Warren Moon unloads on Eagles regarding Donovan McNabb

It’s one thing for Stephen A. Smith to direct his one-setting volume at the Eagles and their handling of Donovan McNabb.  It’s quite another for a Hall of Fame quarterback who has been traded by the team with which he became a star to do the same.

As to the former, who cares?  As to the latter, we all should.

Warren Moon believes that the Eagles are bungling the Donovan McNabb situation.  Moon compares the situation to his own exit from Houston.  Specifically, Moon tells Jim Corbett of USA Today that, when the Oilers traded Moon out of Houston because the franchise deemed that Cody Carlson (who?) was ready to take over the Chuck ‘n’ Duck offense, the Oilers let Moon know what was happening, and worked to accommodate his trade preferences.

Moon believes the Eagles are doing the exact opposite.

“It’s mind-boggling they would put Donovan in this
position,” Moon told Corbett.  “He’s hearing about things second hand, which I
don’t think shows him a lot of respect.

“It really surprises me because the Philadelphia
Eagles have already made very strategic and very smart personnel moves
that has gotten them in position to win championships.  This one really
baffles me, especially because of how important that position is.”

On the surface, Moon has a point.  The Eagles’ focus apparently has been maximizing trade value, and nothing more.  As a result, potential suitors like the Browns and the Cardinals, apparently convinced that the Eagles wanted too much for McNabb, made other plans.  Now that the Eagles appear to be willing to take the best offer, teams that may have made offers are out of the picture.

Still, no one knows whether and to what extent the Eagles are communicating with McNabb, or whether the Eagles will try to move him to a team that he wants to join.

The other side of the coin, of course, is that the Eagles have no duty to do anything along the lines of cooperating with McNabb.  And given their propensity to lock players up to ultra-long-term deals and then say “tough crap” after a few years go by and the player feels underpaid, we’d be inclined to think that the Eagles are oblivious to — or simply don’t care about — whether and to what extent their handling of McNabb’s departure reflects “respect” for the player, or has a negative impact on the men who remain.

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  1. Yeah, he also said McNabb was in the prime of his career… Prime?> He finished 20th in the league in Comp % and can’t run anymore. How is that his prime? Plan fact is you can’t keep both Kolb and McNabb forever and McNabb’s best day’s are behind him without question.

  2. not sure the hate for Stephen A., I actually like him and think he’s good for fans. I get tired of the ESPN fluff

  3. Lets see how the team responds to this ….. my guess is this shake up will not translate well on the field. I dont think they played their cards well here.

  4. “given their propensity to lock players up to ultra-long-term deals and then say “tough crap” after a few years go by and the player feels underpaid”
    That’s crap. It’s just the other side of the coin where players get guaranteed money and then suck. Both sides knew there’s guaranteed and non-guaranteed money to a contract when they sign it. It gives both the team and the agent flexibility to negotiate. There aren’t any surprises there. Drew Rosenhaus’s arguments don’t hold water.
    That said, McNabb has always deserved better than the treatment he got in Philly. I hope this all works out for him. Good quarterback and class act.

  5. After all the years of seeing how awful Eagles fans are, it’s baffling why anyone would ever want to play in that city.. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Even though it sounds crazy, I’d rather play in Oakland. The fans are just as hard core but actually like their players.. It has to be embarrassing being and Eagles fan

  6. The NFL is a business. Donovan McNabb made over $100,000,000 dollars with the Eagles (not including endorsements) in that business.
    He is still a good QB but he is not the same QB from 4 years ago. No mobility; no more potential. Its only down hill from here.
    With McNabb its like dating the prom queen and going to 3rd base, but never reaching home plate. After awhile, you have had enough and want to find the one who is goes all the way. The national media don’t get that. People in Philly do.
    Philly Iggles Fan

  7. the eagles front office doesnt care what thge eagle fans, donovan, warren moon, stephen a smith or anyone at espn says. theyll do whatever they want because thats how andy reid and joe banner have always done business.

  8. You didn’t even quote the more telling parts of what Moon said. He thinks it is foolish to trade a guy in his prime who has had success and turn over a competitive team to an untested and mostly unknown young QB. I couldn’t agree more with him, drafting Kolb may have made (Personally I thought it was foolish at the time and still is now) I think you need to take the hit on the draft pick and go forward with McNabb. The guy has had a lot of success going to 5 NFC championships in an 8 year span, for his career he has been in the final 4 45% of the time. He looks healthy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason he won’t be productive for another 3-5 years.
    If they are going to make a trade, deal Kolb and try to get a late first or even just get back the 2nd you used on him and try to make a run with McNabb and Vick next year.

  9. I Tottaly agree with Warren ! the Eagles have bungled this situation BIG TIME ! Donovan deserves more respect than is being given him,
    he has been a Major Asset to this team and should be treated with some dignity!

