Bradford says he'll play for any team

Sam Bradford insists he’s not going to pull a John Elway.

Asked on NFL Network about growing speculation that he won’t sign a pre-draft contract, Bradford said, “I’ve never said that.  I’ve never been asked that. I’m not really sure where that’s coming from.  I’m a player.  I’m going to play for whoever drafts me.”

Bradford is also not going to pull an Eli Manning.

“If St. Louis takes me, it’s going to be a great opportunity. It’s something that I’ve dreamed about for a long time,” Bradford said.  “Regardless of who takes me, I’m going to more than happy to get to that city and get to work.”

That approach is laudable and can only help Bradford. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to land in St. Louis.

We still don’t really know if the Rams want Bradford. We don’t know how his contract desires or his trade value could change things. 

We do know that Ndamukung Suh was too dominant in college to simply forget about.

14 responses to “Bradford says he'll play for any team

  1. …Any team who is willing to pay him $70Million plus. Any less and he is walking. Greedy bastard.

  2. Why do we even ask players and then care about their responses. What are they supposed to say “I hate the city of St Louis and I hope that they don’t draft me, the Edward Jones dome is boring, also I don’t want to go to Detroit either, because well it’s Detroit, I don’t like money either” I guess we are just hoping for the rare case of an Eli Manning or John Elway, but until someone says something like that, it’s a waste of time

  3. The rams better draft him, which I’m sure they will unless a ridiculous redskins trade comes through. He is a franchise qb and i’ve watched and liked his game since I fist saw him at oklahoma. Devaney don’t listen to these idiots who say draft suh and the McCoy or better yet tebow in the 2nd. Get the face of the franchise and then get Tate or Thomas if they slip to the 2nd rd. If the rams screw this up, they will suck for 5 more years.

  4. What do you expect him to say? Is this really a story? Any player with at least 1% of a brain would say the exact same thing. I will play for who ever drafts and it will be a great opportunity. DUH!

  5. Most teams that are considered wastelands turn things around through the draft! It is a very cyclical league with teams winning little last year and then making playoffs the next.

  6. what he really is saying… f the skins cuz I’m part native american… good, here’s to Okung to the Redskins

  7. Dear Mr. Allen, Could Bradford be the new Alex Smith and Jimmy Clausen the next Aaron Rogers? Please don’t trade up or down, stand your ground and take the best available at #4! If he’s not a Lion take Russell Okung, and if he is taken then Clausen or Berry. Trade C P for Mc Neezy just to piss off them dirty birds and get quick fix. And if Christmas comes early B Marsh will be wearin’ Burgundy & Gold ! To Coach Shanahan and GM Allen, braves on the war path ! Hail !

  8. I was baffled that Bradford had the top Wonderlic score among QBs. He does not look or sound like a 36. Not a 6 either, (..nrrk..nrrk..), but maybe a 16.

  9. Brooks can rush the passer. Brooks can bring the heat consistently!! This is an awesome signing by the Niners. Brooks can play!!

  10. They need to take SUH…no use in getting a QB without a OL….just ask the Browns and Tim Couch

  11. Which minor league baseball team is Bradford threatening to play for if the Colts draft him? Oh, right, that’s what Elway did.
    Which team does Bradford’s douche-bag dad say he wouldn’t like his wittle-bitty son to play for? Oh, yes, that was the Manning’s situation.
    I don’t know what started this, “Bradford is going to pull a Elway/Manning” crap but it’s stupid. I’m 97% sure he’ll be a Ram. 1% each reserved for Jimmy, Suh & McCoy.
    If anything, you’d think Bradford is HOPING to stay out of Washington. STL might have issues with not being a winning franchise right now but it’s not the 8 ring circus that is WAS.
    Besides, everyone knows you only sign with DC when you need your last big pre-retirement payday.

  12. Wow, It took up to the third post before some moron chimed in with the Oakland Raiders. You guys are starting to slip a little on us.

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