down the drain, but his demise was clearly exaggerated by the Chargers’ abysmal running game, which includes blocking and play calling in addition to actual rushing

  14. LT is exposed once again as the whining, ego driven player he showed football fans over the past few seasons. In multipule games, the cameras caught his sour face after getting pulled out of plays or at the goal line. A perfect example of another great player declining as he ages and not being able to come to terms with it.

  15. He certainly is not going to be as good as he once was, that’s for sure. And, as a Fins fan, I hope he sucks.
    But it’s true that they went away from the run over the last 3 years. I saw it with Miami and Marino where they went from a strong running team to one that looked like it forgot how to run. Every year over the last 3, Tomlinson’s YPC has gone down. But look at the other backs on the team. Every single one had their production and YPC decrease, by about the same amount, each of the last 3 years as well.

  16. “LT has never been a whiner – he has been class all the way. Very level headed and extremely gifted as a runner.”
    This is the most complete show of ignorance and stupidity I have ever read. I am not saying you are those things but the satement sure is. He was beyond a gifted runner, there is no question about that. But injuries and age caught up to him and slowed him down. As a result he cried, and cried, and cried and then told us how classy he was. For the first few years he was classy and maybe didn’t whine, but that sure changed after he got hurt.

  17. Comments like these make me glad he signed with the Jets, He take no responsibility for the decline in his performance…

  18. LT, stop acting like you were the one who moved on. It was the Chargers who moved on—THEY RELEASED YOU—because you could only get 3.4 yds/carry and got injured in big games.

  19. Not much compassion here for L.T.. I for one hope he has a great season with the Jets. I’ve never understood San Diego since they fired the coach after a 14-2 record. Didn’t they also release Darren Sproles? The Chargers aren’t going anywhere.

  20. One would figure it’s easy to act classy when your game is on.
    The test comes when your game is suffering. LT has not performed like the back he used to be. And “classy” would not be the first adjective to come to mind to describe LT now.
    At least Tomlinson has made it interesting for fans to see him perform this season.
    Will LT win, or will he wilt?

  21. @Chapnasty2
    I guess we both have a different opinion of LT….we will know soon enough if he can still bring it – I say he can

  22. Which film was LT watching, 2006? Dude is delusional. LT, they went more to a passing offense BECAUSE you couldn’t do it anymore, not the other way around.

  23. Tomlinson is such a crybaby. For someone who’s self described as humble, he should does love to cry, bytch and moan.
    BTW, there’s one LT and its Lawrence Taylor.

  24. Tomlinson is like a 40 year old chick with two kids that still thinks she looks like she did when she was 25 and single.

  25. No the Chargers did not change more than Tomlinson.
    The Chargers are still very good, and Tomlinson now stinks.

  26. LT is completely correct…..but thats not a negative toward the Chargers……………they have evolved from the LT\Gates show to a passing offense that is hard to stop……….same end of year result though…………… alot during year and lose in playoffs………….

  27. as a longtime charger boy, it is sad to see LT go out like a beeatch. saw this coming after the patriots afc game when he moped on the bench. guy never got over marty & is now his son’s sloppy second. good luck sanchez, wait til he stabs your back!

  28. Who gives a sh..!! He does this every year. And when the Jets are in the playoffs, he’ll be on the sideline with a hangnail while his qb will be playing with a torn ACL, again!!!!
    Every year!!!!

  29. In fairness, if he hadn’t suffered a ruptured vagina in the preseason, he’d have had a better year.

  30. As a Phins fan I like the move since we shut him down two years ago but that O-line is pretty tough. I’m looking forward to this years matchups.

  31. Ever since that amazing 2006 season, I got more and more upset with LT’s attitude. I really think he became a detriment to the team. He really isn’t a team player. I think success and all this “best player in the NFL” talk went to his head.
    All his arguments are ridiculous here. He rushed for 1000 in 2008, but the team barely made it to 8-8, only because Rivers had to turn it on down the stretch. What the hell does he expect Norv to do?

  32. @WingT: LT has never been a whiner? are we talking about the same LT? Oh, you must be talking about Lawrence Taylor. got it.