  10. This all started with the bogus report that McNabb was headed to St. Louis, and now it has snowballed into the national and local media actually believing that the Eagles are dying to move McNabb.
    But, as is always the case, they go unchecked and are allowed to just ramble incessantly with nothing to back what they’re claiming.
    And let’s also not forget that Reid also said he’s listening to offers for backups Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. Why is that he said the exact same thing about the other two quarterbacks, but everyone is convinced the only guy that will move is McNabb?
    Did I just miss the part where he actually said he was planning on giving Kolb a life-long contract and was refusing to take any offer for him? Maybe it just didn’t happen here in the Land of Reality.

  11. I still have trouble figuring out exactly why the Eagles, the NFL, and the rest of America owe McNabb all this “respect.”

  12. Its the Filthy egals what would you expect
    They are a low class team with low class owners and management and fans
    Why would anyone think a pile of turd would smell like roses?

  13. If the Eagles are trying to keep McNabb, they are going about this “trade” thing the right way.
    They end up with no market, and can make that point to the fans. They still can trade Kolb, and get another 3-5 years out of McNabb if they contract him.
    As far as maximizing his value? Nope, That is not happening. Minimize his value and it makes no sense to move him, no matter what the fans think

  14. Yeah so, umm, who cares. Million dollars babies. I’ll tell you what. You pay me 100 million dollars over the next ten years and I’ll go to Iraq. Gimmie a break. The Eagles FO doesn’t owe McNabb anything, they paid him well and he never delivered a ring. Respect is over-rated. Money talks. I hope they send him to the Raiders. He gets paid to play, he is not a politician, he is a football player.

  15. it’s a pathetic organization. Philadelphia is a proud city and some people feel they deserve better. I’m not one of them.

  16. “It’s mind-boggling they would put Donovan in this position,” Moon told Corbett. “He’s hearing about things second hand, which I don’t think shows him a lot of respect.
    The fact Moon said that DM is hearing about things second hand implies he know exactly what DM is hearing. How would that be? Oh yeah…probably talking to DM but not telling us that because it wouldn’t make DM look “classy”.
    I guess we know who Mr Passive aggressive has chosen to plead his case with whining about how he’s teated this time…not mom or dad but Moon.

  17. This whole “respect” thing for McN or any other player has been allowed to become a bigger than life story than it deserves. McN is a great QB as was Moon and many other NFL players, but when the shoe is on the other foot and a player leaves a team becuz some other team wants to throw a boatload of money at him, then the player says, “it’s all about business”…..there’s no respect or loyalty to their former team. The simple fact is, the NFL is a business and since the birth of free agency, loyalty, respect, team players, etc. was thrown out the window. Players simply can’t have their cake and eat it too and it is time they all “grew up”.

  18. Couldn’t agree more, Warren. I’m 29 years old and Donovan is the BEST Eagles player I’ve had the pleasure of watching in my lifetime. I don’t understand the logic of any of this. And I definitely don’t see how Kevin Kolb is going to put us in better position to win ball games. 20 years from now Kevin Kolb will be known as the guy who the Eagles made their biggest mistake on.

  19. Love your seperation of Smith and Moon, Smith is nothing more than a talking head while Warren Moon’s credibility is without question. I wonder what McNabb has to say???

  20. Moon wouldn’t care at all if McNabb was white. Really. This is just a black QB sticking up for a fellow black QB.
    On the other hand, when the Oilers gave up Moon, as a Browns fan I was glad.

  21. Funny how everyone calls this a lack of respect yet for YEARS the media was on Andy Reid’s case for being so loyal to McNabb, loyal even to a fault now all of a sudden he’s disrespecting the guy. Its a business people, not a charity.

  22. This would be a good story if McNabb was worth a sh!t as a starting QB in this league anymore.
    The Eagles are trying to learn the lesson the Panthers didn’t learn last year…don’t doante a year to an aging QB out of loyalty.
    This is a business…ask the Rooneys; they could care less how many rapists and wife-beaters suit up for them…all they care about is how many towels and jerseys their national fan base is buying up.
    Philly can see what direction McNabb is heading, and no one can blame them for getting the most they can.

  23. Pretty good characterization of Stephen A. smith. I can’t listen to a word the guy says. As soon as any player signs on the dotted line, he pretty gives up his rights as to where a team might trade him too. He should just stop bitching and play his ass off, make the most of it.

  24. Donovan, per himself, has previously been the victim of “black-on-black” crime; now he’s the beneficiary of black-on-black butt licking.

