Jay Feely agrees to join Cardinals

The Neil Rackers era in Arizona appears to be over.

Jay Feely agreed to terms with the Cardinals Friday, as first reported by the Newark Star-Ledger.  Feely was displaced in New York by Nick Folk.

Rackers is now still standing in this year’s version of musical chairs at kicker.  He could be an option to compete with Folk on the Jets, but it looks like the Jets are content just handing Folk the job.

The Ravens, Bengals, Falcons, Redskins, and Cowboys all could still use help at kicker, so Rackers and fellow free agent Shayne Graham still have some options.

17 responses to “Jay Feely agrees to join Cardinals

  1. Jay Feely is awful, why does a team sign him every year ?? Doesnt it seem like he misses a big kick every year???

  2. Back in 2005 Graham and Rackers were both All-Pro selections…guess they fell down the hill with LT.

  3. slow joe-
    it’s conor barth. im a chiefs fan, he came from Kc; he has the leg strength of a bendy-straw.
    but seriously, typical kicker jokes aside, why are these 2 guys available still, especially graham? kickers can win games and kickers can score points. why these two guys, who have strong legs and experience and a good track record aren’t on a team is really odd.

  4. The Bengals have suffered the consequences of Shayne Graham and Neil Rackers choking time and again when it matters most. Better to draft a kicker and turn the page.

  5. If the FA kicker market remains as full as is…and with the typical influx of rookie kickers—the heat will be on any kicker to keep their job after any poor performance.

  6. Can we get info on how much he signed for? He was asking for 2 million from the Jets. Since he is signed that means the Jets can sign a free agent at the same price Feely signed for. Win-win for the Jets. But only if Folk works out. They may use this to sign Sharper.

  7. Anyone who is willing to take Graham can have him. All he’s asking for is 3 million per season and the opportunity to single handedly lose a playoff game again.

  8. A good looking man, tough giy who happens to kick, clearly lost his mojo last 18 months. Best to move on.

  9. “slow joe-
    it’s conor barth. im a chiefs fan, he came from Kc; he has the leg strength of a bendy-straw.”

  10. rockotica says:
    slow joe-
    it’s conor barth. im a chiefs fan, he came from Kc; he has the leg strength of a bendy-straw.
    That made me LOL twice.

  11. SCole025; Graham didn’t lose us that game. Honestly, our defense lost us that game. The linebackers and safeties made it seem like they had never seen a play action pass before. The playoff game was the ONE time Mike Zimmer did not have those men ready to play. Graham did cost us six points. Last time I checked that makes the score 24-20, not 25-24 Bengals or 26 or 27-24 Bengals, 24-20 Jets. Get over it and look forward to a new season

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