  33. He should learn to shut up. Norv Turner actually likes to run the ball and if you check his O is ususally balanced evenly btw run / pass. Check the Emmitt Smith years in Dallas and his stats in WAS.
    The OL maybe part to blame but LT was even injured this year. Sort of a fault of both.

  34. In defense of LT I will say that the line was straight dog crap. No running back run could run behind those holes. Its all about the running lanes and if there is none its tough. You can get away with it in highschool but in the NFL if no line, no rushing yards. I’ll be happy when he rushes for 1,000 yards next year and all you haters will pull a Todd Mcshay and say you knew it all along he was still good.

  35. rraider says:
    April 1, 2010 10:44 PM
    LT is completely correct…..but thats not a negative toward the Chargers……………they have evolved from the LT\Gates show to a passing offense that is hard to stop……….same end of year result though…………… alot during year and lose in playoffs…………. This… That is all.

  36. Wow…”fans” really do suck donkey balls…1st they fire Marty after a 14-2 season,replace him with Norv “passpasspass” Turner,dump Lo Neal,and switch up the philosophy…Yeah the numbers declined,as any RB’s numbers in that system would…LT was a class player who plays this game with a passion U out of shape ham and eggers can only wish U could…Good luck in NY…

  37. Really, a passing offense, only because they held on to an aging running back perhaps. And, Norv has always had great numbers for his running backs, until last year. LT just doens’t understand that his age and all the carries he has had in his career have reduced his ability to be a game changer.

  38. I think LaDainian has something left in the tank. He does have a valid point in regards to the approach changing and things being taken away from him. When he proves you haters wrong this year, y’all will be eatin’ those words…

  39. @Chapnasty2.. Again, no he didn’t say that. It’s funny how something can become an accepted truth if it’s repeated often enough.
    L.T said that he thought Adrian Peterson had a long way to go before he could be considered the most complete back in the league. He didn’t mention “best” and didn’t actually mention himself.
    Go Niners!

  40. Sad – Novr Turner has always been a coach know in fantasy circles as a coach who had RB’s with huge years. So LT needs to get over that he is getting old, like the rest of us.

  41. LT might come off as a spoiled kid at times, but I agree with him about the team changing when Norv Turner took over. The Chargers absolutely became a more pass oriented team and losing Lorenzo Neal was a huge hit for LT’s production. I hate the fact that LT went to the Jets because I do think that he will be productive again. LT and Shonne Greene both have the potential to be 1000 yard RBs this year. Add a healthy Leon to the mix and the Jets running game should be far and away the best in the league this year. With that running game Sanchez will only need to throw the ball 20 times a game, kind of like Big Ben’s first year, to be effective, the defense will be top 5 again and I hate to say it but the Jets should be able to win the AFC East.

  42. Petersom took a huge step back last year….by the way, he just fumbled again!!!
    LT = Hall of fame…..

  43. The Chargers evolved because LT was afraid to play against the Patriots claiming his knee was sore while Rivers played with a torn ACL. Watching the SB previews this year all the former player analysts said Freeney would play no matter what because in the playoffs injuries don’t matter and you suck it up. I guess LT showed his lack of manhood by wimping out in that game.

  44. Without a doubt LT has lost a step. Good Oline or not, that fact will not change. It was a he’ll of a run LT, but it is over.

  45. LT can say he is a Future Hall of Famer….
    LT Can say he was one of the best backs in the League for 9 Years..
    LT Can say he put San Diego On the Map when he arrived.
    LT obviously cant say he is getting old and cant carry the load that is why The Chargers decided to become a pass happy offense..

  46. More excuses from the FAKE LT!
    So when he couldn’t pull away from defenders in the open field that was Rivers, Norv and the O-line’s fault?
    Good luck with this loser Jets fans, he’s done!

  47. After he sat on the bench during the playoff game against the Colts, everyone realized what a pansy LT was

  48. The Jets should have kept Jones. When Tomlinson was younger and healthy he kept his piehole shut and played his ass off. But for the past few seasons he’s mostly been making pearls while doing less and less on the field. He’s going to end up like Emmitt Smith in Arizona.

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