  25. teeg01 says:
    April 1, 2010 9:28 AM
    With McNabb its like dating the prom queen and going to 3rd base, but never reaching home plate. After awhile, you have had enough and want to find the one who is goes all the way. The national media don’t get that. People in Philly do
    um…if 3rd base means getting a BJ i have no problem with that

  26. You Philly fans really amaze me.
    In Detroit, one of the biggest problems we’ve had is finding a quarterback that can stick around longer than 4 years. Look at most of the floundering teams – it all revolves around inconsistency at the QB position.
    You guys have/had that in Philadelphia.
    Look at the passing yards this guy has put up year, after year, after year. He’s had no decent receivers, and besides Westbrook, really hasn’t had a supporting RB. You finally get some good, young receivers for him (which is why his comp % was down), and now you run him out of town…..Beautiful…..
    Good luck with Kolb! When he fails in less than four years, you’ll be calling for his head too. It is unfathomable to me that people want McNabb gone. Maybe now you should get Duante Culpepper or Patrick Ramsey to back up Kolb…..These are the names that are out there. Kolb is not better than McNabb, and there are no good QB backups out there that can take on the position for several years. You are going to experience years of trying to find “the Guy”…..
    Reality is going to smack your arrogant cheeks crisply!
    Your assumed horrible quarterback is better than 95% of the starters out there. You’re replacing him with a backup at best. I would trade our “Franchise Quarterback” in a heartbeat for him but we have $72 million tied up in that position, wo se can’t do other things and fill other holes….Think about those things the next time you run a QB out of town!
    Mark my words: You guys are going to wish you never brought on all this drama! You don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone!

  27. The Eagles FO is arrogant, and rather than do things the right way, they do things their way, thinking that they are leading the pack, when they just look clueless. This front office is famous for it’s remark that the Eagles are the Gold Standard, yet, a real gold standard wins Superbowls, something they say they want to do, but something you know they will never be quite good enough to achieve.

  28. Has it occurred to anybody that the McNabb trade is nothing but speculation by the media? That McNabb isn’t aggressively being shopped, but they will listen to offers? AR said the same thing last off season. They’re listening. I’m sure most, if not all, teams get offers for numerous players every year. And I’m sure they all listen. They’d be fools not to listen. With the exception of few untouchables, all players are available for trade if the price is right. It’s the reality of the NFL, and sports in general.
    The Eagles aren’t holding out for a king’s ransom for McNabb. But if a team were to offer one, they probably wouldn’t turn it down.
    The Eagles were in negotiations for a contract extension with McNabb in 2006. What happened in 2006 that would cause the Eagles to halt negotiations of an extension and draft an insurance policy in 2007? He tore his ACL.
    AR said they’re listening to offers on all their players. As they do every year. That quote somehow gets forgotten in all these McNabb trade talks.
    I often hear it said that AR and the Eagles’ organization have so much love for Kolb. And how they feel he’s ready to start. Do you think Kolb is the one they’re looking to trade? Of course talk of trading Kolb wouldn’t generate the sensation that trading McNabb has created.

  29. GoBrowns19 says:
    April 1, 2010 9:48 AM
    Moon wouldn’t care at all if McNabb was white. Really. This is just a black QB sticking up for a fellow black QB.
    I knew some idiot would say something like this. I’m just glad it was one fool, and not a board full of bigots.
    Phil Simms, Troy Aikman, and Joe Theismann give their opinions all the time on white QB, but to suggest they’re “bumpin’ for their white homeys” is stupid. In fact, Aikman has made several negative remarks about McNabb, but not once did I think he was a “racist”.
    Browns fan, how many black QB has your organization had?

  30. “It really surprises me because the Philadelphia Eagles have already made very strategic and very smart personnel moves that has gotten them in position to win championships.”
    It always amazes people can be so ignorant at times. Take the above quote. Moon basically admits Philly’s front office knows how to build an NFL team capable of perennial contention. Then, immediately following this admission by Moon, he completely contradicts himself, instead of looking at the situation reasonably and logically.
    The reason Philly is good is because they don’t hold onto players that no longer have a deep desire or motivation to play. McNabb’s best days are behind him and Philly is going to get something for him now, rather than having McNabb limp thru another average season, that shows Joe Public that he isn’t what he used to be.
    People have to realize Brett Favre’s don’t grow on trees.

  31. I never understood why Philly would treat a borderline Hall of Fame QB with such disregard as if there were a surplus of quality QBs.
    For Donovan’s sake, if he is traded I hope he goes on to win his much sought after Superbowl, no matter where he goes.

