Chargers not pleased with Tomlinson's comments

As LaDainian Tomlinson’s skills decline, his excuses multiply.

His latest tone deaf complaints directed at the Chargers have not pleased his former teammates, according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune

No players would go on the record, but Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith did.  He wanted to respectfully stay silent regarding Tomlinson’s words, but these words aren’t hard to interpret.

“I’m not concerned,” Smith said. “I’m just excited about the upcoming
year and looking forward. Having outstanding players throughout your
team is vital to winning a championship, no doubt about that.

“But having
the right team and trying to put that team together is the ultimate
challenge and it’s a yearly challenge. Because it’s the team that will
win a world championship — not a bunch of individuals who happen to be
extremely talented and focused on themselves first.”

Boom. Roasted.

Look, we have no doubt Tomlinson is a great guy off the field.  But his me-first act over the last couple of years is now a part of his legacy. 

Tomlinson’s comments were galling because the Chargers bent over backwards to be sensitive to his place in franchise history.  He’s a below average back.  If he had a different name on his jersey, they would have benched him. Or cut him.

Tomlinson should be thinking about how he can improve, but instead he’s blaming all his problems on the men that tried to help him. 

This should end well in New York.

86 responses to “Chargers not pleased with Tomlinson's comments

  1. “Look, we have no doubt Tomlinson is a great guy off the field.”
    Really? What makes you think he’s less of a candyass in street clothes?

  2. ‘Me first attitude?’ Are you insane?
    Have a really good look around the league Gregg, there are a hell of a lot of ‘me first’ type of guys who don’t have L.T’s numbers or talent. Now contrast his behaviour with the T.O’s of this world.
    I have no idea why you would jump on this as proof of anything. Sometimes I think the cynicism on this site goes too far.

  3. Much to do about nothing… typical PFT post making something out of nothing. What Tomlinson said was accurate… anyone could see the Chargers became pass happy… and to say Tomlinson was the cause is dead wrong because, when Sproles was in their, their rush game sucked too.

  4. I actually tend to agree with LT on this whole thing. Getting rid of Lorenzo Neal was terribly stupid. He suffered under Turner’s system.

  5. LT should be able to say whatever he wants after what he has given San Diego, on and off the field, especially after the way they treated him the past few years. With the Jets offensive line and Shonn Greene and Leon Washington to help with the distribution of the running game and, of course, the defense, this may be the year he finally wins one.

  6. I’m the biggest LT fan out there but his act is really starting to wear thin, so much for a classy departure. He’ll still go to the HOF in Bolts gear!

  7. Good luck LT and the Jets. LT will know the truth this season, and New York fans or 125% harder then us S.D. fans on there players.

  8. I think Tomlinson has been a whiney, classless, sore loser, little bitch for the majority of his career. The examples are many.
    Reporters may cream all over the guy, but he’s always come off as a first class prick to me.

  9. if sd is so stupid for not having lorenzo neal then how come noone else bothered to sign him to a 2009 roster? yeah that’s what i thought.

  10. A.J. Smith hasn’t won a thing and just paid $7+ Mill to a third down back( Sproles). I’m glad Gang Green has L.T., Thomas Jones had to be the worst 1,400 yard back in league history!

  11. LT’s act has grown old in the 619 all he does is pout he has become one of the biggest babies in the nfl . im happy he is gone we wont have to hear him pout no more and jets fans can watch him try to run. he can blame the line all he wants he lacks explosion that he once had and we had to pass the ball because he is washed up . he needs to look in the mirror and realize he is not the player he once was

  12. I don’t know why anyone is surprised by any of his comments, it’s been obvious for the last few years just by watching the games. For any more juicy tidbits, someone should ask him what he thinks of Phillip Rivers…..

  13. AJ Smith is so high on his own fumes it’s sickening. Seriously dude, try and finally get a running game. All that talent year after year has amounted to nothing.

  14. They did hold him back. Anyone who watched more than a couple of games would have seen that.

  15. Can’t believe Vikings fans wanted a “me first” guy.

  16. A.J. Smith is the one with a history of being a smarty pants, a blame-shoveler, a revisionist.
    Leave L.T. alone. Why do people think this is a problem? I can name a starting RB or two, or maybe every starting RB in the league, who has more of a mouth than L.T.

  17. He’s not the real LT. That would be Lawrence Taylor.
    He should use LTD. Limited.
    Quit whining & PROVE your words. The Yets sure aren’t ~pass happy~.
    Show a little class

  18. LaDainian Tomlinson and A.J. Smith have something in common. Neither one knows shit about “winning a championship, no doubt about that.”

