49ers sign Ahmad Brooks for two years

Scot McCloughan is gone, but the 49ers front office continues to make moves.

The team re-signed linebacker Ahmad Brooks to a two-year deal, the team announced Friday.  Brooks is the second restricted free agent this week to get a new deal, although his contract won’t compare with Houston’s DeMeco Ryans.

A former supplemental pick of the Bengals, Brooks has been effective as a situational pass rusher in San Francisco.  Mike Singletary seems to get the best out of his linebackers.

15 responses to “49ers sign Ahmad Brooks for two years

  1. Tully Banta-Cain had 10 sacks last year for the PATS. Singletary didn’t seem to get the most out of him after they had signed TBC to a big FA contract after he had 6 as a back up for the PATS

  2. @bhyg
    Yes him getting a lot out of Parys Harrilson, Brooks, Briggs, Willis, Spikes, Willhem, and Lawson is certainly out weighed by the fact that TBC sucked while on the 49ers.

  3. @bhyg
    Everything this said plus the fact that when TBC was here Nolan was the HC and we ran different defensive stuff than we do now.

  4. i was never a big fan of Tbc….. You can’t say that Tbc is better then Brooks isn’t fair cause Tbc was a starter and brooks is a back up 6 sacks is good coming in when harlson is tired. You watch brooks giving the chance will be a starter in the nfl look what he did againest the cards last year he sacked warner twice in the monday night game

  5. Great signing, under rated and had a break out year last year. Our LB’s are stacked and if we get Rolando McClain then it’s a wrap!

  6. TBC came back to the PATS this past year. So Singletary has only been the coach for one year?Maybe TBC sucked when he was there because Singeltary didn’t get the most out of him!Regarding Willis, I think it’s Willis not Singletary. Lawson, a former first round pick. He’s really taken the league by storm. Not. BB is a better linebacker coach then Singletary. (Taylor, Carson, Pepper Johnson, McGinest, Vrabel, Bruschi, Ted Johnson, Mayo…I can go on.) Singletary was a better LB than BB though

  7. if mike singletary can’t make an NFL starter out of brooks, nobody can. marvin lewis tried and failed. brooks showed flashes of breaking out last season. it might happen for him, he just needs to want it.

  8. @bhyg:
    you’re retarded. Singletary HAS only been the coach for a season. He was the INTERIM coach for about 8 games the previous season. They also have a new D-Coordinator now and are running a different system. don’t talk before knowing your facts. idiot.

  9. Funny, if Bill Belichick is such a better linebacker coach than Singletary, how come the pats couldn’t stop the run last year? The 49ers sure could.

  10. @bhyg.. Singletary has been head coach for a year and half..bellichik has been with the pats for 10 (?). Just making a list of linebackers that performed well under each guy is a complete waste of time.
    Bellichik is one of the most successful coaches ever, I”m not denying it. But Singletary has done a great job with the backers he has. Patrick Willis has been an all-pro from day one…big talent or not that takes good coahing..he was the 11th overall pick not some super touted slam dunk nr.1.
    The 49ers were third in the league in sacks in ’09, and they barely even have a single passrusher that you have ever heard of. Why? Because Singletary and Manusky does a great job of getting the most out of Haralson, Brooks, Smith, Franklin and Lawson.
    Hey maybe they good even get a good year out of Audalius Thomas.

  11. JungleJuice- What do you mean by that comment? He seemed to be having a blast last year when he had his six sacks as a backup… Not sure where your basing your opinion off of.

  12. I think we should also mention that Singletary was the LB coach of the Ravens for a long time. So we have to add that Ray Lewis character who turned out to be a decent LB. I think Willis
    and Lewis combined weighs out every defensive player that has ever been on the Pats under BBs tenure.
    Btw bbyg, I love the “not” joke. Wtf are you 12? Or I’m highschool and you just saw Borat for the first time? Or are you that guy at the office that still quotes Borat that everyone has to avoid to plan the after work party?

  13. JungleJuice- What do you mean by that comment? He seemed to be having a blast last year when he had his six sacks as a backup… Not sure where your basing your opinion off of.

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