  32. What all of you Mcnabb haters seem to forget is that this QB has done more for this team than ANY other QB the team has ever had. If not for all the injuries and inconsistant play along the offensive line ( Mcnabb was sacked 35 times last year, that’s 7th worst in the league) who knows what would have happened with this team. To blame Mcnabb for the team not having a SB ring is like blaming your wife for not being a swimsuit model. The Eagles pass heavy offense is more predictable than a RACIST at an NAACP rally.
    @suckitflorio “He finished 20th in the league in Comp % and can’t run anymore.”
    Mcnabb was also top ten in Yards per Comp, TD ratio, and Int %. Not bad for a sorry QB. Not mention 5 NFC championships in 11 years. Only Brady comes close to that.
    As for choking in big games look at the stats from the one SB he was in and regardless of who won which QB had a better game? In the last NFC championship game what defense gave up over 20 points in the first half and which QB came back from behind to give their team the lead only to watch the defense fold AGAIN?

  33. Nobody really knows what the Eagles are doing or what they’re saying to McNabb behind closed doors. This is all speculation and people need to lay off. This is being blown way out of proportion and none of the people writing about the situation know as much as they pretend to.

  34. “The NFL is a business. Donovan McNabb made over $100,000,000 dollars with the Eagles (not including endorsements) in that business.
    He is still a good QB but he is not the same QB from 4 years ago. No mobility; no more potential. Its only down hill from here.
    With McNabb its like dating the prom queen and going to 3rd base, but never reaching home plate. After awhile, you have had enough and want to find the one who is goes all the way. The national media don’t get that. People in Philly do.”
    …it’s more like going to third base and finding a tree trunk waiting for you. He’s not who everyone thinks he is.

  35. As an Eagles fan, I’m not liking this new GM at all. Warren Moon is right, the fans and organization have shown absolutely no respect to McNabb…ever. This isn’t how you treat your best players.
    I can’t believe all of you are banking on Kolb coming through? What if he doesn’t? We’ll have him struggling for 1-2 years before we have no quarterback.
    It’s too late at this point, though. We can keep Donovan this year, but he’s walking after that unless we franchise tag him. He has already changed his stance from I want to retire an Eagle to I want to play in Arizona some day. It’s over, Philly. You botched this one.
    All the Eagles fans are going to be crying when Kolb can’t even get us to the playoffs.

  36. How many years does it take to win a superbowl?
    I think McNabb has had more than his chance to win 1.

  37. teeg01 – But, you do you keep the “hot chick” and only get to third base or go all the way with a chick that could use some make-up, but still not go all the way?

  38. Love how you people who are not from Philly keep referring to the fans as idiots for wanting to trade McNabb yet the Eagles themselves have admitted they want to move on by not resigning him. Say what you will about the fans, but to believe the organization doesn’t know what they are talking about is a little far-fetched.

  39. Look, I think they’ve just gotten tired of him being a drama queen. Combine the ‘financial apology’ crap with some diminishing skills and I think they’re willing to give the new guy (Kolb or Vick) a chance. I don’t know if I’d play it like they have, but they seem to have decided that DM will be a problem to deal with as his skills increasingly don’t live up to his own opinion of his value.
    But the Eagles have definitely screwed up how they’ve handled the situation, no doubt.

  40. why do people think McNabb will be ‘hall of fame’ material?
    he doesnt have 300 td’s or a ring. Freddie Mitchell told the fanatic about how Donny had a nervous break down in the SuperBowl. This dude was in the huddle, saw his face, saw what was happening. Fredex ( who sux) had to call the plays for him. Dmac lost us that title and then lost the NFC championship game against the Cardinals, along with BDawkins (football legend) not wrapping up while tackling on the 3 ..
    / hall of famers know how many timeouts their team has at all times. Hall of famers can call audibles on the line of scrimage. Hall of famers dont giggle after interceptions. hall of famers hustle to the line. Hall of famers just make it happen.

  41. Now let me understand this. A football player who has earned tens of millions of dollars is a victim when his employer wants him to go, but some poor white collar guy making a few hundred grand deserves what he gets when he’s laid-off? And if he’s not laid-off Barry, Joe, Nancy and Harry tell us he’s wealthy with his $250,000 pre-tax earnings, and they want to steal his money and give it to their greedy constituents who hate success? And the liberal press, who feel so sorry for the millionaire athlete, applaud the theft by Barry and his thugs from the white collar schlep? What a sick group of people these media writers are.

  42. Amazing they would let him go over an untested second stringer. Sounds like a step backwards to me. Tough to find descent QBs in this league.