  19. Just lookup LT in the dictionary and it will say “has been”. Before last season, he talked smack about how AP wasnt a complete RB and basically said he is still just as good.
    All kinds of morons drank the cool aid, while I sat back and screamed from the rooftop how he was done and wouldnt be worth a 5th round pick in fantasy play. What do you know, he was drafted 5th in one of my leagues and 6th in the other. I laughed all the way to the bank.
    Now, it starts all over. Except Jet fans are the ones drinking the cool aid. Well I’m here to tell you again, LT sucks and wont get more than 800 rushing yards behind your “all world” offensive line and loud mouth coach. He’ll be pouting on the sideline watching you get knocked out the wild card game. Then you’ll realize what you had in Thomas Jones.
    LT, just retire

  20. I live in San Diego but I’m not a fan of the Chargers. More Charger fans ride the bandwagon than the trolly to the stadium. If things are good, everyone’s happy but when things go bad…it’s f-the Bolts! I hear it every year. LT2 has been a class act his entire career (even when it seemed as if he were pouting, to me that shows he cares. Take Jay Cutler for example, the guy throws 5 picks in a game and he’s seen on the sidelines laughing and making jokes). LT2 deserves better, too bad he won’t find it on the Jersey Shore.

  21. I think Lt is right here, they got rid off Lorenzo Oneall without reason, they adopted a pass first aptitude.
    AJ Smith is a great talent scout but a terrible GM, he is the only reason the chargers doesn’t have already a trophy.

  22. The Chargers would be so better off if they showed J.A. Smith the door.
    It’s a good thing they keep the ole Jack Ass around.

  23. Rosenthal, your logic, if it really is yours and not someone who works for the Chargers, is seriously flawed. Not one player would go on record? Really? Sounds about right to me. They don’t want to appear to criticize their own team. A. J. Smith has to fire back. He is part of those who made the decisions LT refers too. To be sure LT is not the player he once was. He does not claim to be. But he is not washed up either. You folks need to be reminded that the truth typically is somewhere in between the two sides of a story.
    I have to say I have noticed a decidedly more pro-league tone in your “reposting” lately. I can’t really call it “reporting” now can I. You might want to reconsider the name of the site too. “Pro Football Opinion” would seem to work better.

  24. I still picture him in the parka on the sideline during a playoff game..maybe 2 years ago against Pats? totally quit on his teammates.

  25. yeah, I tend to agree with most here, LT has shown his true colors over the last 3 or 4 seasons. He’s done and said some world class a-hole things.
    He was my favorite supplant Emmit Smith as the league’s REAL all time leading rusher because he did portray himself as a class guy. But I don’t believe that to be the case anymore, nor will he take the rushing title. In the end, he’ s just a false prophet who HAD above average talent.

  26. LT scored 12 TD’s last year playing far less than the four RBs that scored more than him.

  27. He’s a below average back??
    Did you happen to see what he’s accomplished over the past 9 years?? Granted 2009 wasn’t his best year but how can you discount what he did from 2001 til 2008. I don’t usually post here, but that warranted some protest… Hell, I’m not even a Chargers fan, but I can sure appreciate what he did for the team…

  28. LT has really tarnished his legacy the past few years. He comes off as a whiny baby and never nutted up during playoff time.

  29. Tomlinson and the Chargers were a match made in heaven, they should have stayed together.
    Misery loves company.

  30. OK, so he’s learning from Milton Bradley! I hope he gets as much crap as Milton does.

  31. Rosenthall does a worse whining Florio than Florio. Grow up and get a real job. The change in offensive philosophy from Martyball to TurnerToss has been well documented by sites such as Cold Hard Football Facts. The Chargers ran LT into the ground in his heyday, but Turner has been worn down by Rivers to become a passing team. LT just noted that change in philosophy in not only touches but also the pass-protection blocking technique. He made his recent comments after a few days of exciting run emphasis by the Jets. His critics should just STFU and wait to see if his point is well taken. We will all see how well LT runs behind an excellent offensive line that emphasizes the run game as well as anyone in the NFL.

  32. Charger fans are the worst fairweather fans that you will find in the nation. They always need someone to blame for their collapse in spite of having a talented roster. First it was Marty, then it was Norv til he won a few playoff games. He still can’t win the REALLY important games – like a playoff game at home against the Jets of all teams.

  33. I have a feeling many of you comment on players with out ever watching them play.
    Trust those of us, like AJ Smith, who watched LT play last season. He’s clearly lost his burst and change of direction skills.
    If you don’t believe it, check out his highlights from his prime and compare them to 2009. It’s not even debatable.
    It’s also funny how so many talk so much shit about AJ Smith and the Chargers. Chances are they are fans of teams with far less reason for optimism than Chargers fans. It’s clear the Chargers are a top 5 team every year, and AJ Smith is the biggest reason why. These are his players.
    Wake up idiots.

