Colt McCoy to visit Redskins, too

col_mcCoy-1.jpgThe Washington Redskins will be checking out quarterback Jimmy “Loving, Caring” Clausen this weekend.  According to Ed Thompson of, the ‘Skins also plan to eyeball Colt McCoy.

The visit will occur Monday and Tuesday.

But here’s the best reason not to get worked up about pre-draft visits, by quarterbacks or any other players.  Four years ago, when Redskins coach Mike Shanahan traded up to get quarterback Jay Cutler with the eleventh overall pick, Cutler did not make a pre-draft visit to Denver.

So what do the visits mean?  At this point, not much of anything.  Unless Shanahan holds true to his 2006 form, which would mean that he wants a quarterback who won’t be showing up at Redskins Park.

8 responses to “Colt McCoy to visit Redskins, too

  1. Maybe Shanny learned his lesson with Cutler. Bring ’em in for a visit to make sure they are not whiny little bitches.

  2. If he wants a QB who will not be showing up, he should stick with Jason Campbell. He has not “shown up” in 4 years.
    Seriously, can someone throw a wrench in the engine of Jimmy Clausen’s plane? I would “Love” to “Care” about this kid, but I am with “The Walrus” Holmgren, I wish I liked this kid more, but I don’t.

  3. Or he’s doing the opposite. Shanahan recently changed his lunch to having chicken salad on rye, untoasted, with a side of potato salad, and a cup of tea.

  4. i would love Colt McCoy as a Redskin or Jimmy Clausen, whoever they get won’t start until 2011 anyway, so why not get a passer and coach him up to take over in 2011.

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