  43. the respect you crave are the checks you cash…………..
    It was ridiculous when years ago, in a healthy economy, Latrell Sprewell made the infamous comment about “feeding his children”. Now, it must be stated that I’m fully aware that none of this, at present, has come from Donovan McNabb’s mouth. However, in this poor economic climate, with thousands of people either unemployed, or taken serious pay-cuts to remain employed, this becomes almost funny. It’s a two-way street? Dude has made millions of dollars, become famous, and enjoyed the adoration of thousands. Why? Because football is business. Yes, it’s a game, but like everything else, is played for $$$. As someone who was recently laid-off, this attitude of some of these players astonishes me. I’m a Browns fan. Derek Anderson is 25 years old, financially set for life for one mediocre season, and then wants to bitch about the way the Browns treated him. WTF?!?!!? You know what it’s like to get laid-off for real? When rent is due? You think my previous employer had a F’ing board meeting to discuss HOW I WAS GONNA FEEL?!?!?
    To Derek, Donovan, and the like, when you open your bank statement and see a direct deposit from the Cleveland Browns or the Philidelphia Eagles for millions of dollars, THAT’S THE RESPECT.
    btw, I thought I’d share this interesting tid-bit. I live in Canton, Ohio, and visit the Hall of Fame about once a month. I was there recently when I ran into a retired player. He and I engaged in a conversation, in which he shared that he recently attended a party thrown by a current player, with numerous other current players in attendance. He was shocked at the topics of conversation. He said years ago, when players would get together to bullshat and party, some of the conversation rivalries would consist of, “how good was your team?”. Now, they actually (per this ex-player, per this particular party) talk smack about how much are getting paid. Who’s the highest paid, etc. Laughable. Remember when players played this game to win? I hate the Patriots and their pretty boy QB, but you can’t help but respect a player who could easily be one of the top 5 paid-players in the league, take a lower salary (still millions), in order to strengthen the rest of the roster and field a competitive team. You really think Albert Hanysworth’s $100M fatass cares what the Redskins record is next year? No. And what a slap in the face to every Redskins fan who gets up and goes to work in the morning to bring home a paycheck that’s too small to continue to support their team. For Passion. Which most of these players have none of. How high was I drafted, how much money do I get?
    Is it the product or the system? Should we all blame JaMarcus Russell, (I partly do) for being a lethargic fat-body? Or is the millions of dollars he received for having never set foot on a professional field before? I haven’t followed the whole retired players trying to get benefits thing too closely, but geez, can you blame them for being pissed? These were guys who, prior to about the mid-70’s, still had to WORK other jobs in the off-season to maintain a livelihood. Today’s players are bigger, and faster. But does anyone think yesterday’s game was less violent? Much poorer quality of equipment, and many less “rules”. Remember when the defense used to be able to sack the QB?? Or receivers had to fight to get open?? Now we’ve got Chris Johnson’s signing 5 year deals, and after 2 seasons, expecting to be the highest paid back in football. Tough luck, Chris. Besides, we’ve all got to make unproven Bradford rich in about a month………………………………..
    ……….whew, didn’t anticipate that rant coming.

  44. The following players are guys the FO decided were past their prime and weren’t worth top $’s…Vincent, Taylor, Trotter, Douglas, Staley, Dawkins, Kearse, Thomas, Runyan. All great players in their prime (Kearse?). We just saw Green Bay deal with this several years ago. Are many people saying GB dropped the ball on Farve because he took the Vikes to the NFC Champ game? What was Favre’s reaction when they drafted Rogers? I don’t remember him making a stink about it. Maybe the talent around 5 isn’t good enough for a SB. It took Denver years to get the right team for Elway. Maybe 5 is a just a very good/borderline great qb, but not SB winner material. I personally want KK to get a shot. If they keep 5 and trade KK it better be for a younger pro bowl player that fills a need. Not draft picks. Keeping 5 means you’re going for it. Trading KK for picks is developing talent.

  45. GoBrowns19 says:
    April 1, 2010 9:48 AM
    Moon wouldn’t care at all if McNabb was white. Really. This is just a black QB sticking up for a fellow black QB.
    PhillyHouseI couldn’t agree with you more. I figured there would be an outrage on here when a former black QB sticks up for another black QB. But there was only ONE dumbass (GoBrowns19)on here that did so far, but I’m sure more are coming. If John Elway said that Green Bay treated Farve wrong, NO ONE would say “oh here we go, a white QB stick up for a white QB”. Just shows what hatred people have deep down and are only brave enough to express it behind a computer monitor.
    With that being said, McNabb signed an extension last year. He knew this team and city never appreciated him, but he extended anyway. Even though I love watching McNabb play he only has himself to blame.

  46. If the Eagles were inclined to move on from McNabb, they would’ve done it at the conclusion of the 2008 season. How much higher does his stock get than being one dropped pass from tying the NFCCG? By moving on from McNabb at that point it would’ve also given the Eagles ample time to know whether or not Kolb was good enough to be the future of the franchise.
    Look for any trade of any of the Eagles’ QBs to go down to draft day.
    If the Skins are hot for Bradford and the Rams are willing to gamble that either McCoy or Suh will be available with the 4th pick, you might see the Skins giving multiple picks for the chance to move into the #1 spot to select Bradford. This gives the Rams the defensive player they want, and an NFL ready QB (assuming they trade for one of the Eagles’ QBs). Going on the assumption that QB is Kolb, the Rams are using less than a 1st round pick on a QB that is well ahead of any rookie they would draft. And without the financial investment of a high first round pick.
    If the Chargers got a 3rd round pick for a QB who hasn’t even thrown a regular season pass, Kolb has to be worth at least a high 2nd round pick.