  34. Lababy: ” you know me, I am a classy guy.”
    yeah, stay classy lababy…and don’t worry. the pats will show you all the classiness you need. you haven’t played a single game in this division and you are already talking about sweeping the Pats. when is the last time that happened?
    Hint: decade

  35. @ ultimateweapon
    “I still picture him in the parka on the sideline during a playoff game.. totally quit on his teammates.”
    Are you serious? Totally quit on his team mates? The guy’s a running back; he tore ligaments in his knee; he then proceeded to go out and still try to play on it a week later against the Pats, and unfortunately for him and the Chargers, he couldn’t go… so how the hell did he quit on his team?
    People like you who comment on this site are the problem; you’re bitter and jaded, and you sit back and comment on things you have no idea what you’re are talking about!

  36. @Sanchez4Prez:
    Thomas Jones was the worst 1400 yard back?? Here I am willing to make a bet that the “classy” LT won’t get more than half.
    typical gangrene fan: don’t know how to appreciate real value.

  37. I wonder if LT wears his face shield when he cries during interviews like he does on the sideline of playoff games.

  38. I’m kindof a pussy and I once played a dopey high school game with a broken arm because my backup sucked more than I did. And LT can’t play in a playoff game? I don’t get it.

  39. @ hnirobert
    Oh, you mean the Norv Turner that has won three straight AFC West titles and has a record of 32-16 as the Chargers head coach. The Norv Turner that has been to the AFC CHampionship once and the divisional round twice in his three years.
    Yeah, he must suck.
    Those who disrespect Turner are clearly uninformed.

  40. Tomlinson needs to just shut up. If he is right or wrong he is making a mistake with his “it wasnt me attitude”.

  41. aec4
    Why do you love LT so much? You know nothing about the Chargers so DROP IT!! LT is over the hill –line of scrimmage and fall forward for his 2 yard average. If you know so much about the Bolts, then you know he’s a crybaby and he had plenty of chances but he’s done. If we had had an average RB last year, you would have ended your season in SD, but your new CB is a wussy and doesn’t tackle. SD addition by subtraction. You’ll be crying too come September.

  42. Why does profootballtalk commentators always take the side of ownership and management? I dont get it. Rarely do I read an article where they find fault with the powers that be. Its always the player’s fault. Why is that?

  43. Home playoff game against a team that cant score more than 20 points……………another home loss………………………. but somehow Chargers have right formula……………………….unless bolts are underdog with no pressure they will fold……………Raiders suck but last two times Jets came west to play them in playoffs ..Jets got smacked…………opposite result against San Diego………………..

  44. Once upon a time, back before the Chargers became a mainstay in the playoff hunt every year… there was a humble kid out there who used to be my favorite player in the league and someone I thought was vastly underrated. I remember telling anybody who would listen he was the best runningback in football and nobody would listen. They were too concerned with Jamal Lewis, Shaun Alexander, and countless other one year boomers… and then something happened. The Chargers blew up. They got good. And he started having better seasons. And all of a sudden they got lots of coverage and my favorite player started getting more and more attention. And then all of a sudden, he had one of the best seasons ever and people started giving him even more attention and using phrases like “best ever”. And that’s when he started changing. It went straight to his damn head. It’s a shame.
    And he really used to be a classy, humble guy. But despite what he and the media still think, HE’S NOT. At all. I hope this guy doesn’t do the post-football acting career thing because he’s terrible at it — his soft-spoken-gosh-I’m-so-humble press conferences make me sick. He’s full of two thing: sh*t and himself. And to top it all off (as evidence by a certain AFC Championship game and this latest episode of waiting until he was on the polar opposite side of the country to talk sh*t on his former teammates and blame everybody but HIMSELF) he’s one of the biggest pussies in the league.
    My favorite player to one of my most hated in about 5 years.
    Egotism is the most terrible disease in the world.

  45. AJ Smith sucks anyway. What does it matter. SD will not win a SB with him as GM. Plain and simple.

  46. ClownBurger, I agree 100%
    Just because the media likes him, they call him a classy guy. Those that have actually been paying attention know, differently.
    It’s kindof like we’re all supposed to love Dbag Chad Johnson because the media does.