  47. The current McNabb situation just shows how times change.
    Basically in the modern world of the NFL a player needs to take control of their career. It’s no longer wise for them to just go with the flow. McNabb should have been aware that there would come a time when they would part ways. Given his contract status, the availability of a replacement in Kolb, and that he’s still playing at a high level, this time is now. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to either him or his agent. And I doubt that it did.
    Secondly teams now are more secretive about their dealings than they were in times past. They have to be, especially when they’re in divisions with high parity where minor advantages have a huge effect in the standings. The public face the Eagles present regarding the situation is probably different than the private one. But even then the control of information is very important so that an advantage isn’t given away. Teams just won’t show their hand to everyone. To complain about this is a bit pointless. It’s not about disrespect it’s just the reality of the business.
    Thirdly, if they could accomodate McNabb’s preferred location I’m sure they would, provided there is a comparable deal on the table to the top bids. If not, well too bad. Again it’s just business.
    Obviously the Eagles have great respect for McNabb. They’re also a competitive and savvy organization. Business pressures will always supercede the needs of the player. Likewise if McNabb were 5 years younger and negotiating a new contract he’d look out for his interests first. I don’t read into it that they’re treating McNabb poorly. If anything they’re giving him an opportunity to thrive, while he still has it, away from an environment that has run its course.

  48. Curse – you are a Lions fan, your expecations are in the crapper rendering your rambling thoughts useless.
    Philly isn’t going anywhere this year with smiling McDirtBall or Kolb and the FO doesn’t owe #5 anything other than his fat paycheck. If he does stay and groundhog day starts over again, which it will, there is a built in excuse for him already…I was treated badly, waaaaaaaa.
    I don’t care if they trade him to a rival or winner, I welcome hime ruining their fans season with a Dec or January chokefest, I’m done with that outcome.

  49. @ The Curse of Bobby Layne Part 2: not all fans want DNabb gone. There are plenty that want him to stay. It’s just that those fans’ opinions don’t generate the drama.
    @McWest: great post!
    What many fail to realize, is that part of playing this “game” is to incite drama. The more buzz around trading DNabb, the more likely they can move someone else. Rational thinking: why would they move DNabb and keep Kolb & Vick? Other teams are asking the same thing which drives up the market for a former 2nd round pick w/the proverbial “huge upside.”
    No one predicted the Eagles would get Peters last year for a sandwich and some chips. A lot of “experts” panned the Eagles trading Lito for a 4th rounder. Almost everyone criticized the Eagles for letting go of Runyan and Thomas in the same offseason.
    All those moves worked out well for them. Don’t give into the hype, have patience, and watch and see what happens after the smoke has cleared.
    Vick to Buffalo……

  50. If the Eagles defense could have stopped the Cardinals, the Eagles would have been in the Superbowl ready to beat the Steelers.
    Blaming McNabb for the teams failures is simplified and stupid.
    Again the defense got throttled by the Cowboys while the Eagle offense sputtered without any real rushing attack.

  51. myeaglescantwin says:
    April 1, 2010 10:33 AM
    why do people think McNabb will be ‘hall of fame’ material?
    he doesnt have 300 td’s or a ring. Freddie Mitchell told the fanatic about how Donny had a nervous break down in the SuperBowl. This dude was in the huddle, saw his face, saw what was happening. Fredex ( who sux) had to call the plays for him. Dmac lost us that title and then lost the NFC championship game against the Cardinals, along with BDawkins (football legend) not wrapping up while tackling on the 3 ..
    / hall of famers know how many timeouts their team has at all times. Hall of famers can call audibles on the line of scrimage. Hall of famers dont giggle after interceptions. hall of famers hustle to the line. Hall of famers just make it happen.
    I guess my point was lost in translation.
    Have fun going .500 (at best) with Kolb.