  47. What gets me with AJ Smith is he’s not looking at himself. You replaced Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season and gave them Norv Turner (a guy that’s not a real leader). Why? Because you personally didn’t like the guy? It’s a spit in the face to the players to get rid of somebody that they respected. Schott may not have the best record in the playoffs but he was a good coach. Who gets rid of a coach after winning a division and winning 14 games? LT has his moments but you can’t go against what he’s done on the field. He’s still a class act and I don’t see why speaking his mind is such a problem. Smith is the problem and the Chargers will never win a Super Bowl with this guy as GM. LT is better off on a run-oriented team but that doesn’t mean he’s the man.

  48. Tonyservice, you are exactly right. One problem LT had was when AJ sacked Marty. LT really liked Marty, and he was forced to accept a situation that he really detested. With the arival of Rivers, the Chargers became a trash talking brash outfit focused on ‘I’ rather than the team. That’s the outfit AJ runs. Witness when Seattle traded for Whitehurst, AJ wanted to give the media the impression that he snookered Seattle. My bet is AJ will squander the 40th pick while Whitehurst blossoms in Seattle. HE never got a chance to develop in SD.

  49. SD is shot muddy rivers will never win the big game
    As for LTD he is now part of the B team that plays in the swamp
    The jets are never ever ever going to break 8 wins this year
    They are done for everyone will have figured out jabba the huts D and it will be over over over

  50. I’m just as pissed off at LT as any other Chargers fan right now, but I really think this is a symptom of the media adoration of star athletes. The guy used to sound really humble, but then he set the season TD record in 2006 and suddenly he was deemed the best player in the league. That’s when his attitude really seemed to change into a “me first” guy.
    And those who criticize Turner about this should remember that he was LT’s OC early on in LT’s career. Guess what? The Chargers had no passing game then, so he relied on his best player. What do you expect him to do, now that Rivers is a better player than Tomlinson?

  51. rosenthal, please resign from this website. L.T. is one of the most classiest players in the league and a competitive guy, he stuck through all those lean years in san diego and carried a poor team, and now you wanna rip him and spit on his name. Also, wtf are you smoking calling him a below
    average back? Its not his fault the team released lorenzo neal and that norv turner wants to run a june jones type offense and throw 45 times per game. Get off your anti-L.T. soapbox and show the man some respect.

  52. LT has been a marvelous RB to watch but his best days are clearly behind him. SD did a good thing for their team by cutting him loose. Now he can under-achieve right along with Braylon “Oops” Edwards.

  53. “One problem LT had was when AJ sacked Marty. LT really liked Marty, and he was forced to accept a situation that he really detested. With the arival of Rivers, the Chargers became a trash talking brash outfit focused on ‘I’ rather than the team. That’s the outfit AJ runs. Witness when Seattle traded for Whitehurst, AJ wanted to give the media the impression that he snookered Seattle. My bet is AJ will squander the 40th pick while Whitehurst blossoms in Seattle. HE never got a chance to develop in SD.”
    Ridiculous. AJ never gloated about “snookering” Seattle. All he said was “We just fell into it” and “I just presented a package to them and they accepted it.” That doesn’t really sound like gloating to me.
    It’s true that LT never got over Marty’s firing, but doesn’t that reflect negatively on LT’s character? Coaches get fired all the time in the NFL, and Marty basically asked for it that offseason.

  54. You know who thinks AJ Smith is smart? Drew Brees. If the superchargers don’t cut Brees then he’s still watching football on Superbowl Sunday instead of playing in the biggest game of the year. Forget Smith dude acts like he wrote the guide to being a NFL gm. I loved it when Brees won. He said look at me now SD. I hope LT does the same.

  55. Bigbluefan says:
    April 2, 2010 10:53 PM
    SD is shot muddy rivers will never win the big game
    As for LTD he is now part of the B team that plays in the swamp
    The jets are never ever ever going to break 8 wins this year
    They are done for everyone will have figured out jabba the huts D and it will be over over over
    Your comment was one of the most insanely things I have ever read. At no point, in your rambling and incoherent response, were you even close to anything that can be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this thread is now dumber, having seen it and read it. Seriously. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  56. @ Raven Attack
    You should just worry about your own team. You don’t understand what led to Marty’s firing, and there’s no point for me to try and educate you.
    Just trust me, you’re wrong and you are babbling on the internet about something you don’t have good information.
    AJ Smith has built the Chargers into a team that went has won 70 games the last five seasons. Chargers fans who suffered through many, many, many bad seasons in the 90s and early 00s are pretty happy with the operation we have going right now.

  57. LT is a legendary crybaby. He is now Mr. Irrelevant. One would think he would use his last couple of washed up years to display the class he repeatedly claims he has. But no….

  58. 65 comments by 65 guys who never got frustrated at work and bitched about their jobs…Must be some kind of record.

  59. You guys are unreal. You need to get a sense of perspective about all of this. There are many players who have caused trouble for their team and made life extremely difficult for ownership. L.T. would fall right at the bottom of that list of players. He didn’t piss and moan, he showed up, worked out.
    He had every right to say some of the things he’s said. Where are the examples of him facing the media and calling out his coaches and fellow players during the season? Where is his protracted holdout for a new contract? They aren’t there. What you guys are talking about are a few innocuous comments to the media. The guy clearly loved SD and playing there, yet listen to the fans: ‘I’m as pissed off with L.T. as any Chargers fan’.
    Because he feels that he should correct the image that his skills diminished in the way that people have said? He’s right. He didn’t sit there and call the organisation classless. he didn’t blast his teammates or coaches, and you know what? He’d have played for the Chargers in that same ‘diminished’ role next year if he had to.
    His reward? ‘How dare you say anything at all regarding your situation over the last couple of years’
    Yeah, there’s plenty of people attempting to burn the bridges, and none of them are living in NYC right now.

  60. @ BigFatDog
    And how have his teams showed in the big game? They fell flat on their faces, sometimes at home no less. Norv’s a three time loser.

  61. I love it when Ravens fans and Chargers fans give advice to each other and argue. Guess what? Neither team can win 2 playoff games in a row. LOSERS.

  62. I’m so glad the phins have to face LT instead of thomas jones this year. thank you rex

  63. Let’s channel Eli Manning who channeled Ron Burgundy, when he said “Go FU©K your San Diego”
    Great advice!

  64. It took many of years, but someone finally was able to stop one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL. Congrats Norv Turner.

  65. @ PFTiswhatitis
    Um, that will be news to the 2007 Chargers who won two playoff games, and the Baltimore Ravens championship winning team.
    Sums up some of the utter mongs that follow this game.

  66. Did he really say that SD had a “passing QB”?! Man what else are QB’s supposed to do? Oh wait, hand it off to LT – nevermind – give the prima donna the damn ball.

  67. LT should’ve just stayed quiet. With all the people waiting to jump on anything he says, he should’ve known there’s no way he could come out looking like anything but the bad guy, regardless of whether there’s truth in his statements.
    And of course Ego Smith, AKA I’m still living off of the 2004 and ’05 drafts, has to put in his 2 cents. It’s sad how many San Diego fans still think the guy’s a genius. Yes, he’s CLEARLY shown that with draft picks like Sammy Davis, Drayton Florence, Terrence Kiel, Matt Wilhelm, BUSTer Davis, Anthony Waters, Scott Chandler, Gartrell Johnson, Brandon Hughes and many others. Blinded Chargers fans will always believe that whatever the Chargers do is OK and is the right thing to do. They need to take their blue and gold shades off……

  68. @ Cake or Die
    There’s plenty of people in San Diego who have suffered with the team and are not happy with the organization, myself included. The fact that AJ supporters can only bring up the 2004 and 2005 drafts as why he’s good is a prime example that he isn’t being rated on what he’s doing now.
    As for the “AJ built the Chargers to a team winning 70 games…..”, that was actually John Butler who turned the franchise around. He made the franchise changing decision to trade away the #1 pick to ATL, select Tomlinson @ 5th overall, and Brees at the top of 2nd. Those two players, along with Butler hiring Marty, REALLY turned the franchise around.
    As for Marty “asking for it”, all he did was allow his coordinators to interview for head coaching jobs(which was the 1st thing that pissed AJ off), and then asked to hire Kurt, his son, as a coordinator. AJ wanted his own guys without anyone elses insight. It’s a known fact, not opinion, that AJ has a large ego, and is a control freak who wants things done his way.
    The Chargers are notorious(only the Cardinals have a worse reputation) for not being loyal to the players who give so much for the team. Players like Rodney Harrison love the city and the fans, but get shoved out by the organization due to lack of appreciation. Many people forgot how Gates was suspended for having a brief holdout during contract negotiations. Same happened with Merriman his rookie year. What ended up happening? Chargers narrowly miss playoffs, with Gates missing the opener against Dallas(a game where SD had a few shots in the endzone but no big bodies to catch the passes), and Merriman missing that game and the one vs Denver(a game where a lack of a pass rush really hurt the Chargers), both losses. SD lost those two games by a total of 7 points. If San Diego wins those 2, that changes their record to 11-5 putting them ahead of Pittsburgh in the wildcard(of course it wasn’t guaranteed they would’ve won with Gates and Merriman playing). But in the end it was OK, becaue AJ showed everyone who the boss was.

  69. Maybe they can create an rule dubbed the “The LT rule” that forces teams to handoff inside the 10 yard line during OT?

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