  52. I’m going to completely ignore the fan bashers who dont understand why in the world the Eagles would want to trade McNabb, since probably 2/3s of those same people during the season have said something along the lines of “who cares, the Eagles suck and will never win a SuperBowl”. Cant have it both ways…
    Anyway…The Eagles are deficient in the OL. In the defensive backfield. At LB. Maybe even DE. McNabb on this team could very well get them to 10-6 and the playoffs. But does anyone think this team, as presently constructed, can realistically compete for a SB? Theyre not as good as Dallas, Minnesota or New Orleans. Maybe Green Bay too.
    All 3 QBs have expiring contracts at the end of this season. So this decision will have to be made sooner or later anyway. If the team feels they want to go with Kolb in 2011, why not trade McNabb? Give Kolb a year of experience in what is probably not going to be a Super Bowl contending season anyway and set yourself up for a better situation in ’11.
    I dont think there’s a whole lot of fans who think McNabb “sucks”. Rather, we’ve gone pretty much as far as he can take this team, and at his age, he’s simply not going to get any better. Factor in the constant drama and it’s mere fatigue of the whole scenario.
    Has been a very good QB for us? Yes, of course he has. Can he lead them to a SB title within the next 3 years? Probably not. So why not turn the page and really see what they have with Kolb? He’s not a rookie, theyve seen him for 3 years and apparently like enough to consider trading McNabb. Might as well try to get some value for him now as opposed to letting him walk in 10 months.
    This talk of loyalty and all that is just sentimental crap that really has no bearing on the situation at hand.

  53. This is a business. McNabb has been paid well for his services and the club owe him nothing. If I was the Eagles I would take the deal that best helps the club.

  54. Does anyone think that the big reason why the birds are even talking trade is because we got Howie Roseman ?

  55. The Eagles did stop the Cardinals and gave DMac the ball on the opponents 49 yard line. He promptly gained 0 yards with a throw over the head of one WR and behind another…

  56. I bet Warren Moon wouldn’t give two craps about this saga if it was over a white quarterback

  57. Paging C.E.O. Bad Newz Kennels! The city of Brotherly Love’s new son will be Michael Vick!! haha… all you haters keep hatin, nothing you can do except watch him become Philly’s starter. Just wait for it! Kevin Kolb? Really? Cmon….

  58. Yeah…and the Oilers didn’t get ish for Moon and never won a title after trading him….so their method was surely the right way to go lol.

  59. Please stop bringing up how the Eagles lock up young players who then feel underpaid. More often than not this strategy has worked for them. And by playing a hard line on the matter it sends a message to future signings that if they sign these deals while young they had better be willing to play under it if they get good. The deals are fair for the players and the team. Guys like Sheldon Brown need to remember why they signed that deal to begin with.

  60. Ookie – I believe Vick can contribute.
    On windy days, he can hold the ball on the tee for Akers.
    It would be more of a contribution than last year. Maybe he can mix the gatorade too. For $5MM we have to see some kind of production.

  61. CrackerJackson,
    I am a Lions fan yes, but since we suck so bad I am an NFL fan first before I am a Lions fan….And last I checked, this isn’t a Philadelphia Fan Only site.
    You seem to think that quality quarterbacks grow on trees. If you’d pull your head out of your little world of Philadelphia, you will learn that there aren’t that many good QB’s out there, and the ones that are keep going to the playoffs!
    Farve was able to leave Green Bay because they had Aaron Rodgers in the wings. He could have been a starter a year or two earlier. Who do you have? Kevin Kolb? I like the watching the Eagles, and I think that you had almost all of the pieces in place before all of the drama.
    It is tough to find a solid, reliable starting QB out there. You are going to just have to watch and learn the hard way. Just remember you were told so. The Eagles aren’t going to do as well as they have under McNabb, until they get another high-quality starter there. Kolb isn’t going to do it. No way.

  62. “With McNabb its like dating the prom queen and going to 3rd base, but never reaching home plate. After awhile, you have had enough and want to find the one who is goes all the way. The national media don’t get that. People in Philly do.”
    Let me correct you. If McNabb was the prom queen, then the rest of the team was the geeky girl in the AV club. People want to blame McNabb for ONLY taking his team to one super bowl appearance and 3 NFC championships. Were it not for him, they wouldn’t have made any of them. He polished a turd, frankly.
    Perhaps if he had not overperformed so much, the team could have realized that the defense pretty much stunk throughout those years, and even the Jim Johnson blitz couldn’t save them against elite teams. Oh, and all of those elite wide receivers he had like Reggie Brown and Freddie Mitchell! But no, blame McNabb for taking an inferior team farther than they should have gone.

  63. Mooch…
    Kolb really can contribute too.. he has SO much game experience. Hell he ruled in those TWO whole games he played in, lets turn over an entire franchise to a QB who is apparently the man cause he has played in so many big games, pro bowls, and playoff battles. Yeah he can contribute. Please… Kolb couldnt carry AJ Feely’s jock strap. much less Michael Vicks. If you think Kevin Kolb is the future of the Eagles franchise, somewhere Jaws is laughing his ass off.

  64. Green Bay was laughed at for years for drafting Rodgers. And people predicted doom.
    How you could use an example that doesn’t back up your point is beyond me.
    So forgive me if I don’t take your opinion on Kolb seriously at all.
    Our aspiration is a Super Bowl, yours is 5 wins. You wouldn’t understand.

  65. I’ve like Donovan McNabb and have never thought the Philly fans deserved him after the way they reacted when he was drafted.
    That beings said, I am a long suffering Raider fan and if we had an O’Line I might say go for it. As it is, I would hate to see him end up as the Raider QB1 at this pointg in his career. I think the Raiders have some young players who could benefit by having someone like McNabb to learn from. I know, some of those players have been in the league for 3, 4, going on 5 years but have not had good leadership. I am definitely not referring to J. Russell though! I am not sure about McFadden or DHB yet, but you have seen Murphy, Bush, Schilens, Higgins, Gradkowski, Zach Miller, even Charlie Frye and a few others show good stuff.
    While the O’line has not showed much lately, they did step up for Grad. and somewhat for Frye. I think the real problem there was they knew Russell was backup for Frye after Grad. got hurt. A. Davis won’t admit JR was a mistake and so if he is in the mix I think McNabb might end up having to run for his life. Until the Russell experiment is done I pity all the Raider QBs. I hope McNabb lands with a good team if he’s leaving Philly, best of luck. He’s only got a few good years left and if they trade him to Oakland I think he ought to retire.

  66. ookie…
    Maybe and maybe not. But Vick played in about 2 plays a game last season. Maybe 6 were successful.
    Why even talk about him as part of the offense? If anyone in the NFL agreed with you, he’d be gone by now. That’s how you know he’s essentially a team mascot, or an oddity like Manute Bol used to be for NBA teams.
    As usual, you can’t defend you boy so you just trash something else.
    If pro experience is a pre-req for a starter I imagine you protested McNabb getting the start over Pederson. After all, D-Mac had no track record and played at a small school not known for football.
    Vick won’t see the field more than 60 plays this season, which is about 50% more than last season. Again, the punter will impact the team more. Hell, Swoop and the cheerleaders will have as much impact.
    Why not bring back Jaws, he was good in another lifetime, much like Vick.

  67. Seems to me Kolb played pretty well when called upon last season.
    What you get with Kolb is something you cannot get from an aged veteran – hunger.

  68. It’s crappy way to treat a QB of McNabb’s stature and five what he’s done! The Eagles are sure bungling this bigtime. Shame on them!

  69. It’s a crappy way to treat a QB of McNabb’s stature. The Eagles are bungling this bigtime!

  70. Im pretty sure Warren Moon died 7 years ago. Some might say earlier. The sun has set on this one.

  71. Exactly what I was thinking Florio.
    Warren Moon is comenting about something he knows nothing about. He doesnt know what the Eagles have been talking about to Donovan . Unless he has talked to Mcnabb personally he knows as much as the rest of us and thats nothing.
    He also said “If the Eagles are going to trade Mcnabb to the Raiders then do it already, what are they waiting for?” Maybe Warren the reason the Eagles havent traded him to the Raiders already is because they are respecting his wishes of not wanting to go there.
    Or maybe not but thats the point you dont know whats going on between the Eagles and Donovan and neither do we. The only problem is your the one on tv talking about like you do looking like an idiot.

  72. Here is the real deal. McNabb is a good QB. The beagles have blown this from the start trying top prove their stubborn point. I think when McNabb finally lands somewhere….hopefully in Minneapolis. He will come back to haunt the sorry beagles. They consistently screw up personnel moves with guys who deserve much better, ie. Dawkins.
    McNabb should have been allowed to ride out on his own terms for his service to the team. Instead the beagles sign the Pooch Predator and put their eggs in Kolb’s basket. They deserve whatever misfortune they get. I hope even the lowly Redskins finish ahead of them.
    Adios D. McNabb

  73. Mooch quite hate n NO body likes haters.Lol and warren is right you gotta respect a man like that and tell him straight up this is whats gonna happen. Not dis respect him and go be hind his back. Thats just palin dirty.

  74. I like a hater, and so does everyone else. Look, I am so tired of the ignorant “Eagles fans suck” rants that lazy people cut and paste from ESPN. It bores me.
    And as for the kid from New Hampshire, wait and see what he does if the Sawx start slow! He’ll be calling for the death of every Sox player, old and new. That fan base is savage! And good for them!
    Moon was traded because he kept getting drunk and beating the shit out of his wife. Sorry, has to be brought up.
    The only reason he piped up on this story is because he still is crying over being let go in favor of Cody Carlson. He’s Sonny – it’s all personal, not business.

  75. Moon is right, but I don’t believe McNabb is going anywhere. McNabb loves the spotlight in the form of controversy. Think about it: the storyline will be him against the World, on a team that didn’t want him and whose fans wanted Kolb. This gives him at least 8 games with no pressure to win back the fans and be perserving hero he’s been made out to be. It’s a Hollywood script written